Chapter - 54: Missing
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Driving a motorcycle, Masashi finally arrived at Aiko’s apartment and saw three of her classmates anxiously waiting for him at the door. Seeing Masashi, the three girls immediately gathered around him.

“Did you call the police yet?” Masashi came and asked.

“I’ve already reported it, but the police said that they could only file an investigation if the person has been missing for more than 24 hours. In the end, they just told us to wait.” Asami said very angrily.

“Did you notify Aiko’s family yet?”

“No, because we don’t know her parent’s phone number.”

Masashi thought for a while, “Are you sure she’s really missing? Tell me from start to finish what happened again.”

Asami after a pause said: “In the morning after you left, Aiko went with us to the cinema to see a movie. By noon, we ate out, then in the afternoon, we went to shopping at Roppongi. Until about 7 in the evening, right?” She looked at Ryoko, who was at her side.

Ryoko thought for a moment, then nodded.

“Aiko was a little tired and wanted to go back to rest. So, we just ended the day.

At 9:00, I called her at her home’s phone, but no one answered. So I called her cell phone, but still no one answered. I thought there was a problem, so I called their phones, but they also didn’t know where Aiko is. Tell me where’s Aiko, she’ll be all right, right?” Asami was getting more and more anxious. The other two also looked anxious.

“Calm down. Maybe things aren’t as you think. Did you go inside yet?”

“We don’t have the key to her house.”

Masashi thought for a moment, and along the house, there was a semi-circular balcony. Then he said: “You wait here, I’ll go in and open the door for you.”

“But how will you get inside?” Ryoko asked.

“Have you watched Spider-man?” After Masashi had finished speaking he went underneath the balcony, then stepping back, he suddenly forcefully jumped up, putting his hand up he seized the column of the second-floor balcony. Then immediately jumping to the balcony, every movement being proficient.

When Masashi opened the door from the inside, what visit him were three girls in a daze.

“Are you a monkey?” Asumi said in surprise.

“Miss, say it nicely okay? Call it agile.”

“You’re exaggerating, right? If you had said that you’re a thief, I’d believe you.”

The other two girls couldn’t help but laugh.

Masashi snappily looked at her.

Entering the hallway, Masashi turned on all the lights, carefully observing everything inside the house.

“Aiko, are you in there?” Asami shouted a few times, and then the three girls divided checking the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms inside the place.

Masashi stood for a moment, then hastily went to the kitchen pulling out Ryoko, “Take me to Aiko’s room.”

Ryoko nodded and went with Masashi to the second floor.

Arriving at the room, they saw Ai who had just come out from inside.

“Did you see her?” Ryoko asked quickly.

Ai shook her head.

Masashi walked into the room, which was a typical young girl’s room. He saw the bed and closet filled with cartoon dolls, and even the sheets, had a Pikachu printed pattern on its quilt. Star posters were plastered on the walls which were on top of the wardrobe. At the right side of the bed there was a large desk, and on top of it was a computer and at the side was a TV. With a faint aroma that filled the entire room.

“Try and call Aiko’s phone.”

Ai immediately pulled out her cellphone and dialed.

After a few seconds, a ring tone resounded in the room.

Masashi tracked down the tone and found the phone under the pillow on the bed.

“Aiko where exactly did you go? Usually, you would carry your phone no matter where you went.” Ryoko said a little afraid.

“First thing is certain, she had come back home, but also went to sleep on her bed. Later, for some unknown reason, she went out. Do you know if Aiko has sleepwalking habits?”

“I’m not sure, but I think she didn’t. Because in the past, she slept at my place for a few days. That’s when her sister had left, and she said she was a bit afraid to be here alone. But later got used to it, and moved back in. At least in my house, I didn’t see her sleepwalking.” Asami said thoughtfully.

Masashi nodded and told them: “Now I’ll go drive and look for her outside, now it’s late at night, so you girls stay here and don’t go out. If I still don’t call back until morning, call the police and report about this incident. Before then, wait for any calls as it might be a message from Aiko, let’s exchange cell phone contacts first.”

The three girls nodded.

After each of them had exchanged cell numbers, they sent Masashi out.

After Masashi started the motorcycle, he suddenly pulled out a Gameboy-like stuff from his pocket. After having a closer look at it, he put it back in his pocket.

After he had left, the three girls were in front of the turned on entrance lamp, then immediately returned to the living room.

“Little Ai, what happened to you, your face is so pale, are you tired?” Ryoko asked.

“I’m all right.” Ai shook her head.

“You’re always like this, no matter what you just keep your thoughts inside your heart. Are you okay?” Asami wiped her forehead.

“I, I’m fine, I’m just thinking…..” Ai said hesitantly.

“Think of what?” Ryoko couldn’t help but pursue further.

Ai looked at their eyes, then lowered her head and whispered: “I was thinking, is Mito Toyokawa somehow related to this matter?”

Hearing her remark, the other two girls face immediately turned pale.
Remembering the rumor, the three girls just couldn’t help but feel more and more uneasy.

“I don’t think that he should be related to his matter, didn’t Gennai-san say Aiko walked out, perhaps she might have an urgent matter to attend to,” Ryoko smiled wanting to lighten the mood.

“Well, don’t think too much, let’s take turns watch, as Aiko might suddenly return.” Asami no longer wanted to pursue the matter, and immediately ending the topic.

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