Пробуждение - глава 58:
Rough Treatment

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After a while, the energy saving lamps suddenly flashed, and soon, completely went back to its normal brightness.

“Fortunately, it didn’t burn.” The man said something to himself.

As the man turned his head, Aiko covered her mouth and looked at him in disbelief.

“Kid, you were scared, right? Sorry, I’m late.” Masashi smiled at her.

At that moment, Aiko’s mind was blank, as she couldn’t believe what happened, and immediately tears poured down on her face.

Almost instinctively, she rushed towards him with incredible speed and threw herself into his arms. Shortly after, an earth-shattering cry sounded on his arms.

“Don’t worry, it’s all right now.” He touched her gently on the head.

Hearing it was all right now, Aiko clasped around his waist and cried even more loudly.

Forget it, let her cry it out, so as to avoid any trauma.

After five minutes, Aiko’s weeping sound slowly disappeared. She simply collapsed unable to completely stand up, and Masashi put his hand around her waist to help support her.

“So you haven’t left yet?” Masashi put his arm under Aiko’s lower part of the body and looked at the middle-aged man lightly.

The middle-aged man with very strange eyes looked at him, “Who are you?”

Masashi looked at him but didn’t say anything.

“Since you don’t want to tell me, forget it. But I want to ask you another question, how did you come in, don’t tell me…you’ve been here from the very beginning?” It was the only thing that Jiro currently most concerned about.

“No need to guess, I came in right after you. Haven’t your parents taught you to shut the door first before doing bad things?” Masashi sneered.

“You……” Jiro was furious, but immediately, he forcibly calmed himself down. Then coldly snorted and went toward the already beaten Mito Toyokawa without consulting anyone.

“Gennai-san, let’s get out of here quickly, ok? I’m afraid.” Aiko suddenly embraced him and had a hard time to talk while crying.

“Well, let’s go. Can you walk by yourself?” Masashi’s hand wiped away the tears on her face.

Aiko tried, and somewhat said worriedly: “I don’t have strength on my feet, what should I do?”

“I’ll carry you.”

Just after talking, suddenly Jiro’s shout could be heard: “You bastard, what have you done?”

Aiko was shocked and quickly embraced Masashi.

“Why do you need to shout when it’s late at night?” Masashi frowned.

Jiro glared at him, then opened Mito’s shirt pointing at his body and said: “You bastard damaged the precious complex parasitic body.”

“My hands are accurate, so he’s still alive,” Masashi said dismissively.

“But you’ve destroyed his parasitic body, later on, he would be just an ordinary man. Complex parasites have always been a very rare phenomenon, especially as you know he has two parasites in his body, do you know how precious that is?” Jiro very excitedly jumped up, his face flushed with anger.

“So what, don’t forget, that treasure almost took your old life. Moreover, other than leaving you with something harmful and use it to injure someone, I would rather destroy it completely.”

“You bastard….” Jiro fiercely looked at him, as he wanted a hands-on look on the specimen.

Masashi’s expression was, as usual, still revealing a look of coldness.

Feeling the tension between the two, Aiko was worried for Masashi. Although it wasn’t clear what Mito did in the dark, she knew that this middle-aged man was the same as Mito, have a very strange ability.

She didn’t know what to do, and only saw Mito, who was lying down on the ground. With this glance, she almost couldn’t help but cry out.

Seeing Mito’s clothes were pulled apart, exposing his naked upper body. Covered with many large and small scars that were clearly Masashi’s masterpiece. But these were nothing, the most surprising thing to her, was the spot below Mito’s left shoulder and his right chest, were two significant semicircular lumps that were obviously sticking out. Although on the surface it was covered by the skin and wasn’t that huge, the outline of the skin was exactly the same shape of that of a human brain.

But, in that two flesh lump that resembled the human brain, there appear to be several fist marks, and practically only the dark bulge parts were beaten up flat.

She was now beginning to see what Jiro meant by “parasite” was.

After a long time, Jiro finally loosened his clenched fist.

Jiro for so long, felt like he was completely seen through by the boy. Although he couldn’t be sure what power this boy possess, strangely, he subconsciously didn’t want to fight this boy. Now that things are like this, he didn’t want any more setbacks.

He looked coldly at Masashi, “If one day you were to land on my hands, I will make sure you regret your manner today.”

