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Saturday, it was an ordinary Saturday for people, but for members of the Dai Fei family, it was an unusual weekend.

It was because today was the reading of the late head of the family Lord Meng Zhuoer-Dai Fei’s will before his death.

Meng Zhuoer was the master of the Concordia group as he had nearly 40% of its shares, where these shares are going, would determine the fate of some people.

Because Masashi wasn’t a Dai Fei family member, therefore he was waiting outside the room on his own initiative.

After half an hour, the gate of the room opened, the expression of dozens of Dai Fei family members vary one after another. Behind them was the family’s exclusive law office dedicated lawyers.

“I told you that that woman’s relationship with Meng Zhuoer is definitely not common. Now you see.”

“Keep it down, do you want everyone to hear you?”

“Meng Zhuo’er really doesn’t know how to think, allowing an outsider to unexpectedly participate in the family’s business.”

Although most people had an unemotional expression, some people just couldn’t bear but to complain.

In the middle of the crowd, Masashi saw Amy pulling Alice, as well as Rolando the three brothers, and Rolando’s wife.

Seeing Masashi, Alice turned her head and excused herself, pulling Amy as she walked towards Masashi.

“Let’s go back.”

Masashi nods.

Seeing Alice poor spirit, Masashi propose that he drive. In this regard, the mixed-race beauty had no complaints.

“Why don’t you ask me, what’s written on Mr. Meng Zhuo’er’s will?” After returning to the house, Alice suddenly said something to Masashi.

“When you want to say, you will naturally say. If you don’t want to say, it would only be annoying to ask.” Masashi said while conveniently turning on the TV to distract Amy.

“Why do you sometimes resemble a professional and a no good ordinary man? I was really not in the mood to tell you, but now I’ve changed my mind.”

“Although I didn’t hear the contents of the will, but seeing those people’s reactions, I could guess a little bit of it. Do you want a glass?” Masashi held up a bottle of red wine and asked Alice.

Alice nodded.

“Mr. Meng Zhuo’er has left most of his stuff, including his shares to Amy. But because Amy hasn’t grown up, he, therefore, wrote it plainly in the will, only after Amy becomes 18 years old could she then inherit the shares. During this period, I will manage her property as the guardian of Amy.” After having drunk several glass of wine, Alice was feeling a little bit better.

“Mr. Meng Zhuo’er also specified that if Amy accidentally dies, all property except the Concordia Groups shares, would all be donated to charity while those shares will be divided equally between family members.”

“Meng Zhuo’er had done this to prevent people such as Adams to put their hands on Amy, which is understandable. What are you going to do now?” Masashi looked at her.

“I don’t want to change anything. It would be best if the Concordia group be managed by Mr. Rolando and Mr. Murphy. After all, they’re part of the Dai Fei family, and I’m just an outsider.”

“I agree with you; with the current events, it would be best to maintain its original condition. Logically speaking, Amy should now be in no danger. Because even if she were to be in an accident, besides that little stock that would be divided equally among family members, these people can’t obtain anything else from her.

“Who do you think sent the people who wanted to kill us?”

“I don’t know, but one thing I know now is why Adams sent people to seize you during your stay in Nepal.”

“What?” Alice looked at him in surprise as she puts down her glass of wine.

“In fact, it’s very simple, I don’t know through what channel but Adams obviously in advance knew the contents of the will, that is to say, he knew that you would become Amy’s guardian, her properties would be legally managed by you. Therefore, his goal was to capture you. He wanted you to transfer the custody to him. Remember, from a legal standpoint he is Amy’s uncle, making him more qualified than you to become Amy’s guardian. And Meng Zhuo’er’s will didn’t specify whether or not the custody can be transferred and as long as you’re willing to transfer the custody to him, he’ll legally have the right to manage Amy’s properties.”

“But these are Amy’s properties, even if he gets custody, he’ll only temporarily have the right to manage it, what use would that be for him? Moreover, it’s impossible for him to tie me up and go to the attorney to legally transfer the custody.” Alice didn’t understand.

“Have you ever wondered, that Amy’s now nine years old, which means that he’ll also have nine years to really manage these assets. In those nine years, if you let people like Adams have 40% of the Concordia group’s shares, God knows what he would do with the group. Although if other people in the family were to group together they’d be able to suppress him with their combined shares quantity, don’t forget that guy would kill and burn anyone, and won’t be lenient just to produce the result he wants. Amy can only inherit the shares when she’s at age, but the Concordia group may possibly be only empty shells when he’s done with it.

As to how he’ll make you sign the transfer of custody, in my opinion, it just a matter of application. As far as I know, there are at least five or more ways to make you submit.”

Alice thought of what Adams had done in the past, so it was indeed likely.

“But what if Adams come to trouble us again?”

“There’s always a way,” Masashi said flatly and drank the glass of wine in his hand in one gulp.

In two in the morning, sitting cross-legged on the bed Masashi suddenly opened his eyes.

He first looked at the wall clock, then jumped out of bed, putting on a jacket as he left the room.

In the hall, he saw Alice holding her knees curled up like a ball. On the table in front of her was an opened bottle that was clearly brandy.

Masashi silently watched her, and after a while, he picked up a box of tissues from the other table and went over.

Seeing the paper towels in front of her, Alice was stunned for a moment, then turned around and looked at Masashi.

“Is one not enough?” Masashi took the box again and pulled out another one.

“Thank you.” Alice took the paper towel to wipe away her tears.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, I just suddenly remembered Mr. Meng Zhuo’er, so I couldn’t hold it in.” Alice was silent for a moment and said.

Masashi looked into her eyes and said dismissively: “Don’t take the dead to make excuses, this is the most basic respect.”

Alice startled, looked up at Masashi.

“Well, in the end, what happened, maybe there’s something I can do to help.” Masashi looked at her.

Alice lowered her head, as if for a long time, until she suddenly looked up at the boy, “Adams kidnapped my son.”

Hearing these words made the teenager seem a little surprised, “You have a son?”

Alice slightly nodded.

“I was 18 years old at the time when met a man. Not long after, we lived together. At that time, I was a student and didn’t understand anything. I thought he would really love me for life. But three months later, he left without saying anything. I didn’t have a chance to tell him I was pregnant.

He was gone, and I was a fool to think that he would come back. Therefore, I had the child. But in the end, he didn’t come back. In my most desperate time, Mr. Meng Zhuoer helped me.

He funded me to continue studying, but also asked people to take care of my child. I’ll never forget his kindness. So, after graduation, I put a child in the care of my relatives at home in Finland, and had a Swiss man help him do things, until now.”

“When did you know that he was kidnapped?”

“Just tonight, Adams called me on the phone, I heard my son’s voice. Adams told me that if I don’t go to a lawyer, and apply for a custody transfer within three days, he’ll immediately kill my son. I, I don’t know what to do….” At this point, Alice couldn’t help but cry on Masashi’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. Your son will be fine.” After silent for a moment, Masashi gently said something.