Chapter - 73: Afternoon Tea
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After eating a hearty lunch, each member of the family was drinking an afternoon tea while having a vast conversation.

Masashi lacked interest in this sort of boring family meeting, and if he were to choose, he would rather take an afternoon nap.

Amy sat down next to him refreshingly watching TV. It seems like after the kid had cried, her mood had become a lot better.

Rolando along with Alice and two other young men were having a conversation, perhaps it’s a common characteristic as a businessman, as the chat naturally changed to business.

On the other hand, that young man named Dima seemed very interested in Masashi. Talking casually, and asking him insignificant matters. Masashi was already a sophisticated man, so it was natural that his answers were diligent.

While they were having a conversation, sitting on the other side of Adams were seven or eight young men, who suddenly stood up and walked out.

“Brother, Adams said that he wanted to play billiards, I wonder if you’re interested?” The gentle Murphy came and said to Rolando.

“Billiards? I haven’t played for a long time, do you guys want to see?” Rolando stood up a little interested.

Several young people didn’t say anything and just followed to stand.

“Lei Yin, you can go,” Alice said to him.

Masashi nodded, and also followed to stand.

Seeing Masashi go out, Amy ran over and pulled his clothes.

“Kid, have you seen people play billiards?” Masashi asked while walking.

The little girl didn’t say anything, and just stared at him.

Masashi smiled, pinching her little fact then continued to walk.

Arriving at the east side of the mansion, he saw that in a huge room were two big tables, hanging on the wall near the table was a flying target. In the innermost corner was a bar full of bottles.

The furniture in the room was like a typical high-class bar.

Masashi suspected that this should be the ornaments that Rolando and his brother’s father Winslow-Dai Fei left behind, as Rolando was too serious, so he shouldn’t have this kind of leisurely place.

Just like the nobles of the British society, the game to play was billiard. However, very few people of the Swiss upper class choose American billiards, and instead the general choice was snooker.

There the dozen people were divided into two groups, each occupying a table.

In upper circles of society, nothing is accidental. Even such a simple grouping, one can clearly see the difference.

Rolando the three brothers, Dima and two other young people that were standing in front at the funeral, were naturally grouped together. Needless to say, these people were all a family member, regardless of status were wealthy prominent members.

At the other table, were young people that were far inferior in these aspects.

Because of being the former master of the house Meng Zhuoer’s former confidant and right-hand man, Alice was also assigned to Rolando’s group.

But seeing that Adams was a skilled player. Not long after starting had connected several balls ahead of Murphy and Dima approximately 50 degrees. Seeing her guy play so well, the blonde continuously applauded.

“What fun is this kind of dry game, why don’t we bet?” When it was Murphy’s turn to bat, Adams at the side said.

“How much do you want?” Dima asked, smiling.

“How about 100 Swiss Francs?” Adams after gracefully having a sip of red wine said.

“I don’t oppose,” Dima said with a shrug.

“Murphy, how about you?” Adams looked at his brother.

“No problem.” The quiet young man nodded.

Rolando, for such a thing, didn’t say anything.

After about half an hour, after two games, the winner was Adams. Quite an exciting game attracted a lot of people to come and watch.

Receiving two checks from both Dima and Murphy, he was very proud of himself, then hugged and kissed the blonde beauty.

“Another game,” Adams said with a smile

“I want to take a break. Who want to play?” Dima asked several other youths.

Seeing that nobody wanted to play, made Adams more proud, and glanced around, locking his eyes on the Asian-boy leisurely drinking wine.

“Mr. Lei Yin, do you have any interest to play the next round?” Adams walked two steps away from the youth and asked.

“I’m not very good,” Masashi said, laughing lightly.

“Don’t mind, I’ll be lenient.” Adam’s words caused the blonde beauty to chuckle.

Masashi smiled, putting his glass down, “Well, please be lenient.”

When Masashi selected a club, Adams said to him: “Mr. Lei Yin, let’s bet to stimulate the game.”

“Also good, how much do you want?” Masashi turned to look at him.

“What about a thousand Swiss francs?” Adams said.

“Adams, the stakes are too high.” Hearing him, Rolando frowned.

“Brother, this is me and Mr. Lei Yin’s game, he hasn’t said anything yet, how do you know he wouldn’t agree?” Adams said cheerfully.

