Chapter - 65: First Meeting
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When Masashi came back to the hotel, it was already two in the afternoon.

Calling the airport to ask for a moment, the first flight to Tokyo was at 5 o’clock. Because it was still early, Masashi decided to walk outside.

Nepal was a beautiful place; most of the country was not affected by industrial pollution. It was full of green trees and flower, as well as the air being crystal clear.

Not long after, Masashi began to feel a little bit hungry, then remembering except eating on the plane, from yesterday to now he hasn’t eaten anything. So he had no choice but to turn back and go to a nearby restaurant.

Eating half of the time, Masashi suddenly felt like he was being watched. Looked behind him, and sure enough, he saw a little girl approximately 8-9-year-old standing nearby staring at him.

The little girl’s face was as white as milk, eyes big and round, wearing very good textured cashmere, looking like a well-made doll.

Face almost looked that of an Asians, but also having a Nepal person’s delicate facial features. So the first idea that Masashi had was that she wasn’t from around this place.

The little girl was actually not afraid, as Masashi moved closer and closer towards her.

Masashi was amused, looked at her while pointing at an uneaten dessert on the table, referring if she wanted to eat it?

The little girl shook her head, walked towards Masashi, and finally spoke, speaking which was actually English. Masashi was also a little bit surprised.

“You…..Who are you?” The little girl’s tone was very stiff, and it seemed like it had been a long time since she had last spoken.

“Did you parents not teach you, before asking for someone’s name, you have to tell them your name first,” Masashi said with a smile.

The little girl shook her head, “I….don’t know, they’re already dead.” Her expression was serious.

“I’m sorry.” Masashi gently touched her head.

Regarding this action, the little girl seemed like she had very much enjoyed it, and like a kitten gently closed her eyes.

“I have two names, a Chinese name, and a Japanese name. You can call me Lei Yin.” When it came to his name, Masashi felt that he was both familiar and unfamiliar with it.

“Lei, Lei….” The little girl said softly, and then unblinkingly looked at him.

“I’ve told you my name, so you should also tell me your name.”

“…..They call me Amy.”

“Amy? Where are you from?” Although she spoke in English, Masashi always felt like she was Asian, so who knew she had such a western name.

The little girl didn’t answer, and just looked at him puzzled.

“Do you want to eat this?” Masashi didn’t ask again but pointed at the cake and pastries on the table as he asked.

“Ahn.” The little girl didn’t refuse again.

At that time, Masashi sipped his tea and watched the little girl’s lovely, but clumsy movements as she ate dessert.

“Amy, why are you here? Who are you?” When the little girl was eating something, a female voice could suddenly be heard.

Masashi turned to look behind and saw a very beautiful Eurasian beauty aggressively looking at him.

“Are you Amy’s guardian?” Masashi gently put down the cup.

“Who are you? What do you want?” The beautiful woman first pulls Amy to her side, as she looked at him with hostility.

“I’m just an ordinary tourist, but as you can see, I just asked this kid to eat.” Masashi hated dealing with an anxious woman, if you really treasured this kid, no matter what she wouldn’t have been running around all over the place.

“Amy, are you okay? Did he do anything weird to you?” the beauty ignored him, crouching and carefully examining the little girl.

Masashi smiled bitterly, her tone clearly regarded him as a pervert. He didn’t want to care about her, so he stood up and left.

But before he could even take two steps forward, his foot suddenly felt heavy.

He looked down and saw Amy. At that moment, she felt like a baby bear clinging to his legs and wouldn’t let him go no matter what.

“Lei, don’t go….don’t go….” The little girl stared at him with pleading eyes


“Amy, quickly let go!” The beauty was surprised and furious.

Amy didn’t pay attention to her and continued clinging tightly on Masashi’s thigh.

Looking at the little girl who didn’t like to speak, Masashi’s eyes was filled with a faint warmth. He squatted down and touched Amy’s small head and said: “Hey, kid, you are so bad, oh.”

“Lei…., don’t go.” The little girl looked at him pitifully.

The beauty next to him was surprised, she had never seen Amy as she was now, being dependent on one person. She was very clear that Amy had a severe autism, apart from her father, she was never close to anyone. Even they were rarely able to make her say a few words. Her father was worried about her condition, so he looked for a lot of famous psychologists trying to treat her, but maybe because of her trauma during her childhood was too big, so even now hasn’t even made the slightest progress. In this case, she was powerless.

But now, in front of this high school-like teenager, Amy unexpectedly didn’t want him to leave? Thinking of this, Alice Lynn couldn’t help but look at the teenager.

Masashi absolutely didn’t know Alice was watching, as he was busy comforting this kid. Finally, after a lot of explaining, Amy’s small hands finally let go, but her eyes still looked at him closely.

“Go call this number and you can find me. Will you call?” Masashi wrote his phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to her, demonstrating a motion of calling him.

The little girl nodded, holding the small piece of paper on her hand tightly as if she was afraid that it would fly away.

“Well, I really gotta go. If there’s something, then give me a call, later must be obedient.”

Ami nodded again, her eyes blinking as she looked at him.

Masashi smiled, patted her little head then left the restaurant.

Until he was very far away from the restaurant, Masashi seemed to be able to hear the little girl calling his name.

Gently breathing, Masashi waved in front of the taxi.

“Where are you going?” The taxi driver asked in broken English.

“Airport,” Masashi said in Nepal.

When the driver heard Masashi speak in Nepal, he was suddenly very happy. He even couldn’t help but ask him a few question. For example, which country was he from? Why can he speak Nepal so well? Did he come to travel in Nepal and so on. He also took great pains to introduce to Masashi several famous attractions as well as some strange customs. Later he also explained to him where and when to take a cheaper taxi ride, which hotel was good, and which hotel wasn’t very healthy and so on. His enthusiasm seemed to show that the two had known each other for dozens of years now.

Seeing this overly enthusiastic middle-aged man, Masashi had mixed feeling. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have fluently answered him with the Nepal Language, if he had done so, he wouldn’t have had to listen to him for a long time.

When the taxi driver was still talking, Masashi looked through the rearview mirror towards the Restaurant where Amy was with the woman.

Looking behind, Amy had a very dull look. On the other hand, at that moment, the woman was holding her hand as she called for a taxi.

Not long after, a taxi opened up to them.

Masashi retracted his eyes, and when he was ready to tell this talkative driver to shut up and drive, suddenly, he heard a woman scream.

He quickly looked back and saw two men rushed out from the taxi towards Amy, when the woman screamed, one of the two men forcibly pulled Amy into the taxi. While the woman unceasingly struggled, one of the men closed the door. Then, the taxi immediately left.

The whole thing took less than 5 seconds, and a few actually saw, so it didn’t attract the attention of other people. But Masashi saw, he saw very clearly, that this was kidnapping.

“Immediately catch that taxi,” Masashi exclaimed towards the driver.

“What happened?” the middle-aged man was still immersed in speaking.

“I told you to catch up with that car. Fast!” Masashi shouted.

The taxi driver couldn’t believe that a man could have such eyes, he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. And at that moment didn’t dare say anything, immediately starting up the taxi to pursue in the direction that Masashi exclaimed.

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