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In the North Western shore of Lake Zurich, a similar manor house with six young people, all wearing casual clothes, were either leisurely watching TV or playing card.

At this time, a knock on the door came.

The same time as this, the young people looked at each other, then continued to do their own thing. Only the right hand or left hand were intentionally or unintentionally place on their waist. Among them, the one of the young people watching TV moved towards the door and opened it.

What came was several man wearing black windproof coats similar to the age of the young men in the room. The man standing in the fore front had a strong sense of presence.

“Boss is well.” The six men in the room all stood up and saluted towards the black man.

The man nodded, took off his windproof coat and handed to one of the young men.

“Master?” The man asked.

“My lord is in the library on the second floor.”

Going to the room on the second floor, the man knocked gently on the door, “Come in.” There was a clear voice coming from the inside.

Opening the door, Rei Li saw the youth lifting his thigh while drinking tea, having relaxed, leisure, and carefree appearance.

Rei Li didn’t speak. He went inside picked up the tea pot and poured himself a full glass, gulping it down. Then he went and poured another in his cup.

Seeing the thousand dollars a pound of Shifeng Longjing tea being drank like water, binge drinking, the youth still didn’t say anything, but gently smiled, as a way of telling this guy that he was absolutely throwing pearls before a swine.

“Did you get the job done?” He was almost finished drinking the pot of tea when the youth suddenly asked.

“The kid has been rescued, and has been sent back to the woman there, and the stolen cars were also sunk into the lake. Also, anything that would likely expose our identity was burned, nothing left behind. This should fix it.” Rei Li said while wiping his sweat.

“Ah, you’ve worked hard.” Masashi nodded, taking a sip of tea.

“Master, what’s with you speaking like this. However I actually have a question that I wish to ask you?”

“Have something to say, just say it.” Masashi yawned, looked up at the clock on the wall. It’s four o’clock in the morning.

“I don’t understand why Master told me to save that woman’s son. I feel very uncomfortable with that woman named Alice. If it were me, I would have first raped her and then killed her.” Rei Li said carelessly.

Masashi ill-humoredly looked at this seemingly like gentleman, but in reality was a ruffian guy, “You make Changan’s life difficult, I just wonder how he put up with you for so many years.”

“Master, what do you mean by this, you ought to say, that if it weren’t for me accompanying him for these many years, he would have already suffocated.” Rei Li refused to accept it.

This was completely not unreasonable, with Changan’s personality, he would usually not speak with anyone. Having this ruffian accompanying him in the side had also made him a bit lively.

“Stupid fellow. Actually, my motive for rescuing that little rascal is very simple, he wanted to be rescued, so he’s been rescued. Moreover, this matter to you and me would only require little effort to do.”

“What’s with this explanation, as you say, I contributed our complete net worth and also used a slight effort, but after contributing, what do I eat?” Rei Li had not lost heart.

Masashi looked at him and after a while said: “Don’t forget, twenty years ago, you were also just a kid waiting to be rescued.”

Hearing this, Rei Li went silent.

“Little Rei, we’re not a messenger of justice, but a notorious underworld criminals. But so what? We handle matter and never caring about employing other people with different complexion, whoever blocks our way we kill, whoever dare to show weakness and go askew we’ll get rid of even if he’s one of us. Similarly, whoever said that criminal underworld cannot do good? I wanted to save that kid on my own whim, that’s why I saved him. Twenty years ago, it’s because I wanted to save you, that you became my only disciple. So-called having one’s wish, can do the matter that oneself want to do. Of course, if it’s too dangerous, I won’t make you go, after all I have wasted many rice on you. If you hung up, I would have gotten a big loss.”

Rei Li looked at him, as if it was after a long time, then seriously said to Masashi: “Master, I understand what you mean. After going back, I will immediately look for several little kids for you, I’ll help you form a Loli Legion.” Just after he finished, he immediately ran out of the room, and also locked at the other side of the door.

