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After the second class in the afternoon, a female outside was looking at Rumi.

“Rumi, someone’s looking for you outside.”

“Excuse me, were you looking for me?” Rumi ran up to the girl outside and asked.

“You’re Nagakawa Rumi, right? Follow me. Someone wants to see you.” The girl looked at Rumi with an intense gaze.

“Could you tell me who wants to see me?”

“You don’t need to know who, just come with me.” The girl was very impatient.

Rumi lowered her head to think for a moment, “I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Come with me.” Seeing that  Rumi was polite, the girl’s attitude gradually changed.

The girl led Rumi to a classroom near a lawn behind the school building. Arriving there, Rumi noticed the five girls that were standing there obviously waiting for someone.

“Here she is.” The girl who brought Rumi said something to those girls.

“You’re Nagakawa Rumi?” A tall girl spoke first.

“I am Nagakawa Rumi, why were you looking for me?”

The girls carefully looked at Rumi from head to toe, “Pfft, I thought that she was a great beauty, but turns out she’s just a little girl. I can’t understand why Nagasaki schoolmate likes this little rascal.”

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Bumbling kid you must be proud of yourself, right? But don’t think Nagasaki schoolmate really like you small girl, he just wants to have fun with you.

I’m warning you. You better not show yourself in front of Nagasaki again. Otherwise, we won’t let you off.” She slapped fast towards Rumi.

Rumi never thought that she would suddenly strike at her, but fortunately, Rumi she has trained in kendo for many years gave her outstanding reflexes. Gently stepping back, a hand flashed.

“What are you doing?” Recovering perfectly, Rumi loudly shouted.

“We just wanted to teach you the 38 rules you don’t understand. Since you like to seduce men, you should just take your clothes off. I think there would be a lot of men who would like it.” The girl who brought her squinted her eyes and said.

“You, don’t fool around.” Rumi went closer towards them alarming the five girls.

“Regret your stupidity.” The tall girl sneered.

Rumi thought that these people were crazy, “Don’t want …..”


After hearing Rumi’s voice, thinking that something happened, Kazumi immediately ran out of the classroom.

In the Teacher’s lounge, a pale-faced Rumi can be seen.

“Kazumi!” At the sight of her, Rumi threw her arms and immediately burst into tears.

Seeing the little girl cry, Kazumi, who already regarded Rumi as her little sister felt as if a knife pierced her heart.

“What happened?” Kazumi with full of hatred looked at the teachers.

A teacher smiled bitterly, “I don’t know what exactly happened, but after Rumi had gone out, there were some students who wanted to bully her. They even wanted to take off her clothes….”

“What?” Hearing this, Kazumi wanted to kill those guys.

“Rumi, rest assured, it’s alright now.” Kazumi closely grasped the little child, while tears silently fell.

The teachers didn’t know what to say, scratching his head, a teacher spoke: “Let me finish….”

Seeing Kazumi ignore him, he proceeded: “They wanted to do something, but the result was that they were all knocked out and are now in the infirmary.”

Kazumi was surprised for a moment, and looked up at him, “Who did that?”

The teacher smiled again and immediately pointed at Rumi, who was still weeping.

“What, Rumi was the one who took them out?” Kazumi thought that they got it wrong.

“Really, when they were about to take off her clothes, Rumi suddenly rose, and immediately after, the six girls scattered and were knocked down to the ground. Now they’re all being treated in the infirmary.”

Kazumi couldn’t believe it and looked at the girl in her arms.

“Rumi, Rumi, don’t cry, is what the teacher said true, they didn’t do anything to you?” Kazumi lowered her head to ask Rumi.

The little girl looked up, revealing red eyes caused by her tears. “Ah, they were very terrible. They said I ……. Seduced a man, they wanted to take off my clothes.”

Kazumi was relieved. This incident almost made her scared to death.

“How did you knock them out, did you have your bamboo sword in hand?” After a while, Kazumi began to wonder how Rumi knocked down the six people.

“Senior taught me. He taught me that the hand is like a sword, and the sword is like a hand. Although I can’t do the sword like a hand, making it flexible and comfortable, the hand like a sword is not that hard. He said, after learning kendo for so many years, if the person can only use it in games, then the person might as well go out the street holding a melon knife to injure four punks. I used my hands as it was a sword and knocked them down.” Mentioning Masashi, Rumi immediately became spirited.

Kazumi had a sudden burst of headache, thinking, ‘that guy actually taught her some bad things.’

“Well, all right, then let’s go. You really made me scared.” Kazumi took out her handkerchief to wipe the girl’s face.

“Kazumi, Do you think that they’ll no longer come after me?” Rumi asked a little worried.

“I don’t think those six would dare go and cause trouble for you again,” Kazumi said with a smile.

Rumi’s face turned red while listening to her.

Sure enough, from that day, never had anyone come to find trouble with Rumi. She even saw those women hiding from her.

As for the culprit of the event Nagasaki, still pursued Rumi. Every day he would invite her to dinner, ask her to see a movie, and even sent her flowers or snacks. This made the surrounding girls felt jealous, and the boys resented him.

Faced with the transfer student’s enthusiasm made Kazumi more cautious. His academic performance was good with excellent organizational skills. This made many people shocked while the transfer student smirked.

“Kazumi, is senior not coming back yet? It’s been half a month already.” Rumi said in frustration.

“Rest assured, he’ll be back soon.” This sentence was what Kazumi said almost every day. Actually, she also felt uneasy, feeling as if her nerves would erode.

‘Brother, hopefully, nothing happened to you.’ She thought.

“Rumi tonight what do you want to eat, how about beef?” Kazumi deliberately changed the subject.

“Whatever is good.” Rumi was still a little absent minded.

Seeing this, Kazumi put her hand around her shoulder and said: “Rest assured, my brother will come back soon, this isn’t like the usual Rumi that I know.”

“Ah, I know.” Rumi nodded

Kazumi smiled, took her hand and continued walking towards the supermarket.

Not far away from them, a luxury car was parked. A handsome boy holding a telescope looked at the two girls from his car’s window.

“Inform them to begin.”

“Young master, do you really want to do this? If people found out, it will give some implications to the family name.” Said a middle-aged housekeeper carefully.

“Well, what reputation are you talking about?”

“Master …..”

“Just do what I say, notify them quickly.” The youth said impatiently.

“Yes, sir.” The butler had no choice but to call obediently.

“Bitch, I didn’t want to do this, but you forced me.” The youth facing the window sneered.