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“That was really awful, nearly had my life hang up back there,” Masashi smiled bitterly, as he looked closely at Amy, who was tightly holding his arm.

“Who actually are you? Are you on Murphy’s side?” Alice looked at him nervously.

“I already said before, I’m just an ordinary tourist. I just hit it off well with this little kid, so I conveniently helped a little.”

“You really aren’t on Murphy’s side?” Asked Alice doubtfully.

“I don’t know who’s side you’re talking about, but you can believe however or whatever you want.” Masashi didn’t bother to talk to her and instead turned on the radio.

“In any case, I would like to thank you for saving us.” After a short while of silence, Alice softly said something.

Masashi smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Where do we go now?” After a while, Alice asked as she looked out the window.

“Find a place to clean up this garbage. Then find a place to rest.”

Although Alice was puzzled, she didn’t ask anything. Although they were only together for a short time, she still had a strange sense of trust towards the boy.

Masashi parked the car in a place where there weren’t any people, then afterward went out, and dragged out the man sitting next to him, then opened the rear door, also dragging out Nicole slowly.

“You, what are you going to do to them?” Alice looked at him a bit nervous.

“Miss, you watch too many movies. I didn’t go here to destroy the corpse and leave no trace, I’m just leaving them here, do you want to take them with us?”

Alice’s face turned red and felt like she was a little too nervous and overly sensitive.

“Little kid, was this guy very hard on you?” Masashi suddenly pointed at the ground and asked Amy.

Amy firmly nodded, “He’s a bad guy, he just hit my sister.”

“Then I’ll help you take revenge, ok?”

Amy was puzzled as she looked at him.

“You close your eyes first in the car, remember not to peek.”

The little girl nodded and hobbled back into the car.

“You get in the car too, I’ll quickly follow back.”

Alice looked at him, followed back to the car.

After she had walked away, Masashi smiled evilly to the two on the ground, “Handsome boy? I do hate pretty boys.” Saying so as he fiercely stepped on Nicole’s face.

After half an hour, Masashi drove to an intersection, then hid the whole car in the bush. Finally, about another half an hour he took them and got off the car, and walked towards the town.

Reaching out and called for a taxi, Masashi sat inside together with them.

“Where to go?” The driver was a young man.

Recounting the time, he dared to answer using the Nepal Language, he said in English: “good nearby hotel.”

“Okay.” The driver was relieved.

Masashi smiled, this guy seemed to only understand the word “Hotel”.

In the hotel room, Masashi looked at the fast asleep Amy, then turned around to see Alice and said:” Now can you tell me this little kid’s life experience?”

The beauty had mixed feeling as he looked at him for a while in silence, and then lowered her head, said: “Although I don’t know your goal, I would like to remind you that this has nothing to do with you. So, you still have time to quit now, or your life may be in more danger.”

“When I saw this kid’s possessions, I already knew that this kid must have a huge fortune,” Masashi said dismissively.

Alice looked at him in the eye and suddenly smiled: “If it was other people I might know what they wish to do, but you, I haven’t got a clue of what exactly you want to do, but since you want to know, I’ll tell you. As for what to do next, you should first think clearly.”

Masashi made a motion of invitation.

“Amy’s father, Meng Zhuoer-Dai Fei is Switzerland Concordia Group’s largest shareholder. The Dai Fei family in Switzerland was a very noble family with a long history. Meng Zhuoer was Dai Fei family’s current head of the household. He has an elder brother, Rolando. Mr. Meng Zhuoer also has two younger brothers, which are Adams and Murphy.

Concordia is the Dai Fei family’s most important industry, which has two large refineries, three watch-making companies, eight mines and some super chain markets. It can be said the Dai Fei family in Switzerland, if not the richest family it would be equal to the richest family. Moreover, Dai Fei family’s influence is no small matter in the Switzerland Political circle. “At this point, Alice paused slightly.

This was the so-called family sorrows, Masashi quietly sipped a cup of tea.

“When Amy was five years old, something happened, her mother committed suicide. Unfortunately, Amy witnessed her suicide process. This was also the main cause of Amy’s autism. No one knew why her mother did so, but most people guessed that she had neurological problems. Since her death, Mr. Meng Zhuoer has been unhappy and hadn’t married again, bent only on work. In just a few years, everyone slowly forgot what happened.

But just last month, Mr. Meng Zhuoer went to Nepal to discuss business, but unfortunately died in a car accident. I brought Amy to Nepal to let her see Mr. Meng Zhuoer for one last time.”

“Why would that guy Adams send someone to kidnap you?” Masashi asked.

“I don’t know, but yesterday I received a call from a law firm in Switzerland, they said that before next Saturday I had to go back to Switzerland because they want to read Mr. Meng Zhuoer’s will in everyone’s presence. I thought that maybe it had something to do with this.”

“Next Saturday? That’s almost half a month, Kazumi would certainly scold me this time.” Masashi thought aloud as he smiled bitterly.

“What do you want to do now?” Alice looked at him.

“Quitting is not my style of doing things. Since I’ve already been wrapped up in this, let’s right away travel to Switzerland.”

“Travel? Do you know how much forces they have? You can die at any time.” Alice excitedly stood up.

Masashi laughed, “You may not believe it, but I think that my life just been too long.”

“You ungrateful guy.” Alice somewhat feebly sat down.

“Yes, now that I think about it I don’t know your name yet, I can’t call you woman, right?” Masashi lazily leaned back as he said.

“My name is Alice Lynn-Luo Diman, from Finland. What about you?”

“You can call me Lei Yin, I am Chinese, but strictly speaking a Chinese of Japanese nationality.” Since going abroad, Masashi had very handily gone back to his original name.

“Are you Japanese?” Alice asked, surprised.

“Haven’t you listened clearly, I’m Japanese-Chinese, ever since my rebirth to this family.” The rebirth to his family that Masashi refers to was the day when he was reincarnated.

“Oh right, Amy doesn’t seem like she’s Swiss, which country was her mother from?” Masashi suddenly remembered a question.

“Her mother is Singaporean. But Meng Zhuoer is actually half-breed, his mother was Korean. So when Amy was born, she didn’t look like an authentic Swiss.

“How about you, what mix are you?” Masashi had nothing useful to say.

Although she thought that Masashi’s question was a little strange, she still replied: “My mother’s Korean.”

It seems like Global integration didn’t just refer to the economy, Masashi thought maliciously.

“Okay, you get some rest, too. If nothing wrong happen, then, tomorrow we’re going to take the long flight to Switzerland.” Masashi stood up.

“Did you really decide to go?” Alice looked at him once more.

“Young lady, to be honest, you’re a little talkative. I’ll be at the next door, feel free to call me if there’s something.” Masashi waved his hand, as he went out of the room.

Alice silently watched him go.