(TL-yeh apparently he meant loli, which is Luo li, don’t know if that’s what he meant, but that’s what I think he meant)

“Rei Li, you bastard, I’ll kill you!” The youth crazily howled, kicking the entire door down, then pursued to the direction where that silly man escaped towards…..

8:00 am, Amy came to the hall wearing pajamas, searching all the room in the hall, but didn’t see the two people. For a time, she felt very uneasy.

“Miss Amy, you wait a bit, I’ll go prepare breakfast.” As the maid was cleaning the hall, she saw the young mistress and immediately greeted her.

Amy looked at her, then gently nodded.

For a small owner who didn’t like to speak, everyone had gotten accustomed to it, the maid bent at the waist and went out.

Soon, the breakfast was brought. Delivering it for her was actually the steward Bacon while holding her breakfast.

“Miss Amy, breakfast is good, please eat it while it’s still hot.” The German man politely said.

Amy nodded and quietly walked over to the table, sitting down quietly eating breakfast.

Eating less than a quarter, Amy put down her knife and fork.

“Miss Amy, please eat a little more of it. If you don’t like the pasta, then I’ll have the people make something else, okay?” Bacon said.

Amy shook her head, after a while, she suddenly asked: “Lei Yin….Now where go…?”

“Mr. Lei Yin with Miss Luo Diman (Alice) drove out last night, but until now hasn’t come back. I think they should have somethings to take care of, and should be back soon. Miss, please don’t worry.” Bacon comforted her.

Amy didn’t make a sound, just sat there, looking a little confused, as if she was thinking.

Seeing her this way, Bacon sighed in his heart, knowing that she won’t eat, and had to go clean up the dishes.

At this time, outside, a footstep could suddenly be heard. Bacon who was thinking who it was, actually saw the nearby Amy with a pleasantly surprised expression jumped down from her chair and ran.

After a while, he saw a slender youth holding Amy as he entered the hall.

Seeing the youth, Bacon didn’t relax on his own initiative.

“Good morning, Mr. Lei Yin.” Bacon saluted to the youth.

“Good morning, Mr. Bacon.” The youth smiled while nodding to him.

“Have you had breakfast? If not, I’ll ask somebody to make something for you.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Mr. Bacon.” He mentioned, as he really was feeling a little hungry.

“You’re too kind, just a moment please.” With that, Bacon went outside.

Seeing that there was more than half of the Italian food left over, the youth pinched the little girl’s face, said: “Little rascal you’re not obedient, didn’t I tell you to eat properly, why have you only eaten a little? I’ll spank your butt.”

“Lei…Amy is eating….haven’t finished eating.”

“Do you really?” The youth narrowed his eyes as he looked at her.

The little girl blushed, and buried herself into his arms.

“You must finish eating this meal completely. Otherwise, I won’t go with you to the amusement park and play today.”

“Really? Today, take me….to go to the amusement park?” The little girl suddenly looked up.

“It depends on whether you were naughty or nice.” The youth said with a laugh.

“Amy behaved, Amy behaved….” The little girl flushed with excitement.

“Then finish eating.” The youth said, pointing at the spaghetti.

“Ah.” The little girl quickly got down from him, sitting on the chair again.

Back from the outside, Bacon was surprised to see that the young lady was eating the pasta, but when he saw the teenager sitting next to her, he soon understood.

“Sir Lei Yin, your breakfast will soon be here, please wait.” Bacon said.

“Don’t worry, take your time, and I’m not too hungry.” The teenager across the table picked up a newspaper to read.

Strange, why there was no news, Masashi had a look at the date above, and turned out it was the news from yesterdays.

“Mr. Lei Yin, excuse me, where’s Miss Luo Diman?” Bacon asked.

“She’s temporarily dealing with something, probably will be back in a few days.” Masashi looked up and said.

Bacon was finally relieved. Fortunately, both of them were fine.