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The case was quickly processed. Considering that Masashi has previously rendered a meritorious service by chasing a robber, and this was also his first offense, the school gave him a demerit penalty.

Facing such result, Masashi just yawned and walked away.

Although Masashi was relatively indifferent, Rumi’s reaction was much more intense. If not for Kazumi, who held her back, she would have taken her bamboo sword down to the Principal’s office.

“Brother, what are you going to do? If this punishment doesn’t get canceled before the graduation, it will affect the high school last exams.”

“Relax, from now on, as long as I don’t do any serious offenses, this punishment will generally be canceled before graduation.” Seeing Kazumi was so worried, Masashi tried to comfort her.

“Is that true?”

“Of course it’s true.” To be honest, Masashi didn’t really want this matter to be over. He didn’t even want to go to college.

In his view, University is a place where one further one’s study. It’s better just to skip classes, chasing girls and eat them, all the way until graduation. That’s his ideal scenario.

Today, Masashi has accumulated four or five Engineering, Biological, and Medical Doctor Postgraduate diploma. Although each country has a different name on the diploma. Moreover, the years were also separated across several centuries.

“Brother, why would that Misato Kazuo frame you like this?” Kazumi leaned on Masashi’s shoulder and asked.

“He is nothing more than an extra. The Director is someone else. I’m just a bit curious about why would that fellow took his aim at me.”

“Who are you talking about?” Kazumi looked up at him.

“Soon you will know.” Masashi smiled.

“You didn’t tell mom about this did you?”

“Of course not. I had also told Rumi, asking her not to speak out.”

“That little rascal is not reliable. Right, where is she now?”

“Already asleep. She probably got too tired today.

Remembering the way Rumi sought justice for him today, Masashi couldn’t help but smile.

When he went back to school, all the people who knew him looked at him with all kinds of vision.

Faced with those people’s eyes, Masashi went on his way, as usual, to read comic and dozing off, relaxed and carefree, making other people jealous.

What made the boys indignant was, that kendo girl, Nagakawa Rumi’s attitude toward him was still the same as before. Not a single outsider’s rumor of the so-called breakup. Moreover, in order to keep Masashi from skipping class again, she would come to visit the class after each lesson.

However, regarding this treatment that makes other boys endlessly envy and hate, the person involved incessantly complained.

Admonition, persuasion, pleading, swearing, lying….As long as there’s a method, Masashi would use it. But the always obedient Rumi has unusually persistent regarding this matter. She even shed tears for this, making Masashi can only oblige and submit.

This feeling is the same as when one go looking for a stepmother. Masashi can only face upward and took a deep sigh.

“Kazumi, go try to persuade Rumi. If this continues, I will suffocate.” Masashi can only wish for her, in addition to Rumiko, to be able to manage this stubborn little girl.

Seeing her brother showed a century rare tragic expression, Kazumi secretly laugh.

“Isn’t this good? Brother ought to appreciate Rumi’s painstaking effort.”

The nearby Rumi fiercely nodded. She looked very proud of herself.

Masashi angrily looked and can’t help but knocked her down.

“Ah! Kazumi, senpai bully me again.” Rumi held her head and hid behind Kazumi.

“Brother, stop it. Rumi did what she did, because of your own good.” Kazumi gently stroked her head.

“I know she is good to me. But do you think I’m the type of person who would quietly sit and listen to other people’s lecture?”

“Every day wants me to sit down motionlessly, making me easily gets hemorrhoid. I’m tired of it and bored to death, like being imprisoned. Do you want to take my life?”

“But there’s no other way. Who told senpai to have messy results like these? If you skip classes, it’s very likely that you will fail a grade.” Rumi couldn’t resist opening her mouth.

“Cut, I thought it was something else. It’s actually just about the test score.”

“How about this, we take a bet. When I take the semester final exams, if my results are within top ten performances, later on, you must not interfere with my freedom again. In contrast, if I lose, I’ll listen to anything that you’ll say. What do you think?”

“The thing that senpai said is it true? Your results will be within top ten performances. I didn’t mishear that, right? Rumi looked straight at him.

