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Switzerland is located in central Europe, with Austria and Liechtenstein to the East, and Italy to the South as neighbors. To the West there is France and the last, they have Germany as their Northern neighbor. The population is about 7.09 million with 41284 square kilometers of land Area. A landlocked Country but famous for its clockwork.

At the same time, their beautiful scenery, their special status of “Permanently Neutral” country, and their Swiss bank unique “Bank Secrecy Act,” made many Billionaires willingly put their money into this small nation, or in the local settlements.

According to Alliance to combat financial crime data statistic, more than one-third of the world’s richest have their assets in the Swiss Bank accounts. Meanwhile, keeping the source of funds of the unknown customers is the most significant feature of Swiss Banks. Besides engaging in financial business to make money, the Banks also engage in lucrative capital management; Resulting in the capital inflows of about CHF 4.2 trillion into Swiss Bank’s vaults. Thus, Switzerland not only earns substantial management fees, but they can also use this capital for various financial activities of money begets money. Allowing this country of seven million people rich of “oil,” and prominently occupied in world’s list of top capital-exporting countries.

When Masashi trio came out of the gate of Zurich airport, it is already four o’clock in the afternoon.

“Finally arrived.” Alice Lynn said something to herself.

“Is it the feeling of turning over a new leaf?” Masashi smiled.

Alice Lynn looked at the lying in Masashi’s arms sleeping little girl, sighed softly, “So many things happened recently. However, the most pitiful here is Amy, who has lost the person who cared her the most, her father.”

Masashi touched the little girl’s silky smooth hair and said: “Come on, now is not the time to lament.”

After nearly two hours of bus ride, plus half an hour in a taxi, the three of them finally came to Meng Zhuo’er Dai Fei mansion in the north bank of Lake Zurich.

In this scenery of beautiful green lake, a large four-storey mansion erected under the golden sunlight, looking like a painting.

“Mr. Meng Zhuo’er likes the peace and quiet. Since Amy’s mother died, he moved here until now.” Alice Lynn said.

“He was a person who knows how to enjoy life. It’s beautiful.” Masashi is also the kind of people who enjoy life very much, so this was a heartfelt feeling.

Alice Lynn rang the doorbell before she walked to the gate. Two minutes later, a black-suited German man about 40 years old came out from the inside.

He opened the large iron door and politely said to Alice Lynn: “Welcome, Miss Luo Diman. Did miss Amy come back together you?” The man stated in a very authentic German.

“Hello, Mr. Bacon, long time no see. Miss Amy has come back safely, but because of the plane’s journey, she’s tired and fell asleep. I’d like to introduce you to this Mr. Lei Yin. He is my friend and has helped me a lot in Nepal. Lei Yin, this is Mr. Bacon. He is the Steward of the House, and has worked for Mr. Meng Zhuo’er for nearly twenty years.” Alice Lynn introduced them from the side.

“Hello, Mr. Lei Yin.” Seeing Masashi is a foreigner, the Housekeeper Bacon spoke to him in English, and politely extended his right hand.

“Hello, Mr. Bacon.” Masashi shook hands with him.

Seeing Amy lay in his arms, Bacon looked surprised, but quickly returned to normal and letting the two people inside.

Between the Iron gate and the Mansion, there’s a large garden in the middle, with a variety of flowers and plants, but most of it are types of roses. Under the Sunshine, it felt twice as bright.

The three people walked on the granite-paved straight path. Alice Lynn asked: “Mr. Bacon, did the body of Mr. Meng Zhuo’er has been brought back?”

Bacon’s face revealed a sad expression as he gently said: “It has been shipped back. Mr. Rolando decided to hold the funeral this Sunday. I never thought such a thing could happen. Why a good people like Mr. Meng Zhuo’er encountered this unfortunate accident.”

“Please don’t be too sad, Mr. Bacon. Everyone was sad that such a thing had happened.” Alice Lynn, while talking, couldn’t help but take out packs of tissue paper to wipe her eyes.

In this heavy atmosphere, Masashi can’t speak, just lowered his head as if thinking about things.


At 2 o’clock in the morning, the initially sleeping in the bed Masashi suddenly opened his eyes. Then, after he jumped out of the bed and wore his shoes, he immediately went out of the room.

Like a ghost, Masashi came into the corridor. Under the light illumination of the wall lamp, the surrounding was quiet.

He quietly listened for a movement on the upstairs and downstairs but found nothing.

Just an illusion? But how could he explain this uneasy feeling?

To such a master of the realm like him, his spiritual sense has gone far beyond the scope of intuition. If he feels something is wrong, then something is probably going to happen. This intuition can’t be explained by mere words, but in his long life, Masashi has witnessed it many times.

Therefore, although he didn’t find anything wrong with the place, he still went to the room where Alice Lynn and Amy two people shared together.

Masashi stretched out his right hand to the door, and then gently took a breath, focusing his spirit. After a while, countless of smoke-like traces of spirit that can’t be seen by naked eyes slowly flowed from his right hand, through the door, and into the room.

This was the second time Masashi used this ability. The first time was when he saved teacher Naoko. Now, because there’s a door that acted as the medium, the smoke-like traces of spirit were much faster than the last. In less than three seconds, the entire room has in Masashi’s hand.

After finding out Amy and Alice Lynn were inside, Masashi felt much relieved.

Through this traces of spirit, Masashi can fully understand their present condition.

Although no one knew, this late at night observing the two people with clarity better than human’s eyes, especially since both of them are females, Masashi always had a strange feeling, as if he was like those peeping pervert. So, after determining the two of them were alright, he quickly recovered his traces of spirit.

Just as he was considering whether to continue to stay here or not, all of a sudden, a cell phone ring tone rang out from the inside.

In the dead of night, this ringing seemed very harsh. Thinking that the noise may wake the soundly sleeping little rascal, Masashi was a little angry.

When the phone stopped ringing on the third rings, Masashi, who, from the outside, vaguely heard movement inside the room, knew that Alice Lynn has picked up the phone.

Suddenly, a strange feeling arose in Masashi’s heart. At the same time, “Bang” a loud sound of gunfire came from the inside….