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Another Funeral

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Looking at the coffin which was gradually being covered by the soil, Rolando’s mood was very complicated.

He is not a good younger brother, not even a good person. He, for the past few years, was the first Dai Fei family member who sold arms. In addition, he also did countless bad things. His name made the entire Dai Fei family into shame. But under his pressure, many people did not dare to speak out against him.

However, no matter what, this person, who is his third younger brother, has died, died in his own room.

Unable to shake off the emotional distress that revolved around Rolando, he began to miss Adams as a child. At that time, he was the most lovable one. Because their father was often away from home, the responsibility to take care of the three younger brothers naturally fell on his elder brother.

However, strictly speaking, the one who needed to be taken care of were only Adams and Murphy. Meng Zhuo’er and him were always the independent ones among them. Others have never needed to worry about the two of them.

Perhaps because their age difference is not that much, the childhood Adams was most intimate with him.

And now he is dead, and many people believe that was a good thing.

Rolando silently threw a white Lily inside the grave. Soon, the white flower was covered by the brown soil.

After the funeral, Murphy with a very complex set of eyes looked at the man who stood beside Amy, Lei Yin. Then, he followed the other people to leave the cemetery.

“Kid, you wait for me in the car, okay?” Masashi opened the door to the little girl and said.

“Em.” Amy obediently sat inside.

“I’ll be back soon.” Masashi turned on the radio and then closed the door.

He went to Meng Zhuo’er’s grave and looked at the beautiful woman who was silently staring at the tombstone.

After a while, the youth spoke one sentence: “If you are unwilling to go back, I will take good care of the kid.”

The woman shook her head, facing the tombstone and said: “I promised Mr. Meng Zhuo’er that I will take care of Amy. Although it began as a lie, now I consider that promise as real.”

“Although I was told to call you back, if you really don’t want to come back, I won’t force you. After all, a woman must get married eventually.”

The woman was silent for a moment, and then gently said: “For years, I have done many things for Murphy, regardless of my willingness or unwillingness. Sometimes, I thought that Murphy didn’t really love me and only wanted my help. But every time, I don’t even want to think about it. For him, I have given up so many things. If the answer is no, I am afraid I might collapse.

But after that night, I have thought for a long time, and I thought a lot of things that was previously unthinkable to me. I discovered that I really am not sure whether or not Murphy truly loves me. To verify this, I did something foolish that I really thought was laughable.”

Alice Lynn turned to look at the youth, “Just this morning, I went to the law firm who handled to custody transfer. The custody is not transferred to Murphy, but to Mr. Rolando.”

Having heard this words, even the normally very calm youth can’t help but stunned.

“Why are you doing this?” Masashi looked at her.

“Because I want to confirm if Murphy will still accept me even after I complete this foolish thing.

Also, thank you for saving Bruneau.” Alice Lynn’s smile was peaceful.

The youth quietly watched the mixed-race beauty before him, after a while, he stretched out his right hand, “Later on, I have to trouble you with taking care of that kid.”

“Amy is a very obedient girl. She is no trouble at all.” Alice Lynn reached out to grip the youth’s hand.

“Want me to drive you back? I can still do part-time as your bodyguard. If that fellow dares to hit you, I would just castrate him.” The youth said with a smile.

“No need, although I am not sure if he loves me, I know him well enough. He is a gentleman and would not hit a woman. Moreover, I still want to accompany Mr. Meng Zuo’er to talk. Because I have deceived him, I want to plead for his forgiveness.” Alice Lynn turned around and quietly said as she stared at the tombstone.

“Very well, if you need something, feel free to call me anytime.”

“Thank you, Lei Yin.”

After returning to the car, the youth said to the little girl: “Don’t worry, Alice Lynn will be back soon.”

Amy suddenly seemed jubilant.

“Kid, if I ever lied to you, what would you do?” While helping the little girl fasten her seat belt, the youth asked.

The little girl thought for a moment, and then said: “If it were Lei or Lynn, I would forgive you both.”

“Really? I feel very honored.” Masashi smiled and twisted her face.

The little girl laughed and wanted to reach out to hug him, but her move was restricted because of the seat belt.

“All right, stop playing. Kid, I ask you, the things that I told you last night, have you considered it?” Masashi held her small hand.

Last night, after being comforted by the youth, Amy slowly returned to normal. But she was still too afraid to listen about the matter again. Hearing the youth spoke about this, she unconsciously shivered.

Seeing this, the youth immediately undo her seat belt and took her in his arms.

After seemingly a long time, the girl began to slowly stop trembling. Then, after a while, she slowly lifted her head to look at the youth.

“Lei….you help me decide okay? Amy is afraid.” The little girl looked at him very much in tears.

“I think it would be better if you forget those unhappy things.” The youth quietly looked into her eyes.

“So…so long I listen to Lei. It’s okay.” Amy buried her head into his arms.

“Relax, everything will be okay.” The youth softly said this sentence in her ear.


“Rumi, what happen to you? You seem to lost your spirit recently.” The Kendo club manager Ma Fang sat next to the girl and asked.

“I am fine, senior sister, please don’t worry about me.”

“Really? Maybe I am just being oversensitive, but I seem to feel that recently, you are somewhat absent-minded.”

“That’s probably because I was too tired recently.” The girl said with a smile.

“Good then. You are now our Kendo Club trump card, be sure to take care of yourself. Otherwise, teacher Omura will scold me to death.” Ma Fang stretched out her tongue.

“You flatter me, senior sister. Excuse me, what day is it today?” Rumi asked.

“You little fool, you even forgot the day of the week. Today is Thursday. It seems you really are tired. After you go back, try to rest earlier.”

“I know, thank you for the concern, senior sister.”

‘Today is Thursday? It’s been more than half a month already.’ Rumi looked away, lost in thought.

“Rumi, Rumi!”

“What’s the matter, senior sister?” The girl suddenly looked at Ma Fang.

“Didn’t you hear that? Teacher Omura is looking for you.”

The girl turned her head and saw teacher Omura was really looking for her.

“Oh. Senior sister, I’ll go first.” Rumi immediately stood up and ran.

“Fool your Kendo sword.” Ma Fang shouted from behind.

But Rumi seemingly did not hear that and continued to run.

Sure enough, after teacher Omura talked to her, Rumi ran back to collect her Kendo sword.

‘This girl, is she really okay?’ Ma Fang was a bit concerned.