Chapter - 45: Gloomy Night
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After seemingly sleeping for a long time, Masashi slowly opened his eyes, only to see everything was pitch black.

‘Where is this?’ He asked himself. His brain spaced out and can’t remember anything.

Immediately he found himself with his hands handcuffed behind his back. His feet were also cuffed, and finally, his chest tied by a rope fixed to a chair.

‘Am I being robbed or kidnapped?’

Masashi’s eyes began to adapt to the dark environment. He vaguely saw several people sitting next to him. But they were all motionless, and he can only hear their gentle breathing.

“Kazumi, is that you?” He saw a familiar figure.

The other had no reaction whatsoever.

Masashi has no other choice but to resemble a flea to carry the chair, moving it up and down, little by little.

Finally, he jumped to the side of that person. After taking a closer look, that person really is Kazumi, with Rumi sitting next to her. The two people were also tied to a chair. Only their feet, which were not tied.

“Kazumi, Kazumi, Rumi, wake up.” Masashi’s head knocked against Kazumi’s body.

Only after about five minutes trying to wake them up did Kazumi gently let out a cry.

“Kazumi, wake up, don’t sleep. I am your brother.”

“Is it dawn yet?” Kazumi blearily opened her eyes. Her face was blank.

“Dawn your head! Do you think we’re home now? Wake up. We are tied by someone.”

“Oh my, what happen?” Then she noticed her and Masashi tied to a chair condition.

“Don’t ask first, I also just woke up. You quickly rouse Rumi.”

When she called out Rumi, Masashi took a closer look at the several people around them, who turned out to be Shizuko and her friends. He also saw another two people that he never saw before.

All the people, without exception, had been tied up.

Soon, Rumi woke up. After knowing that herself tied up, she was shocked and afraid.

“Rumi, don’t be scared. I am Masashi.”

Hearing the voice of Masashi, Rumi immediately settled down.

“Senpai, what happened? Why are we here?” Rumi gently twitched her body, but couldn’t move at all.

“It seems that we were abducted. Don’t worry. We’re going to be okay.”

“Weren’t we having lunch at teacher Maruo’s home? How come we’re suddenly here? Moreover, why we’re all tied up?” Kazumi completely puzzled.

“Because, the one who tied you all up is me.” A magnetic filled voice rang from the outside.

Then, eyes suddenly lit up.

From the darkness to bright, the eyes of the three people could not respond for a while. After adapting, they clearly saw the one who was standing in the doorway was the young and handsome Chemistry teacher Maruo Chojiro.

Because of the light, those unconscious people gradually started to wake up. Even if they didn’t wake up, the ensuing scream from the one who awoke because of the light would’ve awakened all of them.

For a time, this spacious room filled with shrill screams and bawls.

“Teacher Maruo, why you have to bind us. You must be joking right? Well, you have your fun. Now quickly let go of us, I don’t want to play anymore.” Shizuko said to teacher Maruo.

“Teacher, quickly release us. You are breaking the law by doing this.” Her boyfriend also said.

“Do you think I’m joking with you? I’m sorry, you guessed wrong. But you’re lucky. You will witness the occurrence of something great. Moreover, you will be an integral part of that.” Maruo’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“Stop playing jokes, quickly let go of me. Otherwise, I’ll immediately shout for help.” Shizuko loudly said.

“Suit yourself. I will not be foolish enough to do this kind of thing in the city. Here is a lovely mountainous area. Moreover, this house has been abandoned for many years, and the electricity was pulled up yesterday. No matter how you call, no one will hear you. So, you can’t escape.” Maruo leaned in front of her and said softly. His voice was as gentle as a lover.

“No, please. I beg of you, let go of me. I beg you….” Shizuko cried.

Initially, the other girl didn’t dare to cry, but after hearing this, they also followed Sizhuko to cry loudly. Two boys could not help but ask for mercy as they cried.

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