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Masashi’s first reaction was to kick the door down and following that he saw a huge room only being illuminated by an energy-saving lamp. Under the faint light, Amy was being hugged by Alice at the corner of the bed. Near them were pieces of glass from the window that fell on the ground, at the same spot was an obvious bullet hole.

Sniper. Judging just from that gunshot, it should be less than five hundred meters.

When Masashi was still with the Black Dragon, he didn’t know how many times he had been sniped at, but it was very clear this time that the sniper might not go. So without thinking he picked something up and toss it towards the energy-saving lamp. The room immediately turned dark.

After he just extinguished the lamp, every hair on Masashi’s body suddenly stood up. He was very familiar with this feeling and quickly rolled to the side. And sure enough, a bullet hit the place where he was just standing in place.

Masashi had cold sweats, his grandmother, for a long time hadn’t played the shooting game for a long time.

His hand and feet crawled towards Alice, at his side he could see the mixed-race woman was trembling in fear as he said: “Hey, are you all right?”

“What’s happening?” The mixed-race beauty turned pale as she looked at him.

“Do you have to ask? Someone wants us to bleed. How about the kid, not hurt, right?” This was the problem that Masashi was currently most concerned about.

“Amy is okay, just a bit shaken.” Alice slightly opened her arms, to let him look at the little girl in her arms.

“Lei….” Seeing Masashi, Amy struggles to crawl towards him.

“Kid, don’t move, Alice, immediately call the police.”
“Oh.” Alice’s response immediately came as she picked up her phone to call the cops.

As Alice was reporting to the police, sounds of footsteps could be heard outside.

“Ms. Alice, what happened?” Bacon wearing a nightgown went to the entrance and asked. Behind him were a few maid workers.

“All of you get down, someone’s shooting,” Masashi said aloud.

His words immediately caused panic to the maid workers, and these people immediately didn’t dare to walk over, as Bacon very quickly lied on the floor.

“Who shot?” The German man soon calmed down and asked Masashi.

Masashi very much appreciated the man’s composure and told him: “The one at the other side is a sniper. For now, I’m not sure if he left. I’ve called the police, and the only thing we can do now is to wait for the police.”

“I got it. Mr. Lei Yin, is Miss Amy injured?” Because the room was dark, Bacon wasn’t able to see Amy.

“Rest assured, she’s fine.” Masashi crawled a few steps, grabbing Amy’s small hand to appease her.

After 10 minutes, five police cars came to the house.

Being sniped by a killer was no small matter, let alone shooting at the Dai Fei’s home of the former head, making the police much more anxious. After carrying on a large-scale search and evidence collection, besides for two bullets on the wall as well as penetrated glass window, the Swiss police was dismayed to find out that they weren’t able to find any clue leading to the killer.

The only thing they could do was to deploy more staffs to carry out surveillance on the house all day round. At this time, the whole house was suffused with a sense of oppression. The maids and workers that were working in the house were trembling all day long as they felt that their lives were on the line.

“Mr. Lei Yin, what are we gonna do now? If this continues, I’m afraid it would have a terrible impact on the Dai Fei family.” The next afternoon, Bacon with a worried look asked Masashi. Today he received the fourth resignation request from their workers.

Masashi put down the newspaper on his hand and look at him, said: “Mr. Bacon, have you ever wondered why there are killers sent to kill Alice or Amy?”

“This….” Hearing this, made Bacon at a loss for words.

Masashi revealed a meaningful smile, he continued: “I know you’ve probably guessed the reason to why these things are happening, but because of your identity and duties are unable to mention them. Relax, I believe that so long as the will of Mr. Meng Zhuoer is done, this matter will end. This is my intuition.”

Bacon looked at him deeply, after a while, he suddenly said something solemn: “Mr. Lei Yin, who actually are you? If it’s possible, I hope you can tell me.”

Masashi smiled back at his eyes, “I’m just an outsider. But there’s only one thing I can tell you, I’m standing on Amy’s side. Whether you believe it or not, that’s your problem.” With that, he picked up the cup and drank.

The German man silently watched the elusive boy, his face showing an ambivalent look.

Then, suddenly a maid came.

“Mr. Bacon, Mr. Rolando has come.”

“I know, I’ll go out now. Mr. Lei Yin, do you want to come and meet Mr. Rolando?” Bacon asked.

“With pleasure.” Masashi also followed standing up.

When Masashi walked a few steps, he saw Amy, who was watching TV come along and pulled his clothes right away.

“Lei, you go…where?” the little girl stuttered as she asked.

“Your uncle’s coming, do you want to meet him?” Masashi lowered his head and looked at her.

“Uncle…..” Amy shook her head.

“Then you continue to watch TV here.” Masashi didn’t want to force her to.

But when Masashi was about to leave, Amy still continued pulling on his shirt.

“Hey, kid, didn’t you say you didn’t want to come?” Masashi gently pinched her cheeks.

“Where Lei go….Amy go…” The child said, stressing each syllable.

“Really there’s nothing we can do with you, let’s go.” He took her little hand and finally walked forward.

Bacon watched them in silence. When Masashi came close, he suddenly said: “Mr. Lei Yin, you really are a wonderful person.”

“Wonderful, me? Are you sure I’m wonderful and not strange? Anyway, I don’t mind how other people look at me.” Masashi said with a shrug.

“You are mistaken, Mr. Lei Yin. You are the first person that made Amy dependent on. I imagine that Miss. Luo Diman should have told you about Miss. Alice’s case. Which is why I said that you’re a wonderful person.” Bacon said for sure.

“The first? Did her father not count?”

Bacon paused then said, “Mr. Meng Zhuoer is indeed very concerned about Miss. Amy, but you should know that as the head of a family like Dai Fei, it is hard to imagine how busy he would be. Moreover, ever since his wife died, Mr. Meng Zhuoer had become too intoxicated with his work, so he usually had too little time to talk to Miss. Amy to get along. Unfortunately, he had died, it would be an irreparable regret.” Speaking here, Bacon sighed.

When the two walked down the hall, Masashi saw that Alice was there, and sitting next to her was about a 40 years old, wearing a close-fitting striped suit, his hair combed a bit too much, and a slightly serious looking man.

Needless to say, this must be the brother of Meng Zhuoer, Rolando-Dai Fei

“I am sorry, Mr. Rolando, to have kept you waiting for so long.” Bacon walked up to him and saluted.

“Your too polite, Mr. Bacon.” Rolando courteously stood up and turned around.

“I’ll introduce you, this is the person I’ve mentioned to you, Lei Yin.

Lei Yin, this is Mr. Rolando-Dai Fei, Mr. Meng Zhuoer’s brother, as well as Concordia Group Executive General Manager of European operation.” Masashi is, after, the person she had brought, so Alice spoke first to introduce the two of them.

“Helli, Mr. Lei Yin. Listening to Alice talk, I heard that you’ve helped her a lot in Nepal. But to even think that Mr. Lei Yin is so young.” Looking at him, Rolando was really surprised of Masashi’s age.

“You flatter me, Mr. Rolando, it was just a breeze! Nice to meet you.” Although he didn’t know anything that Alice spoke to this man, Masashi guessed that she should have told him that the two were kidnapped. The Mastermind is, after all, Rolando’s brother.

“I received the news today. I heard Alice and Amy were attacked last night by a sniper, so I’ve come to look. Please rest assured that I have talked about it with the Mayor of Zurich, he said that he would track the person down, and I would never allow someone to hurt the Dai Fei family’s people.” Rolando’s tone was very firm.

Masashi found that since the moment he saw Rolando, Amy has been hiding behind his back.