“Top ten performances in school, what’s so hard about that? If I’m in a good mood, even top ten among all schools will not be a problem for me.” Masashi’s tone of voice was like someone ordering food at a restaurant.

“Brother, you mean the top ten lowest performances right?” Kazumi covered her mouth to smile.

“It turned out to be like this. Fortunately, Kazumi brings this out. Otherwise, I would let senpai cheat me.” Rumi suddenly enlightened.

Masashi scoffed, “Do you think I would be so bored as to play word games with you? Listen carefully, I will be among the top ten performances within all schools. If I could not achieve this standard, I lose. If I win, you can’t interfere with my freedom again. Moreover, later on, both of you have to listen to me. If I told you to do something you must do that something..”

“This is not my problem, the one who take the bet with you is only Rumi.” Kazumi said with a grin.

“Don’t you have any loyalty?” Masashi’s spirit dropped.

“Ok, senpai, I’ll take that bet.” Rumi simply said.

“Then it’s a deal. Before the test, you must not interfere with my freedom. In other words, you can’t come to my class and monitor me every day.”

“No way!” Rumi immediately rejected.

“Why not? You don’t understand, my learning method is different from an ordinary person. I must take a walk outside to relax my body and mind once in awhile, so I can settle down to read. If you don’t let me out, it will seriously affect my performance. You’re harming me instead of helping me.” Masashi righteously said.

“For real?” Rumi started to waver.

“Of course it’s real.” Masashi didn’t back his words with an oath.

Rumi looked at Kazumi and saw that she seemed not to have any opinion. Rumi hesitated, but finally nodded her head, “Alright then. But senpai, you mustn’t lie to me.”

Masashi was all smile as he patted her on the shoulder to assure her.

The nearby Kazumi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Only a pure girl like Rumi would believe Masashi’s set of nonsense. However, she was also very curious to know if Masashi would really achieve his target.

“Well then, I’m going to go out and relax. When I’m back, I will immediately start the assiduous learning.” After holding himself back for a long time, Masashi, appreciating this valuable freedom, hurriedly run away.

Just when he passed the school gate, Masashi impatiently made a call.

“Little Hei, are you busy recently? Oh, not busy? That’s great. Quickly fly over here, this father just left the prison. Come here to celebrate for this father. Enough, you don’t need to ask anymore, in short just get over here. Remember to take a few bottles of nice wine. His grandma, I haven’t been this carefree for a long time.”

Rumi was in a daze as she looked at Masashi, who seemed to escape from something.

“Kazumi, Senpai seemed impatient, what do you think happens to him?” She looked at Kazumi with bewildered look.

“Pfft!” Kazumi finally couldn’t hold back her laugh.


Watching Rumi’s blank look, Kazumi even more unable to hold back her laugh.

“Rumi, can you tell me, why would you insist brother not to skip classes?” Kazumi managed to quell her intense desire to smile.

“Because I fear senpai would fail a grade because of the repeated lack of attendance.”

“Then, why would you fear for him to fail a class?” Kazumi was very interested in this.

Rumi slowly sat down in front of Kazumi, and then softly said: “To me, senpai is a very important person. From the start, I always call him senpai. This title has a very special meaning. Other than him, I would never call another person with this title. In my mind, senpai is him, he is my senpai. If senpai fails a grade, he would be in the same grade as me. By then, to call him senpai would be inappropriate. I don’t want that. Therefore, I must guard this title for senpai.” The slightly stoic tone showed the unique perseverance of this young girl.

Kazumi gently looked at her, and then, after a while, suddenly sighed faintly, “I really envy you, Rumi. Unfortunately, I’m just his sister.”

Rumi looked at her, puzzled.

“However, this time, you might lose.” Kazumi restored her bright smile.

“How could that possible, this is the school’s top ten. As long as senpai performed better than his last semester, I would be very satisfied.”

“Rumi, you underestimate him. I have a feeling that a lot of things are not impossible for him. It’s just that he doesn’t want to do it. Maybe he doesn’t want to publicize his abilities. He is a guy who is impossible to see through.” Kazumi looked at far away places, lost in thought.