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“Lei Yin, what purpose did you bring us to this place?” Alice puzzlingly asked.

After having dinner, Masashi took them to a slum area.

“Young lady, your too quick to forget, your passport has been taken by those guys from a while ago, how can you board a plane without it?”

“But do we have enough time?” the mixed-race woman then remembered about the problem.

“As long as you have money, we’ll be just in time. Wait inside, do not speak, let me handle everything.” Masashi took them to the front of a bar.

Going inside, a deafening music could be heard. Laser lamp in the dark, and a very large group of young people dancing energetically.

Alice previously often go to bars to play, so she’s accustomed to this kind of atmosphere. But Amy turned pale as she was scared of the loud noise.

“Don’t be afraid, kid, just cover your ears.” Seeing this, Masashi had carried her into his arms to comfort her.

Like a little bunny, Amy immediately shrinks into Masashi’s chest, as she also tightly covers both of her ears.

“Let’s go.” Because it was too noisy, Masashi had to make a gesture to go.

Alice nodded and followed him.

Walking into a box, they closed the door, and suddenly, it became really quiet.

“Both you want?” Because the two didn’t have the appearance of a Nepalese people, the waitress very tensely spoke a few simple English words.

“Get your manager to come here,” Masashi said something in Nepal, and then easily gave her 50 rupees.

“Thank you, I’ll call the manager right away, please wait.” After having a deal with the waitress, she curtsied and walked out.

Not long after, a thirty-year-old youth came.

Like all young men, his first reaction was to look at the beautiful mixed race beauty, then looked at the ordinary faced Masashi.

“Hello, I’m the manager here, why are you looking for me?”

“Our passports were accidentally lost, you, if you file a replacement, it would take a long time, but we have something urgent to do so we immediately need to return home. So I would like to ask if you know someone that can get us a passport in a short amount of time.” Masashi said to get right to the point.

“This….” The manager hesitated as he looked at him.

“Money is not a problem, as long as it’s fast enough.” Masashi took out a hundred-dollar bill placing it on the table.

“You really want to get a passport?” The manager momentarily looked at the bill then immediately looked again at Masashi.

“I said, money isn’t a problem.” Masashi put down another bill.

“This is….” The manager had a very embarrassed look.

Masashi without saying anything put one more down.


“That was the last one, if not, then we’ll have to find someone else.” Masashi was obviously rich, but he didn’t like being taken advantage of.

“You come with me.” The manager saw that he couldn’t squeeze any more oil, so he had to give up.

The young manager took the three out of the bar and later went to a dark and dirty alley, turning left, right, and afterward turned around. Finally, the manager came to a stop in front of a broken house.

The manager knocked on the door for a while, immediately a burst of condemning footsteps can be heard coming from inside.

“Bastard, calling this old ghost after midnight.” Opening the door, a bald man forty or fifty years-old came out.

“Why curse, old ghost? I brought you guests.”

“Guests?” The Oldman warily looked behind the manager to Masashi and Alice.

“Let’s go talk about it inside.” Said the manager.

The old man thought for a moment, but in the end, let them in.

Seeing that it was a dark room, Alice couldn’t help but a little bit worriedly look at Masashi.

Masashi shook his head to her, and then went ahead inside as he held Amy in his arms. As Alice only followed them inside.

After the Oldman had turned on the light, Alice found that the house was actually much more spacious than it looks from the outside. The house was very messy. The place was filled with some white paper and transparencies scattered everywhere.

The old man in front of Masashi and Alice said: “What do you want me to make? A passport?”

Masashi nodded, “can you let me look at the samples?”

“Ok.” The old man walked into the room, and after a while, came out of the room holding several passports.

“I’m not bragging, but the passports that I make have had no problems.” The Oldman handed the stack of passports to Masashi.

Masashi looked at a few of them, then pointed to one and said: “I want this.”

The old man replies: “Good eyes, this type is the real blank passport. The stored goods in the market now are getting less and less. Therefore, the price for this is high. How many do you need?”

“Three. When can I get it.”

