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“I’m just an outsider. You are indeed an excellent chess player, but again, a good chess player can always be seen clearly by the spectator.”

Masashi turned to look at the already cry mixed-race beauty, “Alice Lynn, do you know what Amy’s assessment about you? She said that you were very pitiful, although she didn’t know why, she knew that you’ve been suffering.

You’re a good natured person who doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but you shouldn’t fall in love with a man that shouldn’t be loved.

Do you think that kid is really helping you playing the unmarried mother part?

You’re wrong. Murphy was very clear of Adams’s power, and he is unable to protect you. Therefore, the child is actually a bait. Adams believe that he can use the child to threaten you. Because he thought that he has grabbed the piece that can compel you to obey, Adams did not send someone to catch you again. That’s the main purpose of why Murphy let you adopt the child.”

Hearing Masashi’s words, Alice Lynn looked at Murphy with disbelieving look.

Murphy didn’t make a sound, the muscle on his face slightly twitched.

“Why, just a bit more and I can succeed. I can’t reconcile this, I can’t reconcile this….” Murphy fiercely looked at the teenager.

Masashi calmly watched him.

Murphy did not like how the youth look at him, and somewhat hysterically shouted at that youngster: “Nobody in the family think highly of me. In the eyes of the people, there’s only Meng Zhuo’er and big brother. I’m just their shadow, an invisible shadow.

I don’t accept this. I want to prove to everybody. As long as I can get my hands on Meng Zhuo’er’s share, I can do better than him. I’m the only one that can bring the Family to thrive.

Why, why did you ruin my plan?”

Masashi looked at him for a moment, then suddenly stood up, and punched his stomach.

“Ah!” This punch was too strong, making him cried out in pain.

“Self-righteous savior-complex fellow.” Masashi sneered, and then made a meaningful glance at the standing to the side man in black. The man knew this signal and pulled out a gleaming dagger from his body.

Seeing that man was slowly approaching him, Murphy’s face grew pale. But the inborn proudness of the Dai Fei family would not allow him to make any act of begging for mercy. In the end, he quietly closed his eyes.

“No….Lei Yin, I beg you, don’t kill him, Lei Yin….” The nearby Alice Lynn called out and wanted to rush over, however, she was tightly held by that Brown haired man.

To the couple’s complete surprise, the man with the dagger cut the rope on Murphy’s body.

“You, what do you mean by this?” Murphy watched the youngster with disbelieve.

“What, do you want me to kill you?” Masashi leaned against the side of the window and dismissively said.

Murphy closely looked at him, and after a while, he began to calm down, “Well then tell me, how much do you want?”

Masashi closely looked at him, and suddenly laughed. After a while, he coldly said: “Mr. Murphy, you’re mistaken, I don’t want that.”

“Then what do you want? Concordia’s share? I’m sorry, this is not possible, before we inherit the legacy of the previous generations, we have signed a contract. Except for the Dai Fei family members, outsiders can’t get any shares.” Knowing that the teenager wasn’t going to kill him, Murphy restored his calm.

Masashi went over to him, “Mr. Murphy, you are completely mistaken, I don’t want anything.” The youth slowly said.

Murphy revealed an honest mistake look, he completely unable to guess this youngster’s intention.

“Even if tomorrow you let Alice Lynn go to the law firm to handle the custody transfer formalities, I won’t stop you.

Didn’t you say you’ll do better than Meng Zhuo’er? I’ll give you this opportunity.”

“What do you really want?” Murphy is a businessman, and he doesn’t believe that there’s a free lunch in this world.

Murphy ignored him and said: “Even if you fail, it doesn’t matter, because I never thought that you could be successful. Whatever you do, even if you brought down the Concordia group, it doesn’t matter.

You ask me what I want? I’m sorry, I don’t want anything. I have no interest in your Dai Fei family at all.”

