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At 7:30 A.M., butler Bacon had a breakfast as usual.

The German man has been in the family service for more than twenty years. In the past twenty years, he was like a Swiss clock, managing the family affair in split second precision.

This Mansion was originally bought by Mr. Winslow Dai Fei as a vacation house, too bad, because of his busy work schedule, until his death, he’s only been here three times.

Later on, Mr. Winslow gave this Mansion to his favorite son, Mr. Meng Zhuo’er.

When Bacon became the Mansion’s Butler, he was only about 25 years old young man. In the blink of an eye, he was now a middle-aged man. In this twenty years of Mansion’s work, he witnessed the step by step struggle of Mr. Meng Zhuo’er to become the head of the Dai Fei family.

Regarding this Master, who was eight years younger than him, he sincerely admires him.

When he was thinking about the past, a maid walked in.

“Mr. Bacon Miss Luo Diman is here.”

“Really? That’s great. Quickly invite her in.” Bacon suddenly exclaimed.

Not long after, a mixed-race woman entered the Hall.

“Good morning, Mr. Bacon.” Alice Lynn nodded her head and said hello to the German man.

“Good morning, Miss Luo Diman. I welcome your arrival.” Bacon said politely.

“You are too kind, is Miss Amy has woken up?”

Bacon looked at his watch, “It should be about now. May I ask, have you had breakfast yet? Would you like me to call for someone to help you prepare?”

“No need, thank you for your kindness, but I don’t have an appetite for now.”

“Are you unwell? Miss Luo Diman, your face doesn’t look good.” From the door, the German man found her face quite haggard.

“I am okay. Maybe I didn’t sleep very well last night.” Alice Lynn smiled.

“Please take care of your health, Muss Luo Diman. Do you want to drink a cup of tea?”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Alice Lynn nodded.

Around 8 o’clock, dressed in pajamas and walking around in slippers, Amy walked into the Hall.

Because the sofa chair was high and its back was facing her, she didn’t know that Alice Lynn has come back.

Amy rubbed her sleepy eyes and said to the German housekeeper: “Mr….Bacon, have you seen Lei?”

“Crash!” The cup in the mixed-race beauty’s hand fell to the ground.

Initially, her spirit was not too well to begin with, adding this unexpected shock, Alice Lynn finally lost her self-control.

By contrast, although he also has the same astounded face, the middle-aged German man was much more calm, he only spilled a bit of his black tea.

“Yeay, it’s Lynn. When did you get back?” Attracted by the sound of the falling cup, Amy finally saw her and threw herself at Alice Lynn.

Closely looking at Amy’s face, Alice Lynn felt like she was in a dream.

“Em, Amy, what did you call Mr. Bacon just now?” After managing to pull herself together, the mixed-race beauty bewilderedly asked.

The little girl confusedly looked at her, after a while she said: “Mr. Bacon is Mr. Bacon, I don’t understand what Lynn means.”

At that moment, the German man suddenly had the impulse to bend the knees and thanked the graciousness of the God. For so many years, this was the first time the little Lady called him by his name.

“Lynn, have you seen Lei?” Then, Amy asked that question again.

Alice Lynn can’t help but look at the excited housekeeper next to her.

“Miss, Mr. Lei Yin has gone jogging, he should be back soon. Do you want to eat breakfast?”

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Bacon. Lynn, we’ll eat together, okay?”

The mixed-race beauty can only nod and let herself be dragged by Amy to the kitchen table and sat down.

“Miss, please wait a moment, I will send someone to prepare the breakfast.” Still in his excited state, the German man almost ran to the Hall.

“Lei Yin, can you tell me what happened to Amy?” When after taking a bath the youth in loose clothing seated on the sofa, Alice Lynn finally couldn’t bear but ask the question that she kept in her heart.

“After Mr. Bacon come I will answer your question in one go.” When talking, the teenager touched the head of the little girl who was sitting next to him.

Listening to this, Alice Lynn had to endure not to speak.

After a while, Bacon came back with hands holding the freshly prepared breakfast.

“Please enjoy, Mr. Lei Yin.”

“Thank you. If Mr. Bacon has no other important matter, can you sit down and talk?” The youth said to him.

“With my pleasure.” Bacon sat down on another chair.

“Kid, it seems your little friend haven’t eaten breakfast yet, why don’t you go and feed it? Otherwise, it may get angry.” The youth turned to the little girl and said.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Amy immediately jumped down and ran out.

“Lei Yin, what do you mean by this little friend?” Alice Lynn somewhat confusedly asked.

“It’s just a puppy that we bought when I went out with that kid yesterday. Okay, since Mr. Bacon is also here, feel free to ask me anything.” The youth said as he began to eat his breakfast.

Although watching others having breakfast was a very rude thing to do, in order to look for the answer to the question in her heart, Alice Lynn can’t help but ask: “Answer me first, why would Amy become like this?”

“Before answering this question, let me ask you a question, Amy’s present condition, is it a good thing or a bad thing?” The youth said.

“I….I don’t know, I just felt it was too abrupt. I temporarily unable to accept it.”

“Mr. Bacon, what do you think?” The youth asked the German man.

“I think what happen to little Miss is a good thing, at least now she’s opened up a lot, moreover, it is clear that she’s now able to slightly accept other people.” After thinking for a moment, the German man said.