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On Sunday, Masashi arrived at the appointed place he had agreed upon, which was at a café just opposite of the Shinjuku Keio hotel.

It was the Shinjuku holiday making the place have more people than usual, and most of them were fashionably dressed youths.

Under the guidance of the waiter, Masashi soon found Aiko and her friends.

Seeing Masashi, the three girls seemed jubilant, but Aiko was the only one who felt uncomfortable.

“Wearing this, how can you pretend to be my boyfriend?”

Masashi looked at himself, and then said: “This is what I usually wear, is there something wrong with it?”

“It’s no good. It’s too shabby. Let’s go, and pick some clothes for him.” Aiko waived her hands towards the waiter signaling that she was going to pay.

The other three female students also stood up revealing a wide grin on their face.

Masashi also somewhat reluctantly waved his hands.

After leaving the café, Aiko together with Masashi came to the most bustling shopping place in Shinjuku, which was the Shinjuku shopping center.

“Here, try this one.” In the men’s fashion district, Aiko looked around for a bit, then took out a GUCCI green suit and handed it over to him.

“Besides attending funerals, I usually don’t wear suits.” Masashi sat down on a chair, as he watched them pick clothes for him in turns.

“Then how about this one?” Asami came over holding a blue windbreaker.”

“Makes one look like his naked.”

“Then what about this one?” Ryoko lifted up a blue jean.

“Do you want me to die from the heat?”

“Then you choose, troublesome guy.” Aiko begat to get impatient.

“Your tastes are very problematic.” Masashi readily grabbed pieces of light gray casual clothes then went inside the changing room.

After a while, Masashi came out from the changing room, still holding the T-shirt.

“Come on. It’s about time. Miss, could you help me pack this clothes.” Masashi handed the T-shirt to the female employee.

The girls looked for a moment towards the clothes packed by the female employee.

Seeing Aiko take out her credit card, Masashi immediately went in front of her handing the cashier his credit card.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just not used to woman helping me to pay.”

“Machismo.” Aiko didn’t insist and put away her credit card.

“Hey, are you bringing those clothes to where we’re going? Quickly throw it away.” Walking out of the door, Aiko saw Masashi still carrying a plastic bag.

“Little sister, wasting things is not right. Plus I really like this clothes.”

“Gennai-san, I’ll keep it for you, and give it back later.” Ai suddenly whispered.

“Ah, then that would trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Ai whispered.

After separating with the three girls, Aiko returned with Masashi to the café as more boys appeared.

Not long after, a boy dressed in a black suit, with a big acne on his face came over with some boys.

“Aiko, I didn’t think you’d come so early. I figured I arrived late.” The boy’s eyes sparkled as he looked at her.

“Actually, we just arrived not long ago. Mito-san, I’ll introduce you, this is my boyfriend, Gennai Masashi, and this is the guy that I told you about my schoolmate Mito Toyokawa.”

Masashi deeply looked at the boy, then held out his hand and said: “Hello, Mito-san.”

Mito Toyokawa didn’t shake hands with him, as he looked at Aiko surprised, “Aiko, is he really your boyfriend?”

“Why would he be fake? I already told you that I already have a boyfriend, but you didn’t believe me.” Aiko put a very natural front.
Masashi sighed in his heart, emotionally, every woman was born a liar. Whether it be a girl or a woman they would still be the same.

“I don’t believe you. You must be trying to trick me.” Mito appeared to be very excited.

Masashi knew that it was his time to act.

He walked toward Aiko, imitating the television drama series actor he gently put his hand around her waist, and then said to the boy: “Mito-san, Aiko is my girlfriend, so don’t harass her again. If there’s nothing else, we’ll go ahead, we still have a movie to watch, if you’ll excuse me.” With that, Masashi held Aiko’s hand as they walked towards the door.

Mito stood still and watched them leave.

The two walked out of the café and went to a distant place, after which Masashi released Aiko’s hand.

“Let’s call it a day, it’s been silly enough.” Masashi yawned.

“That’s it?” Aiko couldn’t believe it.

“Talking too much would lead to errors, but feeding him fake details, would instead make people doubt. This is just right. I looked at the guy, and seemed like he wouldn’t look trouble for you anymore.”

“But…but…Is there really no more problem?”

Masashi lowered his head for a moment, then suddenly took out a jewelry box from his pocket.

“This is for you.”

“What is it?” Aiko took the box and looked at it.

“Just open it and see.”

Aiko curiously opened the box and saw a specially designed and fine crafted bracelet.

“This…..Is this for me?” Aiko asked, very surprised.

“Do you like it?”

Aiko looked at the bracelet over and over again and began to like it more and more, seeing this item she wasn’t able to resist its charm anymore. But she suddenly felt a little puzzled and asked: “Why’d you suddenly give me such a thing?”

“Nothing, just saw it, and felt quite right for you, so I bought it.”

“It’s that simple?” Aiko looked at him suspiciously.

“Things have always been very simple, but are just made complicated by some people.”

Aiko was tired of listening to him preach, and happily put it on her left hand, but found it a little too big.

“Fool, this is a foot ring, not a bracelet.” Masashi couldn’t help but laugh.

“What, foot bracelet?” Aiko looked carefully, and sure enough, the diameter of the bracelet was almost the same as her feet.

Aiko couldn’t wait to crouch down and fasten it on her ankle.

She stood up and looked at it, then kicked her foot, thinking that it was very amusing.

“Your trouble is resolved, and I also sent you a gift, so I’ll go now.”

“You…. You’re leaving now?” Aiko thought he would invite her to watch a movie or go somewhere else to play.

“Anything wrong? Don’t you want me to leave?” Masashi said with a smile.

“Well, you devil isn’t willing. So be it, I’ll go first.” Aiko grumbled as she spoke.

“Hey, kid, you seem to have forgotten one thing.”

“What?” Aiko looked at him strangely.

“When someone helped you, don’t you have to say something?” Masashi said with a smile.

Thinking for a while, Aiko stated in a loud voice: “Thank You.”

“Hateful guy.” With that, she angrily left.

“Funny kid.” Seeing her get farther and farther away, Masashi smiled and walked in a different direction.

Around 0:00, Masashi usually practiced in his room. When suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.

Hearing the knock, he opened the door to look and turned out to be Kazumi. “Kazumi, what happened?”

“Brother, someone’s calling for you.” Kazumi gave him the wireless phone.

“You woke up by the noise, so just go back to sleep,” Masashi said as he received the phone.

However, Kazumi didn’t go, and just looked at him quietly.

“What, Aiko’s missing? When did this happen?”

“I know, I’ll be right over.”

“Ah, I know that place, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

After hanging up the phone, Masashi immediately put on a coat.

“Brother, what happened?”

“Nothing, a friend just suddenly disappeared, I’m just going to take a look.”

“Then you have to be careful.”

“Rest assured, just go back to bed, you still have to go to school tomorrow, don’t worry about me.” Masashi comforted her for a moment then left out. After only a few steps, he suddenly went back to his room and put some things in his pockets.