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Although she didn’t know what the two talked about in the room, seeing Adams’s complexion, Alice couldn’t help but walk to Masashi and ask what he had said to Adams.Masashi told her the original words, which made the mixed-race beauty to suddenly stare t him.


“You don’t know Adams’s nature; he would definitely not let you off.” If it weren’t for the fact that there was someone there, she might have already come out and shout.

“What’s the difference? Ever since I intervened in the matter, it was already doomed that he and I would be in opposition.

Alice also thought that it was true.

“Just forgot to ask you, is Rolando a widower? Otherwise, why can’t I see his wife and children.” Masashi reminded her of a problem.

Alice laughed, “his wife is with his daughter, she has a matter to attend to so she went to Canada, and should be back in a few days.”

“His wife is Canadian?”

“Yes,” Alice said.

“Don’t tell this to anyone, when can we go back to Meng Zhuo’er’s home, I have nothing to talk about with these people.”

“Leaving now, is not good, at least until after dinner. Bear with me a little bit.” Alice whispered a bit of advice.

Masashi helplessly nodded.

Finally at 9:00, it was finally over. Masashi holding a fast asleep Amy sat at the back of the car.

“Lei Yin, during these days, if you’re fine with it, don’t go out casually,” Alice says while driving.

“Because of what Adams can do?” In the back seat, Masashi yawned.

“Yes. Do you know why Adams’s reputation in the family is so bad?”

“talk and I’ll listen.”

“It’s because he was the first in the Dai Fei family that involved in the arms business. Although there are some gray incomes done by the Dai Fei family, the real selling of arms, and drugs was never done while Adams was the first person to make an exception. In fact, he had done it very secretly, only until two years ago after the family elders discovered it by accident. To this end, his father, Mr. Winslow was furious, he had threatened to keep him out of the parent-child relationship, and later for his mother’s sake let it go. But after Winslow died, he was the person of the four brothers who obtained the least inheritance. Therefore, he had hated Mr. Meng Zhuoer for obtaining the most inheritance, this in the family is an open secret. But even so, he still has considerable influence in Swiss Reactionary gang. Therefore, I fear that he will start with you.”

After Alice finished, after a while she still didn’t hear Masashi’s voice, and couldn’t help but turn around and look at him.

Seeing that he didn’t even hear her speak, his eyes firmly looking out the window.

Seeing this, Alice had no choice but to sigh.

A few minutes later, she suddenly heard a voice from the back; Masashi spoke: “Alice, maybe you’re a little late.”

“What do you mean?” The mixed-race beauty asked a bit puzzled.

“You immediately inform these fellows to get ready, there might be someone tasked to attack us.” ‘These fellows’ that Masashi referred to were the plain clothed policeman in the car behind them.

Since the sniper incident, The Swiss police force had sent some police in plain clothes taking turns to monitor and protect them 24 hours a day, Every time they got out there would be a police that follows them.

“Exactly what happened?” She had used her rear view mirror to look at the back but hadn’t discovered anything. However, she still took out her cell phone prepared to dial.

“Well, first don’t inform them. Do you have a gun?” Thinking, Masashi suddenly changed his mind, putting a coat over Amy’s body, then put her in the car seat.

“How can I have that stuff?” Hearing his words, Alice put down her phone.

Masashi climbed back after pulling his chair in front of the front seat, told her: “I’ll drive, you hold Amy and wait. If I tell to get on the ground, no matter what happens don’t look up.” With that, he held the steering wheel, letting Alice free herself from her seatbelt.

Based on her trust on this teenager, Alice didn’t say anything, quickly unbuckled her belt and climbed back. When she climbed back into the back seat, she couldn’t help but ask: “Lei Yin, exactly what’s happening?”

“Two cars has been behind us from the beginning. It’s clear that we’re being followed.” Masashi drove, and along the side said.

“Sent by Adams?” Alice looked behind the glass.

“Most likely. If it’s simply tracking down then, it’s nothing, but just now their speed suddenly increased a lot. Looking at their position it’s possible that they were sent to put their hands on us, but I’m not sure, but it’s still better to be careful.” Masashi said while tightly staring at the rearview mirror.

It seems that he wasn’t the only one that found out that there was a problem. Masashi saw the plain clothed policeman in the car behind them pulled out a pistol and looking out the window as the two cars got closer to them.

They should have no problem, Masashi increased the speed, suddenly leaving behind the three cars.

Along the way, there were no traffic lights, after turning at a corner, he thought that the car chase had ended, but that discomfort came across his mind again.

It’s too easy.

But soon, he suddenly saw from the front a white Citroen quickly approaching, and he knew this game wasn’t over.

Masashi clearly saw next to the driver’s seat, a man wearing sunglasses was holding a pistol toward them.

Without time to think Masashi shouted: “Get Down Fast!” Then he lowered his head himself.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!” Three shots in a row, the glass shattered on the front driver’s seat. Some fragments of the glass hit Masashi’s neck.

But even so, Masashi didn’t dare to carelessly move, and he was always steering the wheel tightly, making the vehicle maintain going as straight as possible. At the same time, he stepped on the brake with his foot fiercely. Must know that his head was lowered, so he can’t see the front road. If not careful, he might collide with other cars.

After a harsh braking sound, the car finally stopped.

Masashi quickly looked up and saw the Citroen car came to a stop in the back. No time to think at the moment, and immediately started the car again to get ahead.

Because the direction was different, if the opposite party pursues again, it would first need to reverse before they could follow. Sure enough, the car sopped and didn’t pursue again, instead sped away to in the opposite direction.

“Well, it should be fine now,” Masashi said to Alice.

“Those people are gone?” Alice looked up at the back.

“Gone. Exciting, right? Even such scenes in Hollywood would become mediocre.” Masashi said.

“You’re in the mood to tell jokes. We just almost died there.” Alice said with fear.

“I’m also a little careless, didn’t imagine that two just was just to distract the police. It seems our opponent is a lot smarter than imagined.” Masashi looked at the empty window and said.

“What do we do now? Go to the police?”

“Going to the police station is the same, going back to this little kid’s place is good, there’s also a lot of police there anyway.”

Alice naturally didn’t have any opinion; she was still frightened.

“How’s the kid?” Masashi turned his head to look.

“She’s still sleeping. Strange, such a huge sound didn’t even wake her up.” Alice looked at Amy quietly sleeping.

Masashi smiled and said nothing.

Waking up would be strange. For fear that the kid would be frightened yet again, he had previously very lightly approached several of her acupuncture points, and wouldn’t wake up at least not until tomorrow morning.

In five days is the reading of the will, at the appointed time what would happen?

His grandmother, had recently always beaten to this state these days, those guys believe that I, your father is easily bullied. Thinking of this, Masashi’s fire was lit, and then unconsciously, the car suddenly accelerated.

Alice was startled by this sudden acceleration, long light brown hair was right in front of the window with no glasses, coming in a flurry as it was being blown by the wind

Vaguely, she seemed to see the youth laughing.