Пробуждение - глава 38:
Far From Home

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Arriving at the agreed bar, Masashi didn’t see Rei Li. When he was about to make a phone call, a man suddenly bumped into him. When he turned to look, it was actually a young man covered in alcohol smell.

“I’m sorry, Sir. The man was drunk.” A waiter came up and propped up the young man.

“Leave me alone….” That drunken youth pushed the waiter, then lying motionlessly on the bar.

Seeing he didn’t make any more trouble, the waiter dared not to wake him up. Masashi nodded his head and left.

The funny thing is, when the waiter left, the young man woke up. He opened his mouth and shouted about wanting a liquor. The bartender had no choice but to bring one glass of beer to him.

That youth lied there drinking while his finger flailed heedlessly. He also shouted loudly once in awhile.

Masashi was upset by his noise, so he stood up and left.

“Sir, do you want to leave? Your wine is ready.” The bartender was a bit embarrassed to look at him.

“Give it to this guy. Let him have a good drink.” Masashi readily paid the bill.

“What a strange man.” When Masashi had left, the bartender glanced at that drunken young man who was already unconscious and said to himself.

After leaving the bar, Masashi didn’t give a call. But just walking around following the street. After a few blocks, Masashi came to a junction and then nonchalantly enter a Citroen car.

“Mr. Gennai, hallo.” A voice from the man at the front seat suddenly resounded.

“Drive.” Masashi lightly said.

“Yes.” The man immediately started the car.

After about half an hour, the car arrived at a nondescript two storey house.

“Mr. Gennai, the boss is in the house.” The man said to Masashi after he opened the car door.

“Thank you, you’ve worked hard.” When Masashi saw the man’s face, it was way younger than he imagined.

After that youth had bowed to Masashi, he drove away the car.

Masashi knocked the door bell and, after a while, with a “squeak” sound, the door automatically opened. He went inside without a pause.

On the corridor, there was only a very small energy-saving lamp. Under this dim lightning, the room was very spooky.

‘This is actually a perfect place for a ghost.’ Masashi smiled.

In the dark, a middle-aged man came. “Mr. Gennai, the boss is waiting for you in the study room, please walk with me.”

Masashi nodded and followed him.

“Mr. Gennai, the boss is inside, please go ahead. If there’s nothing else, please excuse me,” then he bowed and quietly walked away.

Masashi knocked on the door, opened it and went in.

“Master, you finally came.” Rei Li, who wear casual sportswear, was pleased to see Masashi and came over to welcome him.

“You used a secret code to bring me here. It looks like you don’t have much free time as you said on the telephone.” Masashi sat in a chair, picked up a cup on the table and took a sip.

Rei Li embarrassedly scratched his head a bit.

“Well then, tell me what happened?”

Rei Li straight-facedly said: “Master, we were ambushed.”

“Who’s the opponent?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know the other party?”

Rei Li smiled wryly, “I really don’t know. Half a month ago, the Black Dragon bases in Manhattan, Texas, Seattle and several other positions were attacked simultaneously, killing nearly three hundred. I only know that the opposite party is a group of men in black with face cover.”

“Their skills were good, with excellent weapons. These many people with many guns unexpectedly can’t be caught even for just one person.”

“The most annoying one is: That group of people was completely crazy. Everyone of them has been bundled with high explosives. So long as one of them were sieged, they will immediately detonate the bomb. Many people died because of these suicide bomb. His grandma, I’ve never seen a perverted killer like these. They were basically a terrorist. Moreover, they came in batches. Really terrible.”

“What are the respond from the other gang?”

“Those grandsons were ready to make trouble. But for now, they dared not act unreasonably. Afterall, this sneak attack didn’t hurt the power basis of the Black Dragon. I have deployed extra manpower as a reinforcement in case there’s an attack on the stronghold. Chang’an already there. As long as the similar thing do not occur, there should be no problem. It’s just that, a day went by without eliminating those crowd of men in black, there’ll be no peace.

“Could it be that your intelligence section doesn’t even have any findings yet?”

“The strangest thing is, it stands to reason that with many skilled people like them, they should’ve have brought attention to other people. But after searching every way and all over the black and white road, there’s not even a single clue about those people. They seemed to appear out of nowhere. It’s incredible.”

Masashi lowered his head to think for a long time, “You continue to investigate this matter. Moreover, I need you to bring me the video recording of the attack on the branches and the blood samples of these Men in Black.

“What blood samples?” Rei Li was a bit puzzled.

“The remains of those Men in Black that was killed in the wreck. Such as blood, meat, bones, and the likes. The more complete, the better. But be careful to distinguish between the remains of our people. Don’t put our own people into the mix.”

Rei Li nodded, “But Master, what do you want with these things?”

“I have some bad feelings, and need to do some research.”

“Then I’ll inform Chan’An, asking him to send those stuff. The videos would be no problem. I just hope he won’t be so quick to put those corpses burned.” ReiLi said as he took a satellite phone to dial up.


“Kazumi, do you know when senpai will come back?” Rumi asked as she opened the lunch box.

“Probably within a few days.”

“Senpai is really, suddenly said he must go to Guam, and then went for a week. But he only made 2-3 phone calls, making people worried to death. Kazumi, do you know why would Senpai go there?”

“Didn’t he already say that? He’s going to do something for a friend. Don’t worry. He’ll be back soon.” Kazumi handed her a cup of tea.

Rumi nodded her head, and slowly eating her lunch.

‘Is brother really went to Guam? But I clearly noticed he is also bringing his passport. Why would he need a passport to Guam?’ Kazumi was a bit worried.

“Kazumi, why don’t you eat, are you feeling unwell?”

“It’s nothing,” Kazumi smiled and opened her lunch box.

After the lunch, the two of them returned to their classrooms. When passing the corridor, they saw the transfer student Nagasaki was being surrounded by several female students.

“I’m sorry, excuse me.” Nagasaki also saw them, smiled and walked away from that group of female students.

“Kazumi, Rumi, good afternoon. Unexpectedly we happen to meet again.”

“This is a small place. It’s not a big deal if we happen to run across each other once in awhile.” Kazumi dismissively said.

“Mr. Nagasaki, hello.” Although Kazumi relatively indifferent, Rumi appeared courteous.

“Rumi, have you had your lunch? Can you accompany me to have lunch outside?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Nagasaki, I already had my lunch.”

“If that’s so, then so be it. Oh right, I have two tickets for a movie tonight, are you interested in accompanying me to see it?” The words of Nagasaki caused a commotion among the girls. So far, the transfer student has not officially invited a girl to a dinner or a movie.

Rumi used her vision to seek help from Kazumi.

“I’m sorry, Rumi only likes TV soap opera. You better ask someone else. Rumi, let’s go,” Kazumi took the lead with a cool expression.

Rumi act like a rabbit under the gaze of Nagasaki and quickly left to follow Kazumi.

“Interesting.” Nagasaki watched their back with a faint smile on his face. He casually threw the movie tickets into the trash can.

“Rumi, be careful of this Nagasaki person. I think that fellow is not a good person.” Kazumi said as they walked side by side.

Hearing Kazumi’s evaluation, Rumi could not help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at, I’m serious. Little fool like you; As long as the other side is a man, they will surely want to eat you.”

“Kazumi, your speech is getting more and more like senpai. You two are worthy to be brother and sister.” Rumi said with a smile.

Kazumi was mad.