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“What do you want?” Kazumi coldly said.

When the two of them walked into an intersection, from the front, several men suddenly came to stop them.

“Nothing, we just want to ask you to play with us.” A bleached blond teen smilingly came.

“If you come forward again, I’ll call the police?” Kazumi took out her mobile phone as if she was ready to call.

“Call the police? Ah, it seems you’re too late.” That blond youth clapped his hand, and a few people came out from behind the corner. In addition to the four people in front of them, the two girls were surrounded by seven people. They have no path to escape.

Kazumi pulled Rumi behind her, and staring at the blond haired youth as she said, “Who sent you to do this?”

The dyed youth and a very sturdy youth looked at each other for a moment and then said: “The woman is too smart, too bad you’re unable to marry. Don’t resist, obediently come with us so you will suffer a bit less. I haven’t come across such a pretty little sister like you. Perhaps you will later change your mind and think that playing with us turn out to be interesting.” This dyed man wretchedly looked at the beautiful girl behind Kazumi and, along with the several other men, started to smile obscenely.

“Rumi, wait for me to distract them, you immediately rush out and do not look back. You hear me?” Kazumi whispered to the beautiful girl behind her.

“Then what about you? We go together!”

“You have to listen to me, after you run, immediately call the police. Otherwise, we can’t run away.” Kazumi tightly squeezed her hand.

Without waiting for Rumi’s reply, Kazumi said to the dyed youth: “I will go with you, but you have to let her go.”

That blond youth laughed, “You think we were going to be so easy and let her go?”

“Since this is the case, then go to hell….” Kazumi suddenly pounded her bag toward the youth who stood on her left.

That young man was hit by the bag on the corner of his eyes and screamed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Kazumi pulled Rumi and ran away through that gap.

But she can’t even run even a few steps because Rumi has been pulled from behind.



Two voices sounded at the same time. The frightened Kendo girl reflexively hand knifed a youth on the middle bridge of his nose. The dyed youth who pulled her hair immediately spurted out nosebleed.

Although they solved one obstacle, they were slowed down, making the people behind them soon caught up.

“Damn, seize these two girls. We’re going to play with them.” The dyed youth covered his nose and cursed.

“Kazumi, quickly go.” Rumi kicked another youth who rushed to them.

Kazumi watched the few people that were rushing to her, looked at Rumi, gritted her teeth and tried to run away.

“Quickly catch that woman.” A burly looking youth shouted.

Seemingly responding to his words, several men suddenly rushed from the opposite of her and blocked Kazumi in the middle of the road.

Kazumi’s heart cooled down, knowing that she has no way to run.

“Brother….” Kazumi’s eyes welled up with tears. She didn’t dare to imagine the things that she and Rumi must face.

Just when Kazumi was in despair, that several men unexpectedly had rushed past her toward those several youth.

Since nobody caught her, Kazumi looked back and was surprised.

She saw an inconceivable scene. Those several men who came late unexpectedly fought with those youth.

“Who are you people…ah!” That dyed blond youth has not yet finished his words, but he was already kicked in the stomach by a man. His whole body was kicked two meters away and unable to get up again.

In just a half minute, except for the sturdy youth, all those youth were knocked to the ground by these men, screaming and moaning.

“Who the hell are you people?” Only the sturdy youth left standing. He was scared shitless.

His opponent is an ordinary man. But the man’s move was ruthless, swift, and violent like he never saw it before. He thought that although he is dan three in Karate, he was suppressed by that man and can’t even fight back.

He felt cheated, the man who offer him this task said he only need to deal with a little Kendo girl. ‘But where did these guys come from?’ He wondered.

“Haven’t finish yet? Your opponent is only a novice.” A man carrying a sunglasses looked at the two people’s fight.

“I am sorry, please give me some time.” The man who fought with the sturdy youth said, as he accelerated his moves and increased his strength.

“Time is running out. You guys deal with him together.” The man with sunglasses said to the several men who have nothing to do.

“How can you be like this!” Seeing that the six mysterious men have rushed to him, the sturdy youth screamed. He thought, ‘Are these men really an expert? How could they use this gang up method on me.

This is the so-called strength in number. In less than ten seconds, that sturdy youth was beaten up by these several men flat into a pig. They even gave several kicks to his lifeblood (penis), making people wonder if he would ever be able to use it in the future.

“Clean up.” The sunglasses man waved his hand. His men immediately poured and efficiently hauled those youth to the nearby alley.

The two girls looked at this scene that was only possible in the movie. They wanted to run but unable to move their feet. In the end, they just stood watching this scene from the side.

“Who are you people?” Kazumi was first to recover and asked.

That sunglasses man heard Kazumi’s question, hesitated, and then came toward them.

“What do you want?” Because of their previous experience, the two girls, naturally, took a step back.

Just when they began to say that, this seemingly powerful man took off his sunglasses, and then bent over, bowing in front of them and said: “The two ladies were frightened.”

Kazumi and Rumi were startled at his respectful attitude.

“Thank, thank you. Can you tell me who are you guys? Why do you want to help us?” Kazumi managed to say these words with great difficulty.

“I am sorry, I can’t answer these questions. Please forgive me.”

Kazumi didn’t expect that the man answered her like this, gawked, saying: “No matter what, I am very grateful to you guys.” With that, she bowed to salute that guy. Rumi, who stood behind her, followed suit.

“You are too kind. Since everything is alright, we will take our leave now.” After returning the courtesy, the man turned around to depart. The several men that came with him also left with him.

Not until those people completely disappeared did Kazumi breath a sigh of relieve. She suddenly felt her whole body weak and her feet trembling.

“Kazumi, according to you, why did those men want to help us?” Rumi walked several steps to picked up Kazumi’s bag.

“I don’t know.” Kazumi sighed.

If it weren’t for those men’s timely arrival, Kazumi really didn’t know what would become of her and Rumi. Thinking of this, Kazumi became scared again.

“Kazumi, let’s go home.” Rumi urged.

“Mm.” Seeing her pale face, Kazumi knew Rumi was frightened. She can’t help but took pity of her and held her hand.

In a scrap warehouse, the sunglasses man asked the man who wore a black coat: “Have you asked them about the one who incited them to do this?”

“They’ve all been questioned. All of their testimonies were consistent. In addition to the Karate kid, the other were just punks. They all said a middle-aged man in suit gave them money so they’ll deal with the two girls. As for the middle-aged man identity, we still try to check his background.”

“Be sure to find the identity of that middle-aged man as soon as possible. Moreover, immediately provide additional resources to protect the two girls as well as Mr. Gennai’s mother. You must not let them have any accident. When necessary, you can use the gun.”

“I understand. I will immediately notify the Headquarters for additional staff. What should I do with those punks?”

“Discard them all.”