Пробуждение - глава 81:
Sleepless Night

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In about 200 meters away from Adams’s house, a medium freight vehicle with an unlit driving light parked silently in the thick patch of grass. Immediately followed by twenty shadows quietly jumped down from the vehicle.

“I’ll do something about those three police dogs. When you receive my signal, you can cut off the power.”

“I know, Master.” Rei Li’s said with a slightly excited tone.

Ten years, ten years of not experiencing this feeling. Master, really came back.

Masashi, was like a ghost, who disappeared in the moonless night, as Rei Li was lost in thought.

At the early age of 17, he knew that he could never reach even half the level of his master.

Master seldom took part in missions, even if it was only a few times, he still couldn’t completely see through limits of this man.

He thought that maybe there’s no one in the world that is truly a match against his master.

After that year, he hadn’t practiced the knife and instead practice the pistol. Although the man was also very powerful in this aspect, after all, it was a long-range weapon, it’s entirely different from a sword or a knife that relies on one’s physic, so long as you practice hard, you will one day obtain the approval of this man.

When he was six years old, that year was the moment when his master rescued him, at that time when he saw the man he had a sense of awe that cannot be put into words.

As he grew up and gained more experience, he began to feel the great strength of the man.

In this world he didn’t believe that there’s a God, in his eyes, his master is the God.

After 5 minutes, Rei Li felt a jolt on his left wrist signifying the signal, and he knew that his master had succeeded.

Then Rei Li with the 19 people silently ran to the outside of the mansion. Not long after they’ve arrived, Masashi like a ghost appeared, they were unable to guess when and where he had appeared from.

Masashi gestured to the 30-year-old man, the man immediately understood, and took out a small box from his body, opening it and immediately started pressing a few keys.

Not long after his inputs, the whole mansion suddenly plunged into darkness.

Masashi waved, and first jump inside. The members of the group, though it was dark they were still the elite of the elite, but no one was able to do what he had done and ‘fly’ over a four-meter-tall wall. They had to use the suit’s self-climbing tool to climb. However, because they were usually well-trained, all of them only took 15 seconds to climb over it.

Inside, Rei Li saw the three dogs scattered on the ground dead, at the entrance, there were also two people lying there. From their outward appearance, a wound could not be seen on the two men and the dogs, but Rei Li knew that the wound was on their forehead.

It was a pistol, Masashi preferred hidden weapons like this. This thing also concentrates on internal force and later is reloaded again, it’s might is not inferior in any aspect with other bullets, moreover when it has opened fire it doesn’t create sound. What’s more important, is that a pistol at best has seven rounds of bullets. Coin, iron sheet, knife… so long as it’s iron or a material that’s hard, he could use it endlessly, without needing any rest. But this thing also has shortcomings, if the distance is quite far, using the gun would be much better.

Masashi made a few gestures with his hand, Rei Li nodded, and with nine people went to the back of the mansion.

Then, Masashi made a gesture to the remaining ten, those people immediately understood, and immediately divided into two groups climbing up along both balconies. While he followed the group of people that climbed on the balcony at the left side.

“Why’s there a sudden blackout, really damn.” In the darkness, a red point was partly visible; the bodyguard smoked as he said.

“There will be electricity soon.” Another bodyguard said as he yawned.

“You look like your dead, you went to a nightclub last night, didn’t you?” The bodyguard said as he smoked a cigarette.

“Yes, I went with Kevin. There was a new girl, very attractive. The stature and look were good, but the price was expensive. However, the money paid is well worth it. Tomorrow evening, I won’t be on duty, do you want to go and have a look?”

“Hey, why aren’t you talking?”

The other bodyguard held out his hand to try to pat his shoulder. However, he found that his clothes were very wet.

“Aren’t you hot? I’m sweating so much.”

He flung his hand and discovered that the sweat seemed to have a little creamy feeling. Just as he was about to speak, a hand had covered his mouth, without enough time he wasn’t able to react, and only thought that he felt a cool sensation on his neck, and then a surge of heat came out from his throat. At that moment, he knew it wasn’t sweat, but a hand.

In a large room on the fourth floor, an already asleep Adams suddenly woke up not knowing why.

He squints his eyes, and naturally reached out to the bedside to turn on the lights, but the lights didn’t turn on.

Strange, why didn’t the light turn on?

He climbed out of the bed to open the rooms headlights, when suddenly, in the dark he seemed to have seen what could be considered as a human shadow.

At this moment, Adams was alarmed, but because of his years of survival instinct, he naturally drew back to the bedside.

But just when he jumped to his bed, a very light sound was heard, and at that same moment, he immediately felt a sharp pain coming at from his thigh.

Adams knew that he was shot, but he knew one thing, if he didn’t fight back, he was really going to die.

Fortunately, the mystery man didn’t continue shooting after his first shot. Adams took advantage of this opportunity to hastily reach under his pillow.

Why isn’t it here? For a time, Adams heart sunk into despair, even forgetting the severe pain that was coming from his thigh.

“Are you looking for your gun? Mr. Adams.” The mystery person threw something on his bed.

Adams took the gun and fired four shots towards the mystery person.

However, no bullet shot was heard, and only a few ‘katcha, katcha, katcha’ sounds came.

“Did you really think I would give back a loaded gun to you? Mr. Adams.” The mystery person laughed.

“Who exactly are you?” Adams asked loudly.

“This is nothing like the usual you, Mr. Adams. Do you still can’t hear my voice?”

“You, are you Lei Yin?” Adams asked incredulously.

“It seems that your memory isn’t too bad.”

“How did you come in?” Adams was both startled and angry.

“Of course, I walked in. I came over to repay you for your hospitality, Mr. Adams.” With that, the teenager shot at his other thigh.

Because the gun was equipped with a silencer, the sound of the shot was very soft, but to Adams, it was very loud. A pitiful yell reverberated inside the room.

In the darkness, an applause can be heard, “quite splendid, Mr. Adams, for you to still have the idea of calling your subordinates. But what a pity, your bodyguards have completely dropped down, but as for your workers and female servant, they had also run away in fear after hearing the sound of gunfire. Certainly, they would right away report to the police. But when the police arrives, they’ll still need the firefighters.” At that moment, Masashi snapped his fingers.

Standing next to him was two people in black outfit immediately carrying two cans of gasoline and pouring it around the room.

“Please don’t kill me, how much money do you want? I’ll give you everything!” Adams’ face turned pale as he begged Masashi for mercy.

“I’m sorry, I have more money than you. I also have something to tell you, the guns we’re holding were also bought from you.” With that, the youth waved his hands, and immediately a coin came across toward the man’s throat while Adams stared at him with big eyes clutching his neck as he slowly fell down on his bed.

The youth looked at him for the last time, and then shot at the place covered with gasoline, suddenly, a surge of flames took place.

The three people ran out from the room and went towards where the van was.

Seeing that there were only eight men in black waiting there, Masashi asked: “Where’s your boss?”

The man with a scar said: “Sir, the boss took the other nine people to do something.”

Masashi nodded and said to them: “Tonight, you’ve all worked hard.”

“My lord is modest.” The man respectfully answered.

Looking at the mansion burning fiercely, Masashi said: “Let’s go. The cops are coming.”

“Yes, sir.”