A flash of anger appeared on Rolando’s eyes, he turned to Masashi and said: “Mr. Lei Yin, you are a guest, you don’t have to bet.”

“Actually, 1000 Swiss francs is nothing, right? I don’t have any issue with it, I accept.” Contrary to the two brother’s expectations, Masashi actually agreed.

“Let’s go ahead, Mr. Lei Yin.” Relative to Rolando’s dissatisfaction, Adams revealed a proud look on his face.

After Masashi had selected a club, he nodded.

“Mr. Lei Yin is a guest, please go first.” Adams made a gesture to invite him.

“Then I’ll be blunt.” Masashi went to the front table, then bent over in an extremely unprofessional position aimed at the cue ball.

Seeing him like this, many people couldn’t help but laugh, but endured not to laugh.

Alice felt very puzzled, watching Masashi’s position, it was clear the he was not a professional, so why would he promise to bet?

“Pow!” A light sound, Masashi hit the ball out. Although he used a considerable amount of strength, the ball entered a bag.

Masashi gave a strange little look at the club and then looked at the balls on the table, revealing a little bit confused look.

“It seems Mr. Lei Yin doesn’t have luck,” Adams said with a smile.

“I think so too because this game usually starts with hitting the first ball.” Murphy on behalf of Masashi said.

The onlooker knew that he needed to hit the first ball, but the ball was clearly too intense, as even the youth’s batting posture was a bit funny.

Adams walked passed him to the table’s edge and then having very different posture than that of Masashi, very elegantly aimed at a ball.

Hitting three balls, Adams successfully scored three balls in a pocket. He somewhat proudly looked at Masashi, only to find out that he didn’t even look at his play, and was absorbed in looking at the club.

Freak! Adams swore in his heart, then bent down to continue his play.

The fifth ball, Adams played a little bit too hard, resulting in the ball missing the pocket. But for this result, he had no dissatisfaction, after all, the opponent was not a professional, giving him two or three opportunities doesn’t matter.

“Mr. Lei Yin, you hit.” Murphy kindly reminded Masashi, who was carefully looking at his club.

“I know, thank you.” Masashi stood up, walked up to the side of the table.

With that kind of ugly posture, the people around couldn’t help but laugh, the Asian-teenager aiming at a red ball, didn’t hit for a long time.

Just when Adams was about to mock him, a “pow” sound resounded, the teenager finally hit.

As the white cue ball rolled slowly, everyone thought the ball would stop because of the lack of strength, but it still continued, and the ball was slowly rolling towards the red ball.

“PA” a gentle percussive sound, the red ball was hit by the cue ball, then rolled to the bag, going into the pocket.

Everyone invariably swore in their heart, “shit,” Adams had an indifferent look.

Next, the teenager went to the other side of the table, bending, aiming, hitting, after completing these three movements, he unexpectedly hit another ball.

The people around sighed and thought that this fellow’s luck was indeed good.

But when the third red ball was struck into the pocket, Adams showed a vigilant look.

Then, the fourth and the fifth, went into the pocket, while the ball was driven next to the sixth ball, no one dared to laugh. Everyone couldn’t believe it, looking at the teenager continually using an ugly posture to hit the ball on the table into the pocket.

When he hit the fourth ball, the youth had to look around before shooting, and then each shot would put a ball into the packet. Afterward, besides Adams, everyone was looking joyfully at the youth’s individual performances. There were even a few that seemed almost impossible to get to play the ball, and it was like a teenager performing magic and easily putting it into the pocket.

For a time, the room was constantly ringing, and everyone couldn’t help but give a warm applause.

“Mr. Lei Yin, this is your bet.” After the game, Adams handed a cheque to Masashi.

“I haven’t played in a while, and I feel a bit rusty. That’s why at the start I said I don’t play well.” Masashi said as he put the check in his pocket. Masashi was not deceiving him; he hasn’t played this game for nearly three decades.

“Mr. Lei Yin is implicitly kind. I didn’t imagine you were an expert billiard player.” Adams said in a strange tone.

“I’m not a master, but just slightly stronger than some professional. If there’s nothing else, then excuse me.” Then, Masashi turned around and left the room.

Adams looked very viciously at Masashi’s back, tightly squeezing his hands into fists until it turned white.

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