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"That's basically it. Do you get it now?"

"So sensei you reincarnated in this high school boy's body? But you died ten years ago and this boy is only about 16. It doesn't add up."

"Shit, that was a waste of time explaining to you." Masashi knocked his head.

"I just can't understand. Why do you always hit me." ReiLi (Hei is a nickname) acted like a child. But it had been ten years since he was hit like this.

"This isn't normal reincarnation but taking over someone's body. When my soul is traveling through a place and someone died recently and if that person fits some other criterias. I'm not getting into the details, since you won't understand anyway. As long as all the criterias are met, then I will come back alive through this body. You get it now?"

"But sensei, why did you choose this boy. It feels so weird for me."

Masashi sighed. "That can't be helped. It's random every time. Can be a child, young man, old man, or even woman. The time is also random. It's only ten years this time but the one previously took 150 years. That's why I didn't tell you anything about this when I died."

"Isn't that good? You're an immortal now. Although your body has changed but you are still yourself."

"Is that so? If possible, I just want to die peacefully."

Changan and ReiLi thought about it and began to understand.

"But sensei, how did you become like this?"

"I was born in the Song Dynasty. My family was killed in a revenge, and my mother escaped with me. After learning the truth, I trained to avenge my father. I attained the height of sword using in a conincidence but when I went to seek revenge, my enemies were already killed by their enemies. Have you seen anything more sarcastic? Just like the plot of those cheap novels. I had no more goals to live for, then one time when I was practicing in the rain, I got struck by a lightning. Then it became like this."

ReiLi and Changan fell into silence.

Masashi laughed. "Stop acting so sentimental. Hei, go get some alcohol."

The next morning, Masashi woke up with a headache.

He went to the backyard and saw Changan practicing with his sword.

"Master." Changan bowed.

"Including the ten years I wasn't here, it's been thirty years already. You still won't stop calling me this." Masashi sighed again.

"You're always my master in my heart and I'm always your Changan."

"Hei probably caused you a lot of troubles these years. It's been hard on you."

"Master, even though ReiLi is a little impatient, but he's a smart person. He earned almost everything himself, I didn't help with much."

"Sensei, you're here. I couldn't find you and thought I was dreaming all along."

"Stop acting like a child, you're not a kid anymore." He recalled Hei followed him since he was a kid. "Oh right, why did you come find me so late. I thought you forgot about me."

"I wouldn't dare to. I thought this was a prank but who would've guessed you actually came back. After I was done with my business in the US and told Changan about it. He found that someone took a sum of money out of your savings in your personal bank. I thought the money was stolen and searched for you."

"I didn't know it's so convenient nowadays. It only took a phone call to make the transfer. I used to have to go in personal in the past. Anyway, I need to ask you are the three gang rules I made still in effect?" Masashi became serious.

When Masashi made the gang, he made three rules that must be followed. The first was not selling drugs.

"Sensei, I never done anything against the rules and wouldn't let my men do them."

"Good, I believe you."

"Sensei, when are you coming back to the gang?"

"I won't go back."

"What? You created Black Dragon all by yourself. How can you not come back?"

"Black Dragon doesn't belong to myself anymore. It belongs to all of you. You've been managing it very well and I am happy about it. I am just here to see you. It's a blessing for people like me to be able to see friends and family that are still alive. Too many people died in my hands on my previous life. I'm tired and want to take a break. If possible, I just want to be a normal person in this life. Do you still want to get me back?"

ReiLi didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, if anything happens to Black Dragon, I won't just sit there and watch. And you're not young anymore, go get a wife before it's too late."

"I, I still want to play for a few more years."

"Shit, aren't you afraid of getting AIDS."

As Masashi was about to leave, Reili pointed to the woman and man in the mansion. "Masashi, these two are in charge of our businesses in Tokyo. Sakurai Mion and Akamatsu Ryuichiro. If you need something, just order them."

The two of them bowed to Masashi.

"I hope I don't have much to ask of you. I am just a normal civilian after all."

Masashi turned to ReiLi. "Changan told me you have businesses to do tomorrow. You should leave early today."

"I want to stay with you for a few more days."

"There's still a lot of time left. Just go, I will contact you if something comes up."