“The day after tomorrow.” The Oldman thought.

“No good, no later than noon tomorrow.”

“Okay then.”

After reaching an agreement with the price, the three was sent to another room as they take turns getting a personal photo shot, after getting a good photo shot, the three followed the manager as they left the old man’s house.

When the four went to the alleyway, they suddenly saw four young people smoking while they stood there talking. Seeing a few of them, Masashi immediately turned around and looked at all of them.

It seems like troubles coming, since Alice is a beautiful woman, walking in the middle of the night would always be a very dangerous thing, moreover in such a messy place, others would know with a glance that they’re foreigners, they would naturally desire to cause problems for others in anticipation.

Although Alice and the manager knew of this, when facing it for real, they would still feel scared.

The bar manager lowered his head down, pretending that he didn’t know them.

But not going too far, he was stopped by the four youths.

“Do you need anything?” The manager still played the fool.

“Nothing, just want to borrow some money from you.” One of the youths with long hair pulled out a knife to play with.

“I, I don’t have money.” The manager immediately took two steps back.

“You don’t, but they have.” Another young man looked at Masashi while smoking a cigarette.

“I’m sorry, this kind of thing I can’t help you with.” The manager said and soon after went off to one side.

“Lei Yin, what should we do?” Alice whispered to Masashi.

“I have never snatched from anyone, but also haven’t been snatched by someone. I’d like to see if they have the ability to do it.” Masashi sneered at them, as he held Amy, who had fallen asleep while walking towards them step by step.

“Hey, foreigner, stop.” The long-haired youth stood in front of Masashi, as he held a knife while his hands were shaking in front of their eyes.

Masashi, without even looking at him, calmly continued and bypassed him.

“I told you to stop.” The long-haired youth was furious, immediately grasped his neck.

Just as he was about to catch him, a hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and immediately gripped his wrist.

“Ka!” The long-haired youth wasn’t able to react to it, then a burst of noise came from his wrist, followed by a burning pain that can be felt after the noise was heard.

The Long-haired youth instinctively opened his mouth ready to cry out, when suddenly Masashi’s foot kicked his chin, sending his whole body two meters away.

“Pow!” the long-haired youth’s whole body fell down on the ground motionless.

The whole process only took less than two seconds, everyone who saw this, couldn’t believe the thing that happened right under their eyes.

After a while, the other three young men finally reacted, and rushed over as they roared. The young man smoking a cigarette ran towards him as he took out a dagger.

Watching the three rush towards him, the moonlight shining upon Masashi revealed his cold smile.

The manager was unable to believe what happened, while at the same time, Alice felt an upsurge on her chest. Again this boy once more gave her an unspeakable shock.

Yesterday, the boy rescued Amy, but she thought that he was only successful because of the sneak attack he had done. But thinking back on his course of action, such as disguising as a driver to attack, shooting Kiro’s tires, suddenly pursuing them, he wasn’t only reasonable and fair, but also invincible. Afterward, he dealt with Nicole to evade being tracked down, obtained a fake passport, and with the way he was so experienced, she couldn’t help but think that he was a professional agent.

And now, his facing three young people armed with lethal weapons, and he took them down in less than three seconds.

Alice didn’t see how the youth got rid of them and only felt that before her eyes were light, followed by the strange noise of “Ka, Ka.” At the same time the three Nepal youth fell on the ground unable to move, it felt like one of those Kung Fu movies shot several times in Hollywood that was overly exaggerated.

“Hey, let’s go,” Masashi called out to the two who was petrified with what they saw.

“You….you…” the bar manager felt like he was looking at a monster.

“Shut up.” Looking down he saw the still asleep little girl on his arms, Masashi then glared at him.

The bar manager felt guilty and was afraid to look at him.

“Hurry up. It’s getting late. We also have a flight tomorrow.” Masashi said to the beautiful mixed-race woman, as he continued to move forward.

Like this Alice looked at his back with an extremely complex expression, and then slowly followed behind.

The bar manager who was looking at the four young people lying on the ground, suddenly shuddered, but also quickly followed them.