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When they saw Masashi, who didn’t show up in class for a long time, the students were a bit surprised, but quickly pretended not to see anything, and continued to do their own thing.

“Long time no see, Gennai-san.” Nagasaki walked towards him while smiling.

“Has anyone told you that your smile looks fake?” Masashi raised one of his legs and positioned it on top of his other leg.

“No, you’re the first one. It seems like Gennai-san doesn’t have any favorable impression of me, that’s a pity.”

“In addition of putting perfume on your body, I also don’t like people who put on pretense. Since you and I dislike each other, why bother to pretend being friends. Honestly, I think it’s very boring.”

“This is a very common social etiquette, ungrateful people like you, should learn it.” Nagasaki’s tone began to turn cold.

“These words are not pleasant to hear but is at least pleasing to the ear compared to the one a moment ago. All right, then, please help yourself.” Masashi was too lazy to pay attention to him and instead pulled out a novel from his bag to read.

Nagasaki was finally enraged by his arrogant attitude; he clenched his fists, then finally turned around and walked away with a cold look on his face.

Because of the school festival, a few lessons in the morning became self-study. This would allow class teachers and class leaders to continue making preparations. This included decorating classroom, show rehearsal, staff assignments and so on.

Because of Masashi’s bad reputation, even though he went to school today. The class leader didn’t give him anything to do, allowing him to stay happily idle.

Although Masashi didn’t take into heart Japan’s invasion of China and he still didn’t have any favorable impression of this country, there’s one thing he couldn’t help but acknowledge. That is the seriousness of Japanese.

Japanese does a lot of things, but even so outsiders would still be able to notice this small matter, and it’s their incomprehensible dedication in doing something. After a few decades following World War II, Japan was quickly able to regain their strength through the Japanese people’s serious dedication. Masashi would also see students having a picnic during school festivals to mark the occasion.

In the Japanese men’s eyes, nothing is more important than work. In order to work, they completely sacrifice their time and many other things. But because of other countries and their self-imposed excessive pressure, many Japanese men have different degrees of psychological problems. This is also the reason why Japan will be one of the reasons for the change in the world. In addition to that, Japan’s pornography industry was successful which is the main reason for the excessive sexual harassment in the country.

After finishing their preparations, the school festival would finally start.

The next morning, students of the two schools were concentrated in hearing the two school principals’ speech in the playground.

To distinguish the two schools, students had to wear their school uniform during the School Festival. Thus, in the huge playground, students were divided into two columns one side wearing a red uniform while the other side wearing a green uniform, and at the same time pretty neat to look at.

Even though the principal spoke wholeheartedly on stage, the students still didn’t listen. All eyes were constantly looking over the opposite side of their school.

This is, of course, natural because who would want to watch two pigs on stage howling. They rarely see so many hot women outside their school, and they haven’t selected their target yet but so what.

“Do you see, that girl looks pretty good, does she have a boyfriend?”

“I see you forgot, even if that girl doesn’t have a boyfriend, but there’s nothing special about us. Our appearances are also just average.”

“Who are you looking at?”

“Standing in the second row third from the left that girl looks pretty good, she also seems like a good girl. I chose her.”

“Are you referring to the one with the glasses? Her appearance looks average, right?”

“You don’t understand anything, although her appearance isn’t that good, her body looks pretty good. After I start to know her, I’ll take her to a hotel.”

“I’m not interested in that kind of girl. I still prefer good-looking ones.”

“You overrate yourself.”

“Don’t be so confident, right? You see, that girl over there. I think she likes doing it that’s my type.”

“Her grandmother, does she work for daytime or nighttime?”

Masashi looked at the two boys quarreling with each other nearby. He glanced at them coldly; the two boys suddenly didn’t dare to speak.

Because of this conversation, Masashi wasn’t even in the mood to read. Seeing that the two pigs on stage weren’t finished, he couldn’t do anything else but curse them softly, then turned around to get out of the formation.

“Gennai Masashi, where are you going? We haven’t been dismissed yet. You can’t just walk around as you want.” The class leader immediately came to stop him.

“I’m going to the restroom. Unless you want me to do it in public?” he then ignored him and went away without consulting anyone.

The class leader angrily clenched her teeth.

Masashi went to the roof of the school building, where he usually slept in the open while lying down.

Ah, high school life really is boring, if not for making Rumiko sad, he wouldn’t even want to study. He began to miss those choppy, sloppy days.

As he kept thinking of such he thoughts he unconsciously fell asleep.

Not knowing how long he slept, Masashi suddenly stood up.

“Brother, you’re lazing around here again. Damn, you frighten me every time.” He slowly walked over to Kazumi.

“If you trying to scare me, try again next time. Masashi grinned.

Unless they’re extremely fatigued, can a person be aware of someone ten meters near them, but to him it has become like an animal instinct.

“Brother, hurry down, the school festival has already begun. Rumi is also waiting for us.”

“Started? But from above it only looks like a group of street vendors selling junk. Trying to trick kids into buying their stuff.”

“Hurry up, old man.” Kazumi gave him a scary look.

“You know, you’re getting more and more arrogant,” Masashi smiled and wiggled her face.

“Hateful.” Being ridiculed Kazumi hit him in return.

Going downstairs, Masashi immediately saw Rumi.

“So senior really was hiding on the rooftop lazing around. Let’s go look for something good.” Rumi complained in dissatisfaction.

Masashi blinked, then looked at her from top to bottom. “If I’m not wrong, that’s not our school uniform right?”

Rumi laughed, “Senior, our class now changed into a café. This is our special uniform rented from somewhere, looks good?”

Rumi gently spun around, showing her embroidered lace skirt gently floating on the gentle breeze.

Masashi couldn’t help but praise, as Rumi looked beautiful wearing it, giving off a lovely feeling.

Hearing Masashi praise her, Rumi’s face immediately turned red, then looked down afraid to look at him.

“I’ll go to your classroom with Kazumi and have some coffee there. She might even consider to try helping you out.”

Kazumi nodded.

“Thank you, senior. I’ll go prepare first.” Rumi was very pleased.

“Okay, we’ll go there later. You go back first.” Kazumi said.

Seeing Rumi disappear, Kazumi accompanied Masashi and walked around in a circle.

They didn’t want to eat as the food was burnt, and even the black cuttlefish had a bit of black appearance. Squid and other food were also burned making them not as hungry as before. Even God wouldn’t eat something like this.

When the two went up the second floor, they suddenly heard someone call Masashi’s name.

Turning around, they saw a girl in another school uniform come towards them smiling.

“Gennai-san, do you remember me? I’m Clara’s friend, the last time we met was at the class reunion.”

“Hello, I didn’t know you go to Pang Mu private high school.”

“I didn’t expect to find you here. I saw you during the principal’s speech, and initially thought I saw the wrong person. You should sign up for the afternoon games, and I’ll even cheer for you okay?”

“Sorry, I’m not signing up. I just want to see it.”

Clara’s friend was a little disappointed, then asked: “Where are you going now?”

“I’m going to a female schoolmate’s class who is doing a café, I’ll be going for a drink, are you interested in joining us for a drink?”

“Yes, I’m a little thirsty.”

“Brother, let’s leave quickly. Rumi is still waiting for us.” Kazumi urged.

Looking at the sidelines, she saw that the girl had a crush on Masashi. But other than Rumi, she didn’t want any other girl to get close to her brother.

The three walked, but was immediately stopped by four people. Three of them met Masashi at the school reunion, and Kazumi knew, that they were looking to trouble Masashi. Enemies really do often cross each other’s path.