At this point, Masashi glanced at Alice Lynn, “I initially wanted to kill you all to avoid future problem. But for Amy, I overturned this idea. Alice Lynn, you are one of the few people that Amy willingly accept. If you are killed, Amy will lose the person that take care of her. I told you before, you are a good-natured woman, so, I believe your feelings for Amy is real. Therefore, for that kid, I’ll let you off. Murphy, you’re very lucky, because of Alice Lynn, I will also let you off. I could kill you, but to do so, Alice Lynn would hate me. Although she had a little impact on me, there’s no guarantee that she will not use Amy to threaten me. Because the hatred of a woman is impenetrable.

Another point is, it would probably be a bit better to give Meng Zhuo’er’s shares to you than to that madman Adams.

I’m not worried that you’ll waste all of Amy’s property, if she needs it, I can give her more.

Maybe you don’t believe what I just told you, but that’s your problem, not mine.” With that, the youth quietly walked toward the door.

This is Masashi’s real thought, after knowing their action, he really wanted to kill them. But after killing them, what about the kid? If it weren’t for the care of Alice Lynn, Amy might become more withdrawn into her autism. He knew that he can’t stay in Switzerland to take care of Amy. Of course, he also wanted to take her back to Japan to take care of her, but he thought that the school environment in Japan is not suitable for a child like Amy. Therefore, he finally made such a plan.

Capturing Murphy here was just to warn him.

“You really don’t want anything?” Murphy asked doubtfully.

“It was useless for me to say anything, time will prove everything. Although I will not interfere with your plan, but you best remember one thing, If I know that you’re messing with that kid, making her sad, you’ll be responsible for your own peril.” Masashi lightly said.

Murphy was dead silence.

“Well, I’ve spoken my piece, the two of you please return.”

Murphy took one look at him and then pulled Alice Lynn and went out.

“You send them back. Moreover, this sniper is at your disposal.” Masashi threw the car keys to the man in black.

“I know, sir.” After the man in black bowed toward Masashi, he dragged the fainting sniper out of the room.

Masashi walked to the door, and said toward the mixed race beauty who was ready to enter the car: “Alice Lynn, Amy is still at home waiting for you. If you’re rested enough, come back.”

Alice Lynn looked at him with a complex expression, then nodded and got into the car.

After watching the Bentley slowly disappearing, Masashi said to the remaining two young men: “Let’s get out of here. Look’s like some people would not sleep well tonight.”

The Asian man asked for Masashi’s permission and ran back to the garage behind the house. Not long after, he drove a white Citroen to the front of Masashi.

“Where did this come from?” Masashi opened the door and asked.

“Sir, this car was just stolen.” The Asian youth replied.

Masashi nodded and didn’t make a sound.

One of the most important reason of why so many Billionaires settled in Switzerland is because of its beautiful scenery.

Many of the wealthy people who wants to enjoy life would build their house far away from the bustling streets toward the scenic countryside or suburb.

This is also true for Adams. His private mansion is located in a very quiet lake environment. Different from the other wealthy people who pursue the peaceful scene, he built this house so that he can conveniently talking to people about business. After all, his business is arm sale, so his guests are basically people who don’t want to be seen.

In approximately half a kilometer from Adams’s house, Masashi trio got out of the car near an old warehouse.

The Asian youth came to the warehouse door and rhythmically knocked four times. After a while, the door opened, but no one came out.

Masashi was satisfied, he noticed that in different locations outside of the warehouse, there is a total of four people lying in ambush. It seemed to him that the quality of the group of people here is very good.

Inside the warehouse, there’s only one fluorescent lamp.

Thirteen black leotard uniformed men simultaneously stood and bowed toward Masashi, “Greetings, sir.”

“No need to do obeisance, wait until you visit the grave, then you can do it. Hey kid, why did you also come?” Masashi said to the tall man amongst that thirteen men.

“When the Master has some matter, the disciple would naturally come to help.” The black uniformed Reili grinningly and said.

“Oh, is that so?” Masashi smiled and walked over to him.

Seeing Masashi smiled at him, Reili’s heart knew something was not right. He was just about to take two steps back, but it was too late. Masashi’s nearly invisible hand fiercely knocked him on the head.

“Nosy guy.” Masashi coldly snorted.

“Master, I just want to help you out, you don’t need to hit me that hard,” Reili grumbled, rubbing his head.