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After only resting at home for two days, the three had to go back to school.

According to Maeda, there were already many people who knew about the Tokyo Ripper incident. The police in Tokyo confirmed the death of the ripper, intentionally or unintentionally, the news leaked out reassuring many people.

Nobody knew that Masashi was the main victim of the case. After several days of absenteeism, they made a false reason for temporarily going back to visit their relatives.

Just like his return from the “dead” before, Masashi was still a transparent person in the class. Because of the theft that happened in the past made the students unwilling to talk to him. In contrast, he didn’t have anything to say to this little kids. If there was a generation gap between middle-aged men and teenagers, Masashi and them have a Mariana trench that exists between them. Therefore, he was happy to be alone, reading books or sleeping in class, brazenly skipping class when bored. In the eyes of the students and teachers, this degree of arrogance is detestable, but in the end, they weren’t able to do anything.

A soft music echoed in the café when suddenly a “ding” sound can be heard, the bell that was stuck on top of the door’s frame with the door opening also sounded.

“Hello, welcome. For how many people?”

“I have an appointment with some people, I’ll just look around.”

“Make yourself at home, if you need anything please feel free to call me.”

“Thank you.”

Masashi looked around, and saw Aiko standing up and waving her hand fiercely, sitting right next to her were three girls.

“You’re late,” Aiko said discontentedly.

“Little devil you need to be more reasonable, calling me to get here in five minutes? You think I’m like those guys who like to fly around wearing panties all day.” Masashi and the three other girls nodded. He remembered that he met her classmates at Aiko’s place. Which also included the girl named Ai.

“Hello, Gennai-san.” After the other two girls greeted Masashi, Ai greeted him timidly.

“Little Ai, do you know this guy very well?” Aiko found it a little odd and asked.

“No, just came across her once in the streets. Well, did something happen?” seeing that Ai was somewhat hesitant, Masashi instead answered.

“Can’t I find you for no reasons? Order something first.” Aiko smiled very sweetly.

Masashi waved his hand and called the waitress over.

“Hello, do you want anything?” The waitress politely asked.

“A cup of cappuccino.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” the waitress reddened all over her face.

Masashi smiled, “You must be new here, right? Cappuccino, I’ll have a cappuccino coffee.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll show you the menu, please wait.” Drops of sweat could be seen on the waitress’ face as she walked away panicked.

“Well, bumbling guy,” Aiko grinned.

“Is that an attitude of someone asking for help?” Masashi exposed a playful smile.

“Who, who asked for your help?”

“Come on, I don’t believe you’ll go look for me just to catch up. You definitely have something to say.”

Aiko with strange eyes looked at him for a moment, then turned to the three girls next to her and said: “Do you really think this guy can help? He’s also not pleasing to the eye.”

“Aiko, how can you say something like that?” Asami stared at her.

“Well originally, this guy looks somewhat reliable. If not, you wouldn’t….” not finishing her words, her mouth was covered by the other girl.

“I’m sorry, Gennai-san, Aiko didn’t mean that, please don’t misunderstand,” Asami smiled.

Masashi as if he didn’t hear anything, very leisurely sipped his coffee, and then said: “If you still won’t tell me, I’ll go.”

“Gennai-san, I would like to ask, how tall are you?” Ryoko asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t measure it.”

“What about the height you had during the school medical examination held once a year?” Asami pulled Aiko, as she stared at his face.

“It seems to be 173 centimeters.” Masashi thought for a moment before answering. Ever since he reincarnated, Masashi would daily train his body that far exceeded the ordinary exercise, so now his height would be 15 cm taller.

“That’s good, you should be qualified. Aiko, you don’t need to think about it, he’s the one” Asami clapped excitedly and said.

“Okay then. I don’t know anyone else anyway.” Aiko revealed a face of someone suffering injustice.

Masashi put down his cup of coffee, “Can you tell me what I can do?” He felt like his being forced to sell a cattle, but the buyer wasn’t very willing to look at it.

The four girls, looked at each other for a bit, then finally, voted telepathically, unfortunately for Asami she was the one chosen to be the representative.

She gave a little cough before saying: “Gennai-san, Aiko would like you to be her boyfriend.”

Just after finishing talking, Masashi didn’t react, while Aiko cried aloud: “Come on, you speak more clearly don’t just tell him to be my boyfriend, what she just told you about is a temporary task. Listen carefully, you hear, she means, I mean, I want to ask you to temporarily pretend to be my boyfriend. Don’t misunderstand ah, really only temporary. Hey, don’t just drink, listen to me.”

“I refuse.” Masashi after finishing his coffee finally said something.

“What, you refuse? Why?” Aiko stared at him.

“Because it’s boring.”

“Boring you say? Piss me off. You tell me, what’s boring?” Aiko almost went crazy.

“Let me guess, there’s a boy in school who’s chasing you desperately. Although you refused him, but he still wouldn’t give up hope, then you told him that you have a boyfriend. Which you told him so that he would give up hope. But the boy didn’t believe you, and he said he wanted to meet your boyfriend before he agrees to give up. So now, you’re looking for someone to pose as your boyfriend. Unfortunately, that guy is me, who you selected, that will act as this silly role. Did I guess it right?” Masashi leaned against the chair and looked at her.

“You, how do you know?” Aiko and the others couldn’t believe it and looked at him.

“Because those people who wrote the third-rate script is also written like this.”

“In any case, Gennai Masashi, do you have the heart to do nothing about it?” Aiko said as she pointed at him.

Masashi couldn’t help but laugh.

“Damn, you laugh, if you dare laugh again, then I won’t be polite.” Aiko was trembling with rage.

“In face, having more than one suitor is also good. Well, at least you can eat breakfast for free every day.” Masashi said with a smile.

“Sarcastic guy. I won’t ask for your help even if I don’t find someone else to.” Aiko angrily stood up to leave.

Asami hurriedly pulled her back to her seat, patting her shoulder to sooth her. Then turned towards Masashi and said: “Gennai-san, this time we’re sincerely asking you to help chase away the boy bothering Aiko, that guy’s a clingy man, he even told some people, that if they dare to steal his beloved Aiko, he would make their life worse than death. We’ve made inquiries about him, and found out that during junior high school, he liked a girl, but the girl turned him down. However, just after two days had passed. The girl was harmed.”

“What happened?” Masashi asked.

“On the way home. She was raped by a few hoodlums.” Asami went silent for a moment, then continued.

“Later, the police took the boy back to the police station, but in the end, they lacked evidence and had no choice but to release him. While we’re not too sure about certain things about him, but don’t you feel that it’s too much of a coincidence?”

“Therefore, we came to ask Gennai-san to help Aiko. Please.” With that, Asami bowed towards him.

Seeing her bow made Masashi think for a moment, “All right, I’ll do it free of charge.” Masashi was struck by Asami’s serious eyes.

“Thank you very much, Gennai-san.” In addition to Aiko, the three girls were also obviously very happy.

“Hey, kid, don’t start acting like you owe me one, we just came to an agreement.”

“Damn this guy.” Seeing that Masashi promised to help, Aiko’s complexion immediately became much better.