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Toku and Nobita smiled creepily.

The three of them closed the door then took out a stocking to cover his head, just like a robber.

"Turn on the DV, I can't hold it anymore." Yamamoto said as he took off his clothes.

Masashi figured out what they were trying to do. Filming the victim in case she learned the truth then they could use it as a threat.

(It's time to take action, otherwise it will be too late.)

Yamamoto had already stripped Naoko sensei's shirt. Their hearts were pounding so fast as they looked at this mature body.

"Yamamoto, hurry. I can't stand it."

"I know. Shut up." He pulled Naoko sensei's skirt violently.

Suddenly the room went black.

"Shit, what happened? A black out?"

Then they heard the door opened and a figure ran in. It scared the three of them. "Who's there?"

That person didn't say anything but ran toward them in incredible speed.

The three of them fell to the ground before they could react.

Masashi looked at his finger with pride. (It seemed like my kung fu hasn't regressed.)

"En... Ah..." Naoko sensei's moan reached his ears.

Masashi turned on the light and his mind went blank for a moment as he saw the body. He took a deep breath and carried her to the teacher's bathroom on the side.

He turned on the faucet and pushed her head under it.

"Cough... What are you doing..." Finally she started to regain consciousness.

Masashi let go of her and handed her a towel.

"You, you're masashi?" Naoko sensei looked at him with confusion.

"Come, wash your face first."

"Why are you here?"

"Look at yourself first."

"Ah!" She screamed with unbearable volume then covered her body.

"Did, did you do this?" Her voice was angry.

"Not me. It's Yamamoto's group. I knocked them out. They're still lying outside. You can go take a look."


"Just go take a look and you can tell."

She tried to get up but her chest was still uncovered so she immediately crouched back down.

"Wear this." Masashi handed her his uniform.

"Thank, thank you."

"I will wait for you outside."

(Such a considerate person.) Naoko thought.

Finally she came out wearing the uniform. He could tell she also fixed herself a bit.

"Thankfully they didn't tore apart your skirt. Otherwise I might be in bad luck."

Naoko sensei looked at his pants, and suddenly felt an impulse to laugh. But she held it to herself.

"Those guys are here, see?" Masashi pulled off the stocking on Yamamoto's head.

Naoko understood what had happened from the naked Yamamoto and the DV.

"Did you drink anything someone gave you?"

"A girl gave me a can of coke. Can it be her?"

"Looks like it. You were drugged and they almost succeeded."

"Then, then did they... do anything to me?" She felt difficult asking her student such question.

"Didn't you hear, I said almost. That means no. I knocked them out when they were about to take off your skirt."

"How did you knock them out?" She couldn't imagine Masashi taking all three of them at once.

"Simple, by ambush. Any other questions?" He didn't want to delve on this question.


"Then you can go back first. I will handle them."

Naoko was scared. "How are you going to handle them?"

Masashi laughed. "You've seen too many movies. I don't want to be a murderer."

Hearing that, she felt she was oversensitive.

Masashi pulled the three of them to the classroom next door, then put Yamamoto on the podium. Suddenly he saw Naoko sensei standing by the door. "Why are you still here?"

"Can, can you go back with me? I am scared." After experiencing this, a woman's nature overcame her pride as a teacher. She was just like a little girl scared of darkness.

He frowned. "Fine. Wait for me outside. Best if you can drive your car over. Ok?"

"Ok, I will wait for you. Hurry."Even her tone sounded like a little girl.

After the unnecessary audience went away, Masashi was fiddling with the three unconscious boys.

Once he got them into postures, he found that coke from Naoko sensei's office then searched Nobita's body. There was indeed a bag of blue pills. He mixed the pills in the coke and poured it into their mouths. After all that's done, he wiped his fingerprints from the can and threw it into the garbage can.

"Aphrodisiac plus ecstasy. Then the ultimate 69 position. So looking forward to this. I can't wait for the morning to come."

"Why are you so slow?"

"Let's go. I still have to go home for dinner."

"I can treat you. I want to thank you."

"Next time. I don't want people to mistake anything from the way you are dressed."

"Ok then."

Masashi looked at her. "Let me drive. You look like you're half awake."

"I don't know why but I feel drowsy."

"Don't worry, it's the effect from the pills. Just get a good night of sleep."

"If I am not mistaken, you're only 16. You still don't have a driving license."

"Don't worry, having a license and being able to drive are two different concepts."

"That means, you really don't have a license?" She asked in panic after processing his answer.

"It's fine. If we see the cops, we will just switch seats." He didn't want to give up the chance after not being able to drive for some many years. In just 8 seconds, the car accelerated from 30km to 120km.

Naoko sensei never knew her car could reach this kind of speed, but she wasn't happy about it in the tiniest bit. She held onto her seat belt tightly with a face of fear.

"Oh right, where do you live? I forgot to ask."

"What, you're asking this after driving for an hour!" Her body trembled.

(Forget it, he saved me after all.) She held her temper and gave him the directions patiently.

Masashi had to slow down the car because he was not familiar with the roads. And Naoko let out a sigh of relief.

"Let's play some songs."

Naoko turned on the radio and through it came a female voice.

"Love Me Tender. I never thought I would hear such an old song in this day."

"You also like this song?" Naoko was surprised.

"I used to have a friend that really liked this song, and sang it really well. Unfortunately she died."

Naoko fell into a silence.

"Sensei, how do we go from here?"

"Oh, make a right turn and we are there."

This was a two floor mansion with a very peaceful surrounding.

"Seems like teachers have pretty good salary. The rent of this place isn't cheap."

"It's nothing special. Do you want to come in, or wait for me to change and I can treat you to dinner."

"No thanks. You should take a good rest. See you." He turned around and walked away.

Naoko's face looked disappointed.

Then she suddenly saw him turning back and felt excited. She ran up to him.

"I forgot to tell you one more thing. Don't tell anyone what happened tonight. As to the reason, you will get it by tomorrow. Remember." He finally left.