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If you say that a person’s level of material aspect is the number of assets he owns, then the value of a person’s spiritual value depends on the number of people in the funeral who are truly in tears, not the number of personnel that attended the funeral. Because going to the funeral may not necessarily be for mourning, for example, a creditor may have attended a funeral of the debtor as they’re concerned they won’t get their money back, afterward seeing the remains of the dead, they would say a few words of curse.

According to this argument, it was clear that Meng Zhuo’er was obviously a controversial man.

The Dai Fei family stood in the front row while those who stood at the back were either Meng Zhuoer’s friend or business partner.

With respect to the majority of Dai Fei family members, wearing an expressionless face, standing in the back, were the so-called outsiders, their expression also appeared to be a bit in sorrow, at least Masashi saw that several men had been wiping their tears unceasingly.

As the deceased only daughter, Amy naturally must sit with Rolando and the three younger brothers as well as several so-called family elder at the front.

But no one knew why this ignorant little girl wasn’t willing to leave the Asian youth claiming to be a tourist, with that Rolando finally had no choice but to call Alice to sit together with her at the front. Luckily, Alice was also another person close to Amy, and this settled the issue without a problem.

Although the beautiful mixed-race woman was Meng Zhuo’er’s lifetime most trusted subordinate, or can be said to be his close friend, but, after all, she was a young girl with a beautiful appearance, causing a lot of people to have vulgar thoughts. A wifeless man on a date with a relatively beautiful woman, such old topics made these people have similar thoughts in mind.

The funeral was held in a peaceful, beautiful Joyce cemetery. The Dai Fei family was a Christian family, funerals in accordance with the Christian funeral ceremony, and are conducted under the auspices of the priest.

People’s death were similar to that of an extinguished lamp, no matter how great or humble he was before his death, to this day, the results were all the same.

Regarding life and death, Masashi didn’t feel a thing. Death was significant for most people, but for him, they had no meaning at all. If you insist on making an analogy, he was just a man that enjoyed the process of fishing but didn’t care about the outcome.

Reborn in this body, he originally intended to be an ordinary person, living an ordinary life. But slowly, he found himself completely unable to.

Perhaps it was related to his restless personality, ever since his reincarnation, he had done too many things that ordinary people wouldn’t do.

So in the end, he gave up. It doesn’t matter whether what he was doing was extraordinary, just doing the things you want to do is enough. He had this qualification, and also had the ability to. Therefore, although they weren’t acquainted he still actually completely trusted and relied on this little girl, and from afar even went to Switzerland to help her with her matter.

At the funeral, Masashi finally saw Meng Zhuoer’s last brother, Murphy-Dai Fei.

Relative to Adams high spirits, Murphy appeared to be low-key. While his appearance wasn’t inferior with Adams’, but he felt like a quiet university teacher, and wasn’t able to see how this person was a multinational corporation manager.

The so-called manager of the Concordia group were completely two individual concepts.

Concordia Group had a total of only three managers. Namely, Rolando, Murphy and another family member named Ou Dike. As for Adams, he wasn’t branded with this title, but even so, he still had a considerable amount of influence in the family.

The three managers each have different proportions of the Concordia group shares, strictly speaking, they’re also one of the bosses, but the Dai Fei family tradition states that there could only be one president, and the president’s position, of course, fell in the hands of the master of the house. However, if the current master of the house cannot lead the family to develop, or cause the family industry to have substantial losses, the family members have the right to abolish the duty of his presidency and master of the house duties. After all, although the master of the house has the largest ownership stake in the family, as long as more than two-third members of the family unite, it’s sufficient to achieve full control over the number of shares.

The Concordia Group is a multinational corporation, but was actually completely a family business, and isn’t like other listed multinational companies. All shares in the family business are concentrated in the hands of family members. Proud Dai Fei family members, whether an enterprise could be developed, lies in the leader’s correct instruction and the cooperation of all involved in, rather than how much money to raise in the stock market.

Each member of a family, including the master of the house, before inheriting shares, must sign a contract. The contract’s content had basically not changed for decades. The effect was that the shares may not be transferred to anyone other than a Dai Fei family member. If you do not agree to sign this contract, according to the contract that the decedent had signed in the past, the heir will lose eligibility of the inheritance, and the share will be distributed equally to each family member.

Dai Fei family practice may be very strange in the eyes of many. But it is precisely because of this contract, that effectively maintained the integrity of the Dai Fei family-owned industry, and the idea is not entirely without a reason.

Two hours later, the funeral was over. With the ceremony over the crowd gradually dispersed, and slowly became a quiet cemetery.

Amy, Alice with Masashi, the three were invited by Rolando as house guests. Accompanied also by the two brothers Murphy and Adams, as well as several other children of the family.

The car didn’t take long, Amy suddenly fell in Masashi’s arms, face, hands clasped at his waist. After a while, Masashi felt his chest gradually began to moist.

“If you want to cry, you cry.” Masashi sighed and gently stroked her hair.

Not long after he spoke, the little girl ‘woo’ cries resounded under his arms; her body slowly began to twitch.

Amy though having autism, still had an IQ no different than that of the children of her age.

And she knew that from now on, she will never see her father again, and although she had only spent very little time with him, she was still quietly concerned about her father.

Alice sitting next to them watched silently, not saying a word for a long time.

An hour later, four deluxe cars arrived at an old urban area at the coast of Lima, stopping in front of a six-storey mansion.

Alice whispered to Masashi and explained, this mansion was Meng Zhuoer-Dai Fei’s former residence, which now belongs to Rolando.

When all the people got off, like a ghost, Adams went to Alice. And at his side was followed by a man and a woman.

“Alice, long time no see.” Adams smiled like a prince.

“Mr. Adams, if I remember correctly, we met the day before yesterday.” Alice said coldly.

“So we haven’t seen for two days, no wonder I miss you. Alice, are you free tonight and care to accompany me to dinner?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Adams, I have recently been really busy.”

“Dima, you see, I was rejected. Was it because of the way I invited her?” Adams said to the young man next to him.

The man smiled and said: “Perhaps Miss Alice is really very busy.”

At this time, another blonde standing next to him provocatively looked at Alice, then turned to Adams and said: “Adams, did you forget that we have a date tonight?”

“How will I forget, honey. I just think that having a little more people would make it more lively.” Adams seemed to look at Alice and explained.

“Alice, Mr. Rolando has gone in, let’s go quickly.” Masashi, being treated as a transparent person, suddenly said something.

“Okay.” Alice looked at him with gratitude.

“I must say goodbye now, gentlemen and woman.” The mixed-race beauty left after the three nodded, walking together with Masashi and Amy.

“Adams, who is that boy? Is he also a member of your family?” The golden haired beautiful woman a little strangely asked.

“He’s just a nosy tourist.” Looking at Masashi’s back, Adams sneered and said.

Seeing Adams’ face, the man named Dima showed interested eyes.