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“Do you think this is an amusement park, in the case you accidentally die, what would happen to the Black Dragon? I’ll take note of this, afterward, if you once again follow me, you better get yourself ready. When did you get here?”“Just got off the plane. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone with Master to kill someone, it’s also rare that you suddenly want a big fight, of course, I want to come.” Rei Li said righteously.


“You militants, there has been a lot of wars in the world because of people like you.” Masashi gave him a look.

“Master, you left me, today I, your disciple is revolting to depend on the elder for his long-term teachings.” Rei Li with a hippie smile said. So long as it wasn’t a serious matter, the two master and disciple would frequently have this kind of conversation with each other.

Masashi’s eyes stared, just as he was about to attack, the nervous Rei Li hurriedly drew back immediately taking several steps, this time, contrary to what one might expect he clearly learned from experience.

Too lazy to care for him, Masashi who was right next to a 30-year-old man who had a scar at the corner of his eye, asked him: “What’s the situation inside?”

The man took out a blueprint, spreading it out on the table, respectfully responded: “Sir, through our observations, except for the ordinary workers as well as female servants, we’ve determined that there’s basically 15-17 people in the resident, each having a pistol, and all also received professional bodyguard training. In addition to that, they also possess three German police dogs.

Starting this morning until now, we could now determine that there’s a total of 17 bodyguards in the house, in addition, the target person is also inside.

This blueprint is the overview of the interior of the house, the house was built by a construction company in the neighborhood, but because it was done three years ago, the original blueprint may have some inconsistencies. In order to make up for this shortcomings, we’ve tried to investigate the things that we’re done to the house in the previous three years and have also made corresponding changes to the blueprint. Therefore, this plan should be 98% similar to the structure of the house. The red area is the location of the monitor, and the blue part is alarm device while the black digit is the places that are guarded along with the number of bodyguards guarding it. The Red cross is the last room where the target is.”

Masashi silently looked at the blueprints, writing down the building as the blueprint indicated in his brain. Rei Li was now strangely serious, as he also thoroughly looked at the plan.

“How would you solve the Monitor and alarm?” After a while, Masashi looked up and asked.

“Sir, if there’s sufficient time, we will send someone posing as a worker or a main to enter inside to resolve the issue. But now because the time is limited, my plan is to directly blow up the nearby electric cable, thus interrupting the electric power in this area. Then as they start the electric generator, we’ll infiltrate the house. After infiltrating, we’ll destroy the first power generator, making the room would still have no power. Because we’re equipped with night vision, we can still battle in the dark, making us have an absolute advantage.”

“Them powering the generator, takes how much time?” Rei Li asked.

“It should take them at least 3 minutes to power the generator. If the situation is a little better, it may be delayed to 5 minutes.”

“Three minutes?” Masashi looked at Rei Li.

Rei Li immediately understood, and said to him. “Master, please rest assured. They’re all experts in the dark, three minutes would be enough for them.”

“How’s the surrounding environment?” Masashi asked the man.

“Sir, there’s no other residence within one kilometer around here, there’s only a few warehouse like this. As long as there’s no use of heavy weapons like rocket launchers, others shouldn’t hear the shots.”

“It seems that this is indeed a good place to kill people.” Masashi turned around to say to them: “Start preparing.”

For the results of the investigation in such a short amount of time, Masashi felt quite satisfied. Nobody far better understood ‘to know thyself is to know thy enemies’ compared to him, he who had innumerable years of experience and profoundly knew the importance of these characters. Any small mistake could lead to failure, and failure would often result in death. He could care less about his own life and death, but he had no right to ignore other people’s life and death.

For wanting to eradicate this disaster Adams as soon as possible, he would have more carefully investigated the targets movement pattern before beginning.

The Black Dragon’s dark group was a very special organization, very few people knows its existence because from the whole Black Dragon, and they only take order from one person, the boss. Its main task is to assassinate. Lei Yin, established this special organization, selecting and training its members unimaginably strict.

Each execution of task, had 100% completion rate, and in order to reduce casualties as much as possible, they would survey all the enemies as it was the most important and time-consuming thing to do.

Hearing Masashi, these men at once respectively walked to the warehouse intending to wear an all around outfit. The man with a scar went outside and whistled. Not long after, four men wearing black tights came and went without a word, as they prepared at the same time.

Then, joined Rei Li including the 20 people methodically arrange in a calm and fast-phased manner as they each prepare and wear their outfit.

After two minutes, the fully-armed Rei Li had arrived in front of Masashi holding a package.

“Master, this is yours.”

Masashi received the package, taking out a pair of black gloves from the inside and right away wearing it. Afterward, he wore a black windproof coat, finally held a black head gear that only exposed the eyes that were attached to the windproof coat.

“Master, aren’t you wearing the body armor?” Rei Li took out the armor from the package.

“I don’t want to put it on. It would simply be bounding one’s own hand and feet.”


Rei Li turned around and looked at him, Masashi sighed, “Fine, I’ll wear it.” Then took the piece of body armor from his hand.

Rei Li immediately smiled.

When everyone was ready, Masashi glanced around including their faces, all of them concealed their faces with a piece of black in the center, a trace of strange smile rose from his mouth.

“The entire group of terrorists.”

“We have always been righteous.” Rei Li also opened his mouth and said.

Masashi smiled, putting on the black headgear in his hand, “commence.”