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“Who are you people?” Knowing that escape is impossible, Alice Lynn gradually calmed down.

The two men didn’t make any sound.

“Hey, I’m asking you, why do you kidnap us?” Alice Lynn cried aloud.

The two men still ignored her.

Never was her so lightly treated, if not for her hands being handcuffed, she would slap them in the face.

Seeing the pale face of the nearby Amy, Alice Lynn can only hug her gently.

“Don’t worry, nothing would happen.” She said with a smile to the little girl.

Amy didn’t make a sound, just looked at her blankly.

The taxi continued to move forward in silent, looking at the constantly disappearing scene outside the window, Alice Lynn felt gloomy.

After nearly an hour of driving, the taxi pulled up in front of warehouse dock.

It was an abandoned worn-out warehouse. In front of the warehouse, two deluxe cars parked.

The scene was very quiet around them, except to the faintly heard ship’s sirens in the distance, there was no human voice.

Alice Lynn and Amy were held by the two men to get off the taxi and into the warehouse.

The driver also got off of the car and walked to the front of the deluxe car and entered it to sit in the driver seat.

In the dimly lit warehouse, only one incandescent light bulb was shining. Four men were quietly sitting there, sitting in the middle is a blond youth wearing a high-quality suit and a middle-aged man dressed in a gray suit.

“Nicole, it really is you, asshole.” Saw the blond youth, Alice Lynn shouted at once.

“Alice Lynn, this is so un-lady-like.” Nicole stood up, smiling.

Alice Lynn suddenly rushed over and tried to wallop his shoulder.

When she came, the two men were about to grab her, but Nicole beckoned with his hand to stop them.

After Alice had hit him a few times, Nicole reached up to her chin.

“Alice Lynn, you’re so beautiful. What a pity, why did you do this to me? You know, we have almost reached the marriage stage.”

“Who wants to marry someone who can only wag his tail like a dog in front of Adams?” Alice Lynn spat on his face.

Nicole’s face was expressionless as he wiped off the face of saliva, suddenly a “plop” sound, with a backhand he slapped her in the face, her whole body fell to the ground.

“You bitch, you think you’re so noble? Aren’t you following that guy Meng Zhuoer for his money? If I am a dog, you’re nothing but a bitch.” Nicole pulled her hair and drew her face to him before he exclaimed.

“What qualification a trash like you to compare yourself to Mr. Dai Fei? It’s ridiculous.” Alice Lynn sneered.

Nicole’s fury can’t be depleted as he slapped her again in the face until blood dripping on the corner of her mouth.

When he was going to hit her again, the middle-aged man standing next to him opened his mouth to stop him: “Nicole, don’t forget, Mr. Adams commanded you to do things.”

“Rest assured, Kiro, I did not forget. I’m just being intimate in front of my fiancée, that’s all.” Nicole let go of Alice Lynn and stood up.

The nearby Amy watched this scene in fear desperately wanted to cry but dared not make any sound. When Nicole left, she immediately ran to Alice Lynn wanted to lift her up, but unable to.

“What do you want?” Alice Lynn slowly stood up, looked at the middle-aged man who is with Nicole.

Kiro smiled like a gentleman and said, “Miss Alice Lynn, we are not here for you. It’s just that, this time, you and miss Amy had to go with us, including back to Switzerland later on. This is what Mr. Adams instruct us to do.”

“What do you really want to do?” Alice Lynn doesn’t believe they would involve so many people to grab them only to have a chat about the old days with her.

“You don’t need to worry about this, everything will be arranged by Mr. Adams. During this time, as long as you don’t make some irrational behavior, we will be very polite. I hope you don’t make it hard for us all.”

Though she didn’t know what they’re trying to do, at least it is safe for now. Alice Lynn somewhat relieved.

At this time, Kiro looked at his watch and said: “Miss Alice Lynn, we need to go now.”

“Go where?” She immediately tensed up.

“Where? Of course back to Switzerland. The travel may be long. I hope you don’t mind.” Kiro said with a smile.

“But my luggage and passport are still in the hotel.”

“I already sent someone to get it. Please.” Kiro made the ladies first gesture.

Alice Lynn had no choice but to pull Amy’s hand to follow behind her.

When they were out of the warehouse, Kiro said to Nicole: “You go with miss Alice Lynn and them. Remember, don’t let that thing in the warehouse to happen again.”

Nicole shrugged to indicate his promise.

Kiro led the three subordinates to one of the deluxe cars while Nicole and the other man put them into the other car.

“Alice Lynn, I hope you will find a pleasant journey.” Sitting with the two of them in the back of the car, Nicole watched Alice’s full of anger face and said.

Suddenly, the man who sat in the front let out a cry: “You’re not….” Still not finished, the man who was sitting in the driver’s seat sent a knockout punch to that man.

Although Nicole didn’t know what happened, he still reflexively took out a pistol from around his waist.

He was just about to point the muzzle toward that man, and suddenly he felt an iron-like clamp on his right hand seizing the pistol.

He looked up and saw a strange face smiling at him, followed by a fist that was constantly enlarged. Finally, he doesn’t know anything….

“Who, who are you?” Because everything happened so fast, Alice Lynn didn’t react when Nicole and his subordinate were being put down. She watched with surprise and fear at the mystery man wearing a hat.

That man ignored her, he quickly took the pistol from Nicole’s hand and fired two shots at the tires of the taxi and the deluxe car where Kiro sat not far away from there. The two shots directly hit the targets, all of a sudden, the two cars’ tire blew.

When Kiro and his men rushed out of the car preparing to return the fire, the mystery man immediately turned the car around and drove to the outside.

“Quickly get down.” That person thundered while driving.

Alice Lynn knew that that was an important time, didn’t dare to ask, immediately bent down her and Amy’s head.

Just two seconds after they lowered their heads, the right side rear view mirror was shot.

“Doesn’t know how to shoot.” Alice Lynn seemed to hear the mystery man said such sentence.

“Who are you?” When the car was on the highway five minutes later, Alice Lynn looked at the man’s head and asked.

“Ordinary tourist. Hey, kid, you okay?” Masashi took off his hat, turned around, and smilingly asked.

“It’s you!” Alice Lynn covered her mouth in surprise.

“Lei….Lei….” The little girl saw him, suddenly burst into tears, and rushed forward.

“Hey, kid, don’t move, I’m still driving….” Masashi was caught off guard by her and barely held the wheel.