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After eating the lunch, Masashi sent them back to school

Before leaving, Aiko unconsciously grabbed his lower hem, “Can you come to my house tonight?”

“Don’t be afraid, everything is alright. Didn’t Murashima say that she will stay with you? If there is anything, you can just give me a call, and I will rush over.” Masashi patted her shoulder and consoled.

“Em.” Aiko immediately complied, but she could not conceal her face from showing a disappointed expression.

Looking at her abandoned puppy expression, Masashi wryly smiled in his heart, and changed his statement: “I’ll pick you up from school in the afternoon, alright?”

“Really?” The girl’s spirit significantly lifted up.

Masashi nodded.

“Then I’ll meet you after school at the school entrance, and be on time.”

“I know. Gotta go, see you after school.” Masashi patted her on the head and then left after saying goodbye to the three other girls.

Seeing how Aiko reluctant to part with Masashi, the three girls can’t help but look at each other with wonder.

They had never seen this girl is so dependent on one person.

Just because he can’t accompany her, she became disappointed like this? And because a few words from that person, she became excited like this? Is this the lively, cheerful, and doing something without any regard to the boy Hasebe Aiko?

“Let us go.” When Masashi’s back was completely gone, the girl turned around and returned to her usual smiling face.

“Aiko, are you and him….” Kogure asked in surprise. The other two girls were also nervously watching her.

“I….quick….hurry up, if we’re late, that spinster will start to curse.” The girl’s complexion was dripping wet. Before she even finished her words, she was already running.

“Aiko, wait, make it clear to us. Don’t run….” Murashima and Kogure started to catch up.

Hisoka Ai stood there, looking at the direction where Masashi left with a complex look.


USA, New York, South of Manhattan, 5 km away from the famous Wall Street. On the third floor of a building, a middle-aged man wearing a long white gown slowly walked into the investment consultant company called “Chinatown.”

This investment company is not large, within the building, only the second and the third floor belongs to this company. The investment firms this size, on the Wall Street and the surrounding area, is abound.

Almost everyone knows that the Wall Street in the USA is paved with gold. Although only a few who can pick up gold in here, many continue to have such dreams. On the other hand, not many people will actually play, so they will give money to investment companies to invest. Therefore, such things supported many of this type of company.

From the outside, this investment company doesn’t look any different from the other investment company. But if you look carefully, this small scale company actually have an abundant amount of beautiful staffs.

In this company, besides the male personnel who are responsible for handling the delivery, the rest are all female, moreover, almost all of them were beautiful women.

Because of this, the whole office area is filled with the smell of perfume and makeup.

Saw the middle-aged man walked in, the beautiful young lady at the front desk immediately nodded to salute him, “Good morning, Mr. Shen.”

“Hello, I would like to speak to your boss.” Chang’an handed her the hat.

“Do you want me to take you in?” The receptionist asked as she hung his hat on a nearby rack.

“No need, I’ll do it myself.”

“As you wish. If there is anything you need, please feel free to call me.”

“Thank you.”

The receptionist watch as he walked in. Regarding this mysterious middle-aged man, she has always had some strange imagination.

“Hello, Mr. Shen. Are you looking for the boss?” The glamorous female secretary wearing miniskirt saw Mr. Shen walked in, immediately greeted him with a smile.

“Please inform him.”

“Can you wait for a while? The boss is talking about something with the head of planning department in the office.”

Noticing her strange look, Mr. Shen exposed a looming smile.

“Then I will just wait for him here.” Mr. Shen casually sat on the sofa.

“I’ll get you a cup of coffee.”

“If you can, please give me a cup of tea.”

“Ok, please wait.” The secretary went to another room to prepare the tea.

After she steeped a good tea, Mr. Shen was quietly sipping the tea. Knowing that he doesn’t like to talk, the secretary didn’t dare to disturb him, and just lowered her head to continue to work.

After about half an hour, the General Manager’s door finally opened.

The people who came out were not the boss, but a very charming tall beauty.

She seemed not to see Mr. Shen, who sat on the sofa in the distance, but slightly nodded to the female secretary and hurriedly walked away.

The other two clearly saw the strange flush on her face at that moment. Her breathing also seemed somewhat short, plus a little messy hair and wrinkles on the clothes. The female secretary and Mr. Shen certainly understood what were the boss “talking about” with her.

The only difference was, the female secretary’s face seemed a bit odd. She glanced at the female executive, and tilted her head to the side.

Mr. Shen showed a thoughtful look.

Seeing that Mr. Shen walked into the office, the company boss looked like the cat who was caught stealing a fish, “Chang’an, sorry to keep you waiting for so long.”

Looking at this young boss who was too lazy to tie the button on his collar, Chang’an showed a faint smile.

“Little Rei, aren’t you afraid of AIDS?”

Reili, who was drinking coffee, almost choked to death.

Such a fearful middle-aged man, although he seldom speaks, sometimes a few words from him can make people want to commit suicide.

“You’re not specifically come to talk about my physical health aren’t you?” Reili smiled.

“I have just received a call from master, he has found clues to those mysterious men in black.” Chang’an style is straight to the point.

“What? Is that right?” Reili suddenly stood up with excitement.

“That’s right. He gave a list of people who can help with some of the clues about this matter to me. I believe it wouldn’t be long before we can look at the details of these men in black.”

“His grandma, cool, really cool. Really worthy to be called the master!” Reili banged his hand on the table.

Thinking that the group will show up at any time, this strange terrorist-like enemy really makes Reili difficult to sleep everyday.

“This list is for you. If you need any help, just let me know immediately.”

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

“In these clues about these people, the password was just like the last time, just replace the last six digits to today’s date. Destroy this immediately after you finish, we can’t alert the enemy. The enemy seems to be much worse than we thought.” Chang’an, from his pocket, handed him a small disk.

“I know that.” Reili took the CD into his suit inner pocket.

“Another thing to tell you, your new secretary seems not afraid that you have AIDS. To avoid trouble, replace her as soon as possible. After all, this kind of drama thing is already old.” Before going out, Chang’an left this sentences.

“Ai, it’s already the fourth, it seems like too much handsome is also a sin. Unfortunately, I haven’t played with her yet. She has a nice body….” Reili showed an incomparably sad expression.

Chang’an, too lazy to care for him, went out of the office.