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Seeing Amy hiding Masashi, Rolando seemed a bit surprised.

When he walked toward her, the little girl immediately retracted herself behind Masashi, afraid to expose her head.

Seeing this, Rolando had to stop and kept his distance.

“Alice Lynn, Amy didn’t get hurt right?” Rolando turned to Alice Lynn.

“She’s okay. Perhaps she was still a bit frightened by last night incident.” Alice Lynn also saw that Amy was afraid of Rolando, said.

“As long as she’s not hurt, that’s good.” The middle-aged man nodded.

“Alice Lynn, did Mr. Bacon told you about the funeral arrangement? Several elders in the family have decided to hold the Meng Zhuo’er’s funeral in the Joyce memorial park the day after tomorrow.” Rolando looked at Alice Lynn.

“Mr. Bacon had told me about it. I will arrive on time.” Alice Lynn was silent after saying that.

“The dead are gone, I hope you will not be too sad.” The middle-aged man comforted her.

“I know that since the accident of Mr. Meng Zhuo’er, you’re one of the saddest. I hope you take care of your health.” Alice Lynn said to Rolando.

“Rest assured, I’ll be fine.”

At this time, a maid came to Bacon and said, “Mr. Bacon, Mr. Adams have come.”

As soon as the several people present heard this, they all revealed an unnatural look. In particular, Alice Lynn, who unconsciously clenched her fist.

“Invite him in first.” Mr. Bacon was first to react.

After the maid had complied with the order, she went out.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit weird, no one was talking. Masashi can’t help but be curious about what kind of man Adams is, after all, he came to the Switzerland is also thanks to that fellow.

Not long after, a 30 something years old man in high spirits entered the Hall after being led by the maid.

Masashi previously saw Meng Zhuo’er photos, which showed an earnest man who looked serious. Compared to his elder brother, Rolando is very similar in some ways. But this similarity does not refer to look. Instead, it’s the serious and rational temperament.

Masashi through Alice Lynn learned some Dai Fei Family information. Actually, Meng Zhuo’er is the illegitimate child of the former head of Dai Fei Family, Winslow Dai Fei. This matter had become the forbidden to talk about scandal in the Dai Fei Family. Meng Zhuo’er, at ten years old, his mother, the beautiful Korean woman, died. After attending the funeral, Winslow Dai Fei went against the pressure of Dai Fei Family and brought the young Meng Zhuo’er to Switzerland.

This matter naturally stirred controversy as Rolando, Adams, and Murphy three brother’s mother, the legitimate wife of Winslow Dai Fei, seeing this not yet able to wipe the mouth man almost as a food thief and divorced her husband.

But, in any case, Meng Zhuo’er still came, his Korean name was changed to the present name, and he became a member of Dai Fei Family.

It can be said that Meng Zhuo’er eventually became the person who Dai Fei Family depend the most on his excellent ability to work, of course, he has a great deal of help from his father.

His outstanding ability to work, to a large extent, related to his family background.

Imagine being a bastard of a noble family, this title is a disgrace to anyone. Moreover, the very distinct Mixed-race appearance of Meng Zhuo’er, in this traditional Swiss family, was particularly dazzling. Therefore, such a child, being subjected to other people’s discrimination and bullying, was to be expected.

People who grew up in this environment, usually, there are only two results, one is to fall into depression and become the real black sheep of the family; Second, to go all out to get ahead. Fortunately, Meng Zhuo’er chose the later.

Adams Dai Fei, who at this time entered the Hall, is the same as his brother Rolando Dai Fei, a very typical Italian Swiss. Moreover, his handsome look was much better than his big brother.

“So you also came, big brother. Haven’t seen you for ages.” Adams smiled happily, showing his perfect white teeth.

“What are you doing here?” Rolando frowned.

“What’s wrong, doesn’t big brother welcome me?” Adams still smilingly said.

“Didn’t you go to Finland? Why do you back so soon?”

“This morning I just got off the plane. Hearing something just happened here, I’ve decided to come and see.”

