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Looking at the little girl skipping out of the door, Masashi laughed.

After returning to Switzerland, because they wanted to avoid the so-called assassination, they were afraid to let her out and had even made her panic.

After going inside the car, Masashi fastened her seat belt, then started the car. Black Bentley has a nice sleek line as quiet as a panther and as vigorous as a Mercedes-Benz.

Arriving at the amusement park, Masashi parked in a good spot, then took Amy’s hand walking towards the main entrance to buy tickets.

Because today was a Wednesday, there were only a few that came to the amusement park to play. However, one can also see that everywhere there would be a few adults holding their child’s hands while walking around.

After they had entered, a car parked 300 meters away from the amusement park gently putting down the car window. A young man wearing a big square sunglasses said to himself: “Master, Master, you’re too unfair When I was a little kid, why didn’t you treat me better. All day you would force me to train martial arts. His grandmother, was a scriptwriter, so, because your uncle had the so-called miserable childhood, I had to also have a miserable childhood? After a period of time whispering to himself, he turned his head looking at the man in the driver’s seat and said: “Did the other team members settle?”

The man replied: “Yes, I had just contacted with them. They’ll take different flights to go back in turn. From last night to now, there have been two groups of 8 people that have left….”

“Ah. Our plane tickets are in the afternoon, well what to do now? Well, let’s just find a good nightclub, it’s been a long time since I came to Switzerland to play.”

“However, boss, it’s still 9:00 AM, where can we find a nightclub that opens their doors this early.” The man broke into sweat and said.

“This is indeed the case, forgot for a while. What to do now, I rarely come to Switzerland. I can’t just go and play at the Ferris wheel like this little kid?”

“Boss, I heard that there’s a new place where there’s a 24-hour lap-dancing bar, would you like to go there and see?” A man suggested.

“Ah, there’s such a thing, how’d you know that?” Rei LI felt it was a little strange.

“When we got off the plane, I bought this handy travel guide and looked at it, so I know about this place.”

“Ah, you’re so thoughtful. Let’s go there and have a look.” Rei Li felt great.

“Yes, boss.” The man quickly starts the car.

The car didn’t really go that far when suddenly Rei Li felt his cellphone suddenly vibrate.

He took a look at his cell phone. He thought that it was just an advertisement and cursed as he opened to look, but seeing his phone, his complexion immediately had a big change.

He only saw a few word: Kid, you dare track me!

“Quick, quick. Immediately go to the airport, get the fastest flight back.” Rei Li shouted wildly.

“But, boss. Didn’t you say you wanted to go see a show?” The man asked, puzzled.

“Go lap-dancing, and then I’ll lose my life afterward. Just go to the airport!”

He had never seen his boss this alarmed, the men didn’t dare imagine what event had happened, and hurriedly went to the direction of the airport.

How was it that they have been so careful, but was still found out by Master. It seems that experience man being energetic was true.

Thinking of this, Rei Li’s eyes became swollen, and sight began to fade.

The bored man worriedly followed behind. Amy was actually playing very happily. And at this moment, she was filled with all kinds of dolls.

These were the prizes that she had won, but strictly speaking, it should be prizes that Masashi had helped her win.

Playing the shooting game, Masashi was responsible for helping with her aim, so she had only needed to press the trigger. Playing the throwing games, she just pointed with her fingers which one she had wanted, and Masashi would help her throw.

So, after several games, not only was she filled with prizes, there was even people around them watching.

Seeing so many come up, Amy seemed a bit nervous, and couldn’t help but gently tug Masashi’s clothes. Masashi looked at her and pulled her out of the crowd.

After coming to a place with only a few people, Amy restored her smiling face, and often looked at the dolls that she had won, admiringly looking at it.

“Hey, kid, what do you want to play next?” Masashi crouched and wiped the sweat from her forehead with his sleeves, asked.

The little girl looked around and finally pointed at the amusement park carousel (Merry-go-round).

“Not just with your fingers, you have to say what you want, now say it again and let me hear.”

Amy looked at him a little puzzled, and then with a not very clear voice said: “Lei, Amy…. want to play that.”

“Well, from now on, no matter what you want to play you can, but must be spoken out, all right?”

The girl nodded.

“That’s foul, you can’t nod, you have to say it,” Masashi said with a smile.

“Amy…know.” The behaved little girl answered.

“Doing well, let’s play.” Then, the youth pulled the excited little girl and walked towards the carousel.

Playing till noon, Masashi took the little girl to eat a snack.

In fact, Masashi didn’t like fast food restaurant food, but children generally love to eat fast food restaurant hamburger, fries and things like that and seemed to give Amy a look of an ordinary child’s life, so he deliberately brought her here.

Because it was her first time to come to a fast-food restaurant, Amy had a very curious look.

Because of the neighboring amusement park was near the store, in order to attract the attention of children, they would arrange some staff to wear cartoon clothes to walk back and forth giving out balloons.

For those cartoon characters holding balloons in their hands, Amy also gave off a desired look.

“Do you want those balloon?” Masashi asked.

Amy subconsciously nodded, then remembered what Masashi had said, and began to add: “Yes.”

“If you want it, get it on your own.”

Amy immediately showed an embarrassed expression.

“It doesn’t matter; don’t you see the other kids getting one themselves? You can do it too.” Masashi encouraged her.

The little girl hesitated for a moment, finally jumped out of the chair to take a few steps.

When she was halfway there, she looked back at Masashi.

Masashi showed her a look of encouragement. Amy looked at him for a moment and then walked slowly towards the cartoon character.

When Amy was holding a balloon in her hand, she had hurried back, making Masashi smile happily.

The little girl suddenly threw herself into his arms and hugged him, her hand still clutching on the balloon string….

After only a few mouthfuls of hamburger, Masashi didn’t have any more appetite. But Amy enjoyed it, probably because it was her first time eating it.

“Kid, delicious?” Masashi looked at the happy little girl holding a fried chicken.

“Good…” Because her mouth was full of food, she had answered vaguely.

“Then tomorrow we’ll eat out again, then how about going for a ride somewhere else?”

“Tomorrow…also go out?” Amy put down her fried chicken, her face making a pleasant surprise.

Masashi nodded.

“Lei….” Amy was too excited to speak.

Masashi smiled and gently patted her little face, but sighed in his mind. How many days could he still accompany her?

When they came out of the fast-food restaurant, Masashi’s cell phone rang. He looked at the number shown on his phone and knew that it was from Amy’s home.

90% it should be about that matter, Masashi pressed the answer key.

“Mr. Lei Yin?” The Butler, Bacon’s voice could be heard on the phone.

“I am. Is there something wrong, Mr. Bacon?”

“Hasn’t Mr. Lei Yin seen today’s newspaper?”

“Excuse me, I’m playing at the amusement park with Amy, so I haven’t read it. So what happened?”

“Yes, sir Adams’s home was attacked by unidentified thugs, Mr. Adams was also confirmed to be dead in the room by the police.” Bacon said, after a moment of silence.

“What, such a thing happened?” Masashi’s tone seemed surprised, while also mentally cursed, his grandmother, unexpectedly I, your father am an evil-doer.

“Yes, after seeing the news the whole family was shocked. I just wanted to call and remind Mr. Lei Yin to be careful.”

“I know, thank you for your kindness. I’ll take good care of Amy.”

“That’s a relief. I wish you a good time.”

“Thank you.”

After closing the line, a faint smile appeared on Masashi’s face.

“Kid, want to continue to play? Or go to the zoo, there you can see lions, tigers, and elephants.” Masashi turned to the little girl and said.

“Okay.” Amy was very happy.