Пробуждение - глава 62:
Under Attack

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“This guy’s together with the Chinese pig, let’s go flat them together.” Another tall boy with his heart gelled cried out.

After he finished speaking, several people immediately surrounded Masashi.

“Stop it, all of you stop.” Aiko rushed at them loudly saying something.

“Aiko, do you know this guy?” The boy with glasses looked at her.

“He’s my friend, please don’t do it. It’s just a misunderstanding.” Aiko said anxiously.

“Ikeda, he’s really Aiko’s friend, don’t be unreasonable.” Asami also ran.

“I don’t care who he is, in short, he started it, in any case, we won’t let him go.” The boy with his hair gelled sneered.

“Fukui, don’t go too far.” Asami looked at him coldly.

“Aiko, although he’s you friend, the person who started it was him, if we let him go we’ll lose face. But I’ll give you face, if he’s willing to get down on his knees and beg us for mercy, I might be able to let him go.” Ikeda wearing his glasses looked at Aiko’s charming face.

Gennai-san kneel and beg? With that guy’s character, he would rather die than do so. Aiko was just about to openly plead again, just as she was opening her mouth when suddenly the teenager suddenly spoke up: “Leave, this matter has nothing to do with you.”

His expression was the same as before, but Aiko and Asami clearly felt that at this moment, Masashi looked like a different person that they have never seen before. With only those words, the two girls couldn’t let out a sound.

“Boy, it seems you’ve awakened. Now kneel down and lick my shoes, or it may be too late.” Ikeda sneered.

“Has anyone told you, your mouth stinks. Let’s do this quickly. I still have to go home for dinner.”

Ikeda flew into a rage, “kill this motherfucker!”

Suddenly, the six boys rushed…..

Five minutes later, looking on the ground there were six boys continuously groaning, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes.

Are we in the film 「Fist of the North Star」? Otherwise, how could this scene that could only happen in the movie be done in real life?

Nobody could see how Masashi struck down the men, but everyone saw, that all the boys who rushed at him, even if it just looks like he only slightly touches them, the boy that he bumped would definitely fall down to the ground.

Most people felt horrible to these young boys who one by one continuously fell flatly down to the ground.

When he beat them up, the sound of the impact when making contact with the muscle made people feel the chill on their spine.

No matter how the boys screamed for mercy, the boy would still continue and attack every one of them, without mercy, only until he beat up the seven one by one was he finally willing to stop.

He only used less than 10 seconds to take down the six people, but he actually spent five minutes beating up the people.

In that five minutes, Aiko and Asami totally had the time to stop him, but at that time, they like everyone else, had their mind go blank, and were only able to look until the end.

After he had beaten up all of them, Masashi suddenly turned around and looked at the transfer student, then step by step walked over towards him.

“Thanks, Thank you….” Seeing Masashi come closer, the transfer student was shocked and scared. But knowing he had helped him, he quickly thanked him aloud.

But he wasn’t finished, Masashi suddenly grabbed him by the collar with both hands, his whole body lifted up, and then mercilessly pressed on the basketball beam.

His back was leaning on the beam in pain making him call out in pain.

“You, what do you want?” He said, with a half-skilled Japanese accent, while his face was in panic as he looked at Masashi.

“What do I want?” Masashi suddenly increased the strength in his hands. Zhangming xian suddenly called out again.

“You ask what I want? I should ask you what you want. A man beating people up doesn’t matter, but you didn’t even dare fight back, like a dead dog being bullied by this group of garbage. Looking at you, not only they, even I would think about beating you up.” Masashi looked at him with glowing bloodshot eyes.

Zhangming Xian had no time to think about how this Japanese boy could speak Chinese, but also fluent. At that moment, he saw Masashi’s ferocious look and was scared unable to let out a sound.

Looking at the pale, trembling boy, Masashi suddenly felt a little tired. He wasn’t tired physically, but heartfelt tired.

He sighed, then released Zhangming Xian’s collar, turned around and walked away.

Along the way, the crowd of students as to avoid trouble, automatically moved one meter away from him, no one dared to approach him.

Seeing Masashi get farther, Aiko was biting her lips and quickly followed. The other three girls had no choice but also follow them.

A dynamic music echoed in the fast-food restaurant, a teenager with four girls sitting together to eat. Strictly speaking, only the boy was eating. As for the four girls, they looked at him very strangely.

“Don’t you have anything you want to say to us?” Finally, the girl with a very cute look and skin as white as jade couldn’t help but speak first.

“Today’s chicken seems harder to eat than usual.” Masashi, taking the last bite out of the chicken, carelessly threw away the bones, then calmly said to her.

“Is that the only thing you want to say?”

“Moreover, it’s difficult to drink soda. I’ve been wondering why so many people would love this traditional Chinese medicine like color as a beverage.”

The girl unconsciously scratched his fists, “Nothing else yet?”

“and so….”

“and so?”

“The conclusion is eating fast food isn’t good,” Masashi said while rubbing his mouth.

“You only want to say that?” The girl couldn’t bear it anymore and suddenly stood up.

“Aiko, not like this, you should persuade him slowly.” Asami immediately put her back to her seat. While Ryoko, who was beside her, comforted her.

Aiko, angrily sat down, as her eyes kept looking at Masashi.

“Do you know who you just hit?”

“I hit a human? Don’t have any impression of them.” Masashi continued to play the fool.

“You…..” Aiko almost pounded the table, but Asami quickly pulled her.

“Gennai-san, this time, you’re really in trouble. Those people’s background are very powerful, not only rich, but also know a lot of powerful people, especially that Ikeda, his father is an incumbent, and has so much power so that no one in school dares to cause trouble for him.” Ryoko next explained.

“So it is. I know, if there’s nothing else I’m going home for dinner. You be careful on the road.” Masashi said as he stood up.

“What also eat rice? Do you really not understand the seriousness of the situation? Those people will certainly look for revenge, aren’t you even worried a little bit worried about it?” Aiko stopped him as she was both worried and anxious, tears almost falling down.

Masashi quietly watched her, and after a while, suddenly laughed again, laughing lightheartedly.

“Kid, whether you believe it or not, in this world, there’s no one I can’t beat. Rest assured, those young folks are only capable of enduring me.” With that, he walked passed her going out of the fast-food restaurant.

Seeing Masashi’s back, Aiko and the other girls again exposed bewildered eyes.