“You really are talkative. You must be in your mid-life crisis I presume?” Masashi had an indifferent look.

Jiro coldly snorted, and put Mito’s entire body on his shoulder, and then walked towards the door. Before leaving, he glanced at Masashi and walked out of the door.

Not fighting? Masashi was a little bit disappointed.

“Let’s go, kid.” He said as he put Aiko on his back.

The girl lying on his back didn’t say anything but tightly held his neck.

Because Masashi’s motor broke down halfway, he had to take a taxi, and now walked to the stopped car on the road.

Walking for about 15 minutes, even Aiko could hear the sound of cars.

“Hey, am I heavy?” Aiko, all of a sudden, asked softly in his ear.

“Not that heavy, at least lighter than a pig.”

“Hateful guy.” Aiko laughed, being a little unconvinced, she increased the strength around his neck.

“If you go on like this, I’ll spank you.”

Having heard this, the girl didn’t know what to think, suddenly turning red, and instead the hands that were holding Masashi’s neck became tighter.

Masashi thought she was still scared and had to go along with her. Anyway, with his thick skin, except for being a little uncomfortable, it was nothing.

In a few more minutes, Masashi finally arrived at the road.

Waving his hands several times on the road, managing to only wait for a few moments. He stopped waving as no car stopped.

Masashi was impatient, so he walked in the middle of the road to wait.

After a few minutes, he saw a medium freight vehicle pull up.

“What are you doing, do you want to die? If you want to die, then just go jump off a building.” A thirty-year-old driver stuck his head out of the window and cursed.

Masashi walked towards the door, single-handedly opened the car door, then grabbed his chest collar and said to the driver: “You now have two options, one to carry us back, two is to let me beat you up. Quickly pick.”

The driver thought that he encountered a robbery, immediately turned pale and was frightened.

“I, I have no money, please don’t kill me, I really have no money. I only have so much….” The driver tremblingly pulled out a few crumpled bills from his pocket.

Looking at his embarrassed expression, Aiko couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shut up, just give us a ride, who wants your money? Your money isn’t even enough to save you, but still have the nerve to take it out.” Masashi was too lazy to care for him, opening the rear door, holding Aiko, sat down inside.

“Quickly drive,” Masashi told the driver Aiko’s home address after shutting the door.

At this time, the driver believes that the two only wanted a ride. Suddenly feeling relieved, but in desperation, had to go to the address that Masashi said.

“Gennai-san, how’d you find me?” Sitting in the vehicle, Aiko suddenly remembered a question.

Masashi pointed at the coat draped over her body, said: “there’s something in that breast pocket, take it out.”

Aiko put her hand in the pocket, and really touched something.

“What is this?” Aiko looked surprised at this GAMEBOY-like thing.

Masashi took it, clicking a button above, and gave it to Aiko.

“See the red point on it? Masashi asked.

“Ah, then what does that mean?”

“That point means that the signal’s source is here.”

“What’s the source?”

“The feet bracelet you wearing on your feet. Saying that in your hand the signal tracker, and the feet bracelet you are wearing is the thing that transmits the signal. That’s the so-called tracker. I just found you through this thing, do you get it?”

“What, you put a tracking device on me?” Aiko was surprised and angry.

“Hey, kid, what’s with that attitude, if not for that thing you may have been eaten already. Do you think this is cheap? In order to make you wear it, I specifically asked people to make it look better. But its signal range is only two kilometers, in order to find you, I run around the streets and finally even my motor broke down. You really don’t know how to appreciate people.” Masashi said as he yawned.

Aiko was silent, bowed her head as she looked at him and thought about things.

After a while, Aiko suddenly whispered the words: “Thank You.”

Masashi laughed, stretched out his right hand and twisted her cheek.

Aiko blushed, immediately dodge and scold the laughing guy. “Indecent guy.”

The freight vehicle drove for about an hour, and finally arrived where Aiko lived.

When Masashi notified Aiko that she arrived at her place, he found that she had fallen asleep.

Without any choice, Masashi carried her out of the truck.

“I had wanted to give you two, but your car really stinks.” Passing through the driver’s seat, Masashi shoved ten thousand yen to the driver.

The driver couldn’t believe there were such benefits and immediately grabbed the bill.

“Thank you, I’m very grateful.” The driver suddenly smiled.

Masashi no longer paid attention to him, and then went to the apartment door holding Aiko.