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“Since that’s the case, I’m going to answer your question. Amy turned out like this because I treated her with hypnosis.” The youth said to Alice.

“Hypnosis?” Alice stood up in amazement.

The youth looked at her and said quietly: “It’s just like I’ve told you before, the reason why she became an autistic child, was because she witnessed her mother’s suicide, so I gave her a deep hypnosis to let her forget the scene of her seeing the death of her mother. This is actually quite easy; any psychiatrists with deep experience with hypnosis can do it.

After having done this deep hypnosis, Amy still knows that her mother committed suicide, but doesn’t have any image seeing her commit suicide. Sometimes, seeing and knowing are two different things.”

“You unexpectedly know hypnosis?” Alice slowly sat down.

“Besides being born that exceeded an ordinary child, I have more things that I can do. This issue is not even worth mentioning about.”

The youth irritated the mixed-race beauty as he was looking as if he was looking down on her.

“But, Mr. Lei Yin, if I remember correctly, regardless of the depth of hypnosis, there would also be a time-limit. It would be difficult to guarantee that after a period of time the young lady wouldn’t think about it again.” The prudent German butler thought about it and said.

“This you have nothing to be worried about, the method of hypnosis is different from the methods that general psychiatrist uses, so long as the little kid doesn’t see a similar scene as her sealed up memory, she won’t remember it again. Also to be safe, you’d better pay attention and not let her come into contact with anything related to her mother’s suicide, if you can, it would be best to wait for her to become an adult and then let her go to see her mother. This is also the reason why I’ve asked you to have a conversation with me.”

The youth indeed has made the little girl go through a deep hypnosis, which was different from the general psychiatrists, in the hypnosis, he added his own strong spiritual force to make it successful.

Lei Yin after reincarnating had an internal force that exceeded that of an ordinary individual, although he practices until late at night every day, from his reincarnation until now, had only been about two years. Therefore, the present Lei Yin only has 20% of the skill he had when he was at his peak.

But even with this, the present Lei Yin would still find it difficult to find someone that could match him.

A master who had reached the peak realm and the physical requirement weren’t hat high. What really made him invincible was his inherent spiritual cultivation.

That’s why, after this special deep hypnosis, so long as she doesn’t encounter the things stated before, Amy would basically never remember those horrible scenes again.”

“Is it really possible to do this kind of thing right away?” Alice was a little skeptical.

“Of course, this much is simple, I have also already talked with Mr. Bacon, hoping to let the kid go to a normal school. With this you can pay attention to her condition, if you find that she’s unlikely to adjust to strangers and excessively resists, then you should find the right time to do so. If you usually have time, you can take her out for a walk, and have contact with the outside environment, so that she can have time to adapt.”

Alice found it hard to remember every word he said.

“Mr. Bacon, I’m grateful to have been taken care of, if nothing else happens, then, in the next days I’m going to go back and leave Switzerland.” The youth said to the German man.

“What, you’re leaving?” Alice looked at him in surprise.

The youth said with a shrug: “Even if you build a thousand-league and awn for it, good things would still come to an end, It’s only a matter of time when.”

Bacon and Alice were silent.

“Well, kid, have you feed it?” The youth faced towards the little girl holding a white puppy and asked.

“Lei, Little Lei has eaten a lot.” The little girl said with joy.

“Hey, I’ve said so many times, don’t call the dog Little Lei, makes my whole body uncomfortable each time I hear it.” The youth protested.

“Don’t want to, I like this name.” The little girl hugged the puppy into her arms.

“In that case, I have something better, how about calling the dog Lei Li.” The youth suddenly smirked.

“Lei Li?”

“Yes, the name sounds good, right? Later call it Lei Li, it’s decided.” The youth made an effort and slight patted the head of the puppy.

The puppy immediately called out.

“Look, it even likes the name.” The youth said with a smile.

“Okay, Lei Li behave well.” The little girl kissed the dog’s head.

At this time, somewhere in New York, a man suddenly sneezed for no reason.

“Weird, did I catch a cold?” The man muttered to himself.

“It seems you didn’t sleep a wink last night. Go get some sleep.” At noon, the youth sat beside the mixed-race beauty who was in a daze in the garden.

Alice glanced at him helplessly, “He had a huge temper, I haven’t seen him that angry. And finally, he threw me out. Tell me did I really make any mistake?”

“You can go back, go to his family or office. You can ask him, ask him to forgive you. If that doesn’t work, you can just kneel down and grasp his thigh and tell him how much you love him. Then tell him, if you lost him, you’ll die.” The youth said lightly.

“Lei Yin, you are very cruel sometimes. You bastard!” The mixed-race beauty tightly bit her lips while closely observing him.

“Didn’t you say you love him? Maybe if you do so, he might forgive you.” The youth continued.

“Enough, I beg you not to say anything else.” Alice burst into tears.

“Cry, cry heartily.” The boy quietly walked up to her and stroked her brown hair.

Alice finally couldn’t bear it anymore, lying her head on his shoulder to cry on….


Airport, a place of bidding good-bye. If there’s an unfortunate air crash, it would possibly become the place that they’ve parted forever.

11:00 pm, a youth arrived at Zurich Airport Terminal.

He seemed like an Asian tourist, the only thing on him was a gift bag and no other luggage.

Half an hour away from his flight, the youth calmly sat on a chair and started to read today’s newspaper.

Moments later, his cell phone rang.

“Hey, is this Alice?”

“You don’t need to come over, I’m not fond the atmosphere of bidding good-bye to a person.”

“I ‘ve also told the little kid, that I have a matter to do, so after some time, if she wants, I can come back. Hearing this should make her feel better. However, I’m not deceiving her, when I have a vacation I’ll certainly come back again to see her. When she wakes up, you tell her that I was in a hurry, so I needed to go first.”

“I would also like to thank Mr. Bacon for taking care of me.”

“Don’t say anything, I need to board the plane. Later, if something happens, give me a call on this phone.”

After hanging up, the youth walked towards a glass window, silently looking at the scenery outside.