Пробуждение - глава 78:
Night Visit

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Through the dimly lit halls, the two arrived in front of a large room on the second floor.

Standing next to the door was a brown haired man.

Seeing the youth, the men, like before, immediately bowed at the youth.

The youth waved his hand and said to him: “We want to go in.”

The man opened the door, then made a gesture signifying to go in.

The youth took the lead and went in first, and Alice was the second to enter the room. As she entered there she saw a man sitting in the middle of the room, she was surprised and couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

“Why are you doing this?” After being shocked, Alice furiously looked at the teenager.

“Just letting you lovers get married.” The youth said calmly.

Alice’s whole body shook, “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

“Really?” Masashi sneered, arriving at the center of the room, he tore off the towel in the mouth of the man tied up in a chair.

“Lei Yin, what do you actually want to do?” Just after the towel was removed, the man immediately asked him loudly.

“Compared with that arrogant Adams, you’re really much smarter. Mr. Murphy.” Masashi sat on the chair in front of him, faintly looking at the normally mild-mannered man.

“Are you Adams’s man?” Murphy seemed a bit pale.

“Well, do you think Adams’s could afford someone like me?” Masashi sneered.

“Why did you capture me here for? Do you want to extort me?” Hearing his reply, Murphy was somewhat relieved.

“Must you continue to play around, Mr. Murphy? Now that I brought Alice here, can’t you understand what’s happening?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

“Worthy of being good partners, even the words used to deny is exactly the same.

Actually, this plan is quite good, but you shouldn’t have made a few mistakes.

First, the general proceedings, Meng Zhuo’er might have a considerable legacy to give to his only daughter Amy, so long as Amy also accidentally dies, then it would naturally be given to the family, that is, you three brothers would inherit it.

But in fact, as you already know the content, you know that even if Amy were to get into an accident, you would still get nothing, so you don’t really want to kill her, but you’ll just have to do more to get it. That’s why, you and Alice sent a sniper, your goal was very simple, it was just to give Adams a wrong message and let him think that you don’t know the contents of the will. Making him let his guard down.

Because your forces are far inferior to Adams, that’s reasonable.

Unfortunately, in Nepal I save Amy, you knew from a message via Alice, that is, I may be hazardous to your plan, so you arranged a sniper, hoping to incidentally kill me.

It’s worth mentioning that the sniper you got was quite good, I really did almost have my life hung up. But the problem here was, why was the sniper so good, but still didn’t cause any damage to Amy and Alice, two ordinary people weren’t harmed?

Furthermore, several minutes before the sniper shot, I happened to be outside Alice’s room, and at that time I also heard Alice’s cellphone ring. Her call didn’t take too long, as immediately after a gunfire resounded. Don’t you think that’s too coincidental?

If I guessed it right, then the phone call was actually you giving her a signal. Did I guess it right? Mr. Murphy.”

“You have the nerve to mention such baseless things. Relying just on these, you decided that the murderer behind this was me?” Murphy sneered.

“Of course not. You don’t know that while Amy is a child with autism, but it’s also because of this, that she could exquisitely sense the emotion of the people around her. In other words, she could feel whether the other person had a malicious thought or have a goodwill, regardless of how well that person could hide it. Perhaps you might think that this is nonsense, but I believe that she does have this ability. You in addition to Adams, is the second to make Amy frightened.”

Listening to this Murphy laughed, “You rely on such a shred of evidence that can’t be proven and still conceitedly seized me here. It’s just ridiculous.”

Masashi quietly let him finish laughing, and then suddenly clapped.

Murphy and Alice were very puzzled when a young man wearing a tight black suit dragged a man as he walked into the room.

When Murphy saw the man being dragged, he faintly noticed the man’s face, making his expression suddenly change.

“Remember him? He’s the sniper who you invited. I also spent a huge amount of time just to find him.” Masashi said to him.

“What evidence do you have that could prove that I sent him?” Murphy Calmed down and looked at Masashi.

“Indeed, I don’t have any evidence, because to come into contact with killers, require the assignment to given to him through an intermediary each time. Therefore, they never know the people who employ them. But I didn’t bring him to try to prove anything, but simply did this to vent out my pent up anger.” Masashi stepped on the killer.

“So you don’t have any evidence?” Murphy sneered.

“Tonight I’ve heard too many times the word ‘proof.’ In fact, people like me who don’t have any evidence, and because I’m not a cop, I can kill you at any time I want, without even flinching. But in order to convince you, I’ll satisfy your curiosity.” At that time, he took out a small tape recorder and pressed the play button.

“Is there really no other way to this?”

“Alice, calm down, Adams is just too powerful, so I absolutely can’t save the child. Moreover, don’t forget, he’s not even your child.”

“But Bouneau’s just five years old, reporting to the police should be good, I just can’t see somebody in danger and do nothing about it.”

“Informing the police wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, with Adams’s attitude, he would immediately kill the kid. Baby, don’t think too much. When this is done, if you like, as soon as it’s done we’ll give birth to a child, okay?”


At that point, the youth switched off the recorder and then turned his head over to look at the paled Alice, who has burst into tears.

“You really disappointed me. When I was suspicious of you, I put a monitor on you. At first, I also hoped that I was just worried about it too much, but unfortunately, I heard the worst results.” Masashi looked at her coldly.

Alice couldn’t hold it in, and kneeled down on the ground crying.

Masashi could no longer maintain his calm, and turned around seeing a bit nervous Murphy, “You’re really smart and very patient. You already knew from the start that Adams would oppose Meng Zhuo’er, that’s why five years ago, you made Alice into a board piece and send her to his side. An unmarried mother who was left behind, the dropout had no way out, and the accidental meeting with Meng Zhuo’er, these were all a script that you already arranged.

Your plan ever since had been very successful, and all according to your plan Alice obtained Meng Zhuoer’s trust, and now became Amy’s guardian.”

“Who actually are you?” Murphy glowing with bloodshot eyes looked at the youth.