Rolando looked at him and did not speak again.

Adams shrugged, bypassed his side and walked over to Alice Lynn.

“Long time no see, Alice Lynn, you’re more beautiful than ever. Have dinner with me this evening? I know a good steak restaurant.” Adams looked at her face.

“You’re very considerate, Mr. Adam. I’m very sorry, I’m recently a little busy, so I can’t accept your invitation.” Although Alice Lynn hated him to the bone, she still maintained the basic courtesy.

“That’s too bad, do you remember your fiance Nicole? He said he missed you. If you can come tonight, then he must also be present.” Adams said with a smile.

Alice Lynn unconsciously clenched her fists again, after a while, she choked back her anger and said: “Mr. Adams, I broke the engagement with Nicole a long time ago, so now he doesn’t have any relationship with me. Please do not misunderstand.”

“Oh, that’s so much better, tonight it would be just the two of us having dinner together. I will let you have a very romantic night.” Adams went on.

“I just said, I’m recently busy, so, I’m sorry but I can’t accept your invitation.” Alice Lynn said, deadpanned.

“Don’t worry, you slowly think it over. If you figured it out, give me a call. I will wait for you.” Adams sincerely persuaded with deep emotion.

Toward this cheeky man, this mixed beauty has no way at all. Except to shut up and ignored him.

Masashi smiled, although this player is not a good man, he is an interesting guy. Dealing with such people, at least, he would not be bored.

Like a government official extending condolences to the disaster victims, Adams looked at Masashi and Amy, who still hid behind him, and then turned around and asked the mixed beauty: “Alice Lynn, can you help me introduce with this young gentleman?”

Alice Lynn sighed, and then forced her spirit and said to him: “This is my friend, his name is Lei Yin. Lei Yin, this is the little brother of Mr. Meng Zhuo’er, Mr. Adams.”

Deeply looking at Masashi, Adams, as if being careless, asked: “Mr. Lei Yin is a foreigner?”

“Yes, I’m a Japanese Chinese. Listened to Alice Lynn, Swiss has beautiful scenery, so I came to see.” Masashi said with a smile.

“So, this means Mr. Lei Yin is a tourist?”


“Switzerland’s scenery is very good, if Mr. Lei Yin is interested, I can accompany you to go sightseeing around here. But I don’t know if you would accept this offer?” Adams, in contrast to the playboy image just a moment ago, looked at him with a meaningful look.

Hearing his words, Alice Lynn immediately showed a slightly nervous look at Masashi, while Rolando, who stood next to them frowned.

“Sorry, I like to travel alone. If some important person wants to accompany, I might as well find a tour group. Being guided by the tour guide beauty would be even more exciting.” Masashi nonchalantly said. In any case, he didn’t need to pretend any cordiality, so he didn’t bother to say kind words.

Hearing the answer from Masashi, Alice Lynn unconsciously let out a sigh.

“That’s a shame, I thought I could make friends with Mr. Lei Yin. But I would like to give you a piece of advice, don’t do anything beyond touristy thing. Otherwise, you may encounter some trouble. After all, this is Switzerland, not Nepal.” Adams didn’t want to play word games, the meaning of his words is more and more obvious.

“If you see cockroaches on the travel, then you step it on with your two feet; seeing a piece of shit on the ground, you throw it into the trash can. Do these count as beyond the boundary of a tourist, Mr. Adams?” Masashi said with a smile.

“Mr. Lei Yin is really a warm-hearted man.” Adams glanced at him once again and smiled, then resumed his playboy persona.

But from his eyes, Masashi knew that he had a murderous intention toward himself.

He suddenly discovered the little girl who hid behind him had shivered in fright looking at Adams, who already went over to Alice Lynn.

To him, who had more and more understanding of Amy, he naturally knew what happened. He quietly reached into his back and held her little hand. Before long, Amy’s shivering stopped.

It seems the show is about to start; Masashi showed a faint smile expression.