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“Kid, what are you doing here?”

“Long time no see, how do you do? Hey, why don’t you speak?”

Seeing the young girl turned her head away, the youth was a bit bewildered.

“You’re Asami right? What’s wrong with her?”

A glanced at him but did not make any noise. Just followed behind the girl.

“Kazumi, Rumi, you guys go ahead, I want to see this kid.” With that, the youth ran forward a few steps.

“Rumi, don’t worry.” Kazumi gently patted her hand.

“Em.” The young girl nodded her head, but her face looked a bit lonesome.

Kazumi knew it would be useless to say anything now, so she held her hand and continued to move forward.

“Hey, kid, what happened?” The youth ran to the previous girl.

When she saw the young girl’s face, he was stunned.

“Gennai you bastard!” With a face full of tears, the young girl glared at the youth and then suddenly threw herself into his arms.

Asami was holding her bag from the side and smiled at them.

“Hey, you this dead kid, dare to bite me?” The youth suddenly screamed and pushed the young girl away from his bosom.

Seeing the youth awkwardly rubbed his shoulder, the young girl couldn’t help but smile.

“You have the nerve to smile?” The youth glared at her.

“Who told you to run away for half a month without telling me anything? This is your punishment.” The young girl charmingly said.

Hearing this, the youth felt wronged. He initially planned to go back straight away after a day in Nepal, who knew he would be dragged into a family feud. Although afterward, he told Kazumi about this, he actually forgot to tell this young girl.

“Just call it a tie. Here are the souvenirs for you two. The extra two are for your friends. Masashi pulled out four gifts wrapped in very beautiful packages from his bag. One for Aiko, and the other three for Asami.

“What is this thing?” Aiko never thought this heartless guy has actually bought a gift for her.

“You will know when you open it.”

Aiko ripped open the packaging paper only to see a little red box. She opened the box and found a very fine and exquisite ladies watch. It’s not just the degree of sophistication but also its unique shaped bracelet.

“This is really for me?” Aiko never saw such exquisite and cute watch. Her stained with tears face immediately filled with a surprised smile.

“Do you like it?” Masashi said with a smile.

“Em.” The young girl can’t wait anymore and wore the watch on her right hand. After wearing, she lovingly looked from left and right.

“Student Gennai, I can’t accept this gift.” At this moment, the nearby Asami suddenly said.

“Asami, why won’t you accept this?” Aiko looked at her somewhat confused.

“Because this gift was too expensive.”

She didn’t know the exact price, but she knew this hand watch can’t be bought below five digit number.

“Gennai, are these watches really expensive?” Aiko asked.

Masashi enjoyed watching this girl called Asami, “Don’t worry, I bought these with my money. Though these things are a bit expensive to buy in Tokyo, in their origin country Switzerland, the price is actually very ordinary.

“What, are you saying you went missing for half a month to go to Switzerland?” Aiko looked at him in surprised.

Masashi smiled, “What’s with this missing thing, don’t say such a nasty word ok? However, I did go to Switzerland, just landed yesterday.”

“What are you doing in Switzerland? Don’t tell me you went on vacation there.” Aiko has no doubt about his words that he went to Switzerland, but she was curious about what he was doing there.

“Kid, you’re really smart. I went there as a tourist.” Masashi said with a smile.

“Who’s going to believe you, quickly talk, what exactly are doing there?” Because of dissatisfaction with his answer, the young girl swung her arms in front of him, acting like a spoiled kid.

“Nosy kid, quickly walks, after taking you back, I have to go home for dinner.” Just like in the Switzerland when he was preoccupied with something he likes to pinch the little girl’s face, Masashi casually pinched the young girl’s face.

“Annoying guy!” Aiko blushed, but she still clung her two hands on the youth’s arm.

Watching the laughter of the two people, and looking at the fine watch on her hand, Asami quietly followed up.

Asami’s house was relatively near, so Masashi and Aiko took her back home first.

“We’re here, kid, I’m going home now.” In front of Aiko’s apartment, Masashi said his goodbye.

“Hey, do you want to come in and sit down for a minute?” The young girl looked at him with a bit sad face.

“No thank you, I need to get home for dinner. Moreover, you don’t need to come looking for me at school anymore, if you have something to say, just give me a call.”

“Then….when will you have the time to come pick me up after school?” The young girl hesitated for a moment and said.

“What’s wrong, something is bothering you?” Masashi raised his eyebrows.

“No, forget it, I’m going in now.” With that, Aiko, a bit angry, went inside.

‘What’s wrong with this kid? I always thought she’s acting strange today. Forget, I’ll go and check on her tomorrow, maybe someone did give her some trouble.’ Masashi though while walking.

When he just walked a few steps, suddenly, a light blue compact car came at his direction.

When the car was beside the youth, the driver suddenly slammed the brake.

Just when the youth believed he would bump into some trouble, he suddenly revealed a mistaken expression.

He saw, walking down from that light blue compact car, a young woman in white dress; A woman who turned other people’s heads when she walks with 100% success rate.

“Are you Masashi?” The young woman closely looked at the youth, failing to hide the surprise in her eyes.

“Teacher Naoko?” The youth never thought after being separated for almost a year he would see this beautiful woman again.