Chapter - 77: Feelings
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At 8 in the morning, Alice went to Masashi’s room only to find no one there.

Where did he go?

Thinking of that phone call last night, Alice’s heart was throbbing faster.

She had thought of calling the police, but soon got rid of the idea. Adams had sold weapons for so many years, if it was reported to the police, then they should have already at an earlier time gotten the information and seized him, but how was he able to get off scot-free.

Perhaps my only hope now is that strange youth. Maybe he really has a way to do something about this.

But thinking of Adams’s forces, she felt that she was too naïve. No matter fierce that youth is, he was only one person, what can he do to help?

Is it really fine to go according to what ‘he’ said to do?

Thinking of this made her upset.

Furthermore, isn’t there only about two days left? She thought with a wry smile.

“Alice, Lei where?” Amy had just been in Masashi room, but couldn’t see him, then arrived with a puzzled face and asked.

“He’s out. We eat breakfast, okay?” Alice walked over to straighten out her hair with her hand.

“Ah.” Amy looked very disappointed.

Alice didn’t know how to comfort her and held her hand to go eat breakfast.

8 pm, Alice was accompanying Amy to watch TV. At this time, her phone suddenly rang.

She pressed the answer key, “Alice, could you hear my voice?” A voice with a happy expression resounded.

Hearing the voice, her heart immediately sunk, and then right away went to the hall.

“Adams, what are you doing?” Alice suppressed her rage. Her right hand clenched until it turned white.

“Nothing, just wanted to remind you that a day had passed, don’t forget you only have two remaining days left. Don’t make me wait too long. My patience is very limited.”

“You…., I know, please don’t Bouneau” Tears silently fell from Alice’s face.

Just after she spoke, busy tone rang out from the phone. Adams had already hung up.

Alice threw away the phone, suddenly felt like her whole body became icy cold.

She took a bottle of white wine from the wine rack. Her hands were trembling as she unscrewed the cap, raising her head as she drinks a glass of wine.

As she was half-drunk and half-conscious, she felt a very soft thing, rubbing her face.

She opened her eyes and saw Amy’s concerned look. Her small hands were gently stroking her face.

“Alice, don’t cry….” The little girl said, stressing each syllable.

Looking at Amy’s innocent fact, Alice couldn’t help but to suddenly burst into tears as she hugged her little body.

At 11, Masashi came back.

Looking at the alcohol fumed all over the room and the lying on the floor Alice, who was embracing the already fallen asleep Amy, he sunk into deep thought.

Pulling apart the hands on Amy, Masashi held up Alice’s whole body.

Putting her in her own bed, the youth went back to the scene, and found Amy, who didn’t know when she woke up, but this time was sitting on the floor as she rubbed her eyes.

“Lei…” Seeing Masashi, Amy cried as she ran over to hug him.

“Sorry to wake you up.” Masashi bent down to hug her.

The little girl was clinging to the youth’s neck as she laid her head on his shoulder, after a while looked up at him, “Lei, Alice is very sad.”

“I know. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. I promise.” Masashi gently touched her face and said.

“Ah.” The little girl, again, laid her head on the youth’s shoulders.

The next morning, Masashi went out again.

Alice had no desire to think about where the youth went. The whole afternoon, she spent as she either restlessly sitting or standing.

Soon it was evening, the anxiety in Alice’s heart increased more and more.

Fortunately, when the wall clock became 23:00, Adams didn’t call again. Otherwise, she thought that she’d collapse soon after.

In the 24:00, she finally despaired, and tomorrow, no, it should be said that today was the deadline.

Sitting quietly as if a long time, a dark brew guilt filled her whole heart.

She couldn’t help but want to get drunk, when suddenly the youth quietly walked towards her.

“Alice.” The youth shouted in a low voice.

Alice turned to look at him, her face silently streaming down with tears, but she still didn’t say a word.

The teenager walked up to her, took her hand that was reaching for the bottle of wine on the table, then looked at her silently.

Seeing him, Alice’s emotions calmed down a little bit.

At that time, the youth spoke, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Hearing this sentence, Alice didn’t understand.

“Lei Yin, you…”

The youth waved his hand, stopping her from saying anything, “Just answer my first question. Is there anything you want to tell me?” His face showed a unique seriousness.

Alice looked at him, she found the teenager tonight was completely different from the usual. There was a difference, but she couldn’t tell what it was.

Silent for a moment, she said: “I’m sorry, I can’t quite understand what you mean.”

The teenager who Alice didn’t see today was looking at her, and after a while, he said dismissively, “You go out with me.”


“You’ll know when we get there.” Then, the youth took the lead and went out.

Although puzzled, based on her trust in the youth, Alice still followed behind him.

“Get in the car.” The teenager took her in front of a black Bentley that she had never seen before.

Normally, Alice would have asked who’s car this was, but seeing the way the youth spoke, she had instead sat inside in silence.

The Black Bentley with an alarming speed sped through the highway. Along the way, the boy didn’t say a word, while Alice didn’t know what to say at that moment. For a time, the car was silent.

After ten minutes, Alice really couldn’t stand the oppressive atmosphere, so she reached to turn on the radio.

With a melodious light music, she relaxed a little bit.

She looked at the teenager in the driver’s seat and found that he was really completely different from his usual self tonight. A strange feeling in her heart rose.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at a youth before the similarly large manor house.

“We’ve arrived, let us go in.” The teenager opened the door to help her.

“Lei Yin, why did you bring me here?” Alice finally said.

“You’ll know when you go in.” The youth said dismissively.

Although full of doubts, she still followed the youth to the door of the house.

The youth knocked on the door, and soon, a tall young Asian wearing a black suit opened the door.

“Hello, Sir.” The young man bowed to him and said.

“The other people?” The youth asked him.

“Besides me, other than the 18th and 19th, everyone else is already waiting there for the Lord.”

“Where are they?”

“In the room.”

The teenager nodded, walking into the house.

Because the two were talking in Chinese, Alice didn’t know what they were saying, but seeing the attitude of the young man towards the youth, she was full of awe while she was looking at the youth.

“Miss, come in.” Alice was a bit overwhelmed at the time when suddenly the young man spoke to her politely.

Finally, Alice followed Masashi and went inside.

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