Chapter - 89: Phone Number
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In the eyes of artists and writers, girls and women are two entirely different concepts. Girls represents the youth, sharp, nimble and resourceful as well as green. But Women are mature, stylish, and synonymous with seduction.

The person in front of the youth was undoubtedly woman among women.

In the school, no one questioned the moral character of teacher Naoko. Beautiful as a flower, modest, humble, and courteous, was the best portrayal of her. She treated anyone with politeness but regarding to any men who continually tried to get close to her, she maintained a safe distance without apparent indifference. But even so, she sometimes inadvertently revealed her mature feminine character and style, making many male teachers and students almost unable to restrain themselves.

It’s been a year, she looked more beautiful and sophisticated. A faint fragrance floated from her body and into the youth’s nose, causing the youth’s state of mind, as if a river, surged out a strange ripple.

While the youth observed her, teacher Naoko was also watching the youth.

After a year, he looked a lot taller, now she was only as tall as his earlobe. A year ago, that young and inexperienced face was now brimmed with a kind of bright luster. On his face, she could not find any of those typical teen acne. Compared to the past, those deep and fantastic pair of eyes were now seemingly able to suck the human soul. The slender and fit body under those eyes, together with his whole body, exuded a special quality that words can not describe.

This youth was still that ordinary youth, perhaps in the crowd, no one will notice him. But when someone accidentally put their eyes on him, they could not move away from him.

Gradually full like a new moon. This was the only words teacher Naoko can think of.

“Teacher Naoko, when did you get back?” After that moment of surprise in the beginning, the youth asked.

“I just came back this morning. My sister might not know that I’m back. Fancy seeing you here, we haven’t seen for a while, Masashi.” The beautiful teacher looked a bit excited.

“It is almost a year now, how have teacher recently been?”

“Um. Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t then I invite you to eat, what do you think?” Teacher Naoko looked at him and said.

“No need, my food is already prepared at home, I’m going to eat there. Thank you for the offer teacher Naoko.”

Hearing what the youth said, teacher Naoko looked a bit disappointed.

“If teacher has some free time, you can call me on my phone, at that time we can slowly chat again.” Seeing her looked of disappointment, Masashi added this sentence.

“But I don’t have your phone number.”

“Your phone number has not changed, right? If it has not changed, I will call your phone.” Masashi said and took out his mobile phone.

“Do you remember my phone number?”

“Of course, I remember.” Masashi casually said something. In any case, her phone number was still on his phone, so he didn’t have to remember anything.

“My phone number has not changed.” Having heard these words, teacher Naoko suddenly looked very cheerful.

“Goodbye, teacher Naoko.” After an exchange of phone numbers, Masashi said goodbye to her.

“Masashi.” Teacher Naoko suddenly called him.

“What happened?”

“I am no longer your teacher, if you do not mind, you can just call me Naoko?” After some hesitation, teacher Naoko softly said.

Masashi was a bit surprised but quickly nodded.

“Naoko, welcome back.” The youth said with a smile.

At that moment, Naoko smiled like a blooming flower.


“Senior, please advise.” In the wooden floor and spacious basement, Rumi, in Kendo suit and a helmet, bowed toward Masashi.

“Begin.” On the opposite of her, Masashi dismissively said in a casual manner.

Without further ado, this Kendo girl quickly stepped forward with hands holding a bamboo sword and made a sword strike toward Masashi….

Twenty minutes later, Masashi pulled the already dripping with sweat Rumi to the side.

“Kid, not bad, you made a great progress.” Masashi took her helmet off and said with a smile. Seeing his bright and smiling face, the Kendo girl suddenly filled with a grievance. Soon, this emotional grievance turned into a flood of impulse. Finally, she could no longer hold anymore and quickly clung to the youth’s neck then burst into tears.

Adding to this, within one day, Masashi had been amazed for the third times.

The youth was dreadfully puzzled by her action and had to gently pat her back to appease.

After a long time, the girl finally stopped crying, but her body still occasionally twitched.

“Kid, what happened? Tell senior about it.” Masashi held the had been crying little girl and sat leaning against the wall.

“Senior, I miss you….” After saying this, the girl clung to his neck again.

“Little fool, I am already back am I not?” Masashi smiled.

Rumi lifted up her stained with tears face and looked at him, “Senior, I….” Having said this, she started to speak but hesitated.

“What happened?”

“I….I am a bit hungry.” Immediately after saying this, the girl quickly scolded herself.

“Got to hand it to you, after making this serious atmosphere, I thought there was something serious. Then let’s go, mom and Kazumi should’ve prepared the dinner by now.” Masashi helped her get up.

The girl nodded her head, then continued to look at him in silence, as if he would suddenly disappear.

“Right, do you like the souvenir that I bought for you?” At the stairs, Masashi pointed at the necklace that was hanging on her neck.

“Yes, very much. I will take good care of it.”

“Fool, what’s with taking good care, it’s just a small gift.”

Rumi gently shook her head and tightly grasped the head of the necklace with her thumb and index finger.


At 9 o’clock in the morning, Chang’an was having a regular meeting with his subordinates.

Although this middle-aged man usually cherished his words like gold, when he need to talk he will talk. But the subordinates always startled by this consistent impression of their boss.

At every meeting, he always let other people to express their view first, until the meeting concluded when he would simply say a few words. But those words were the final decision which can’t be rejected by anybody.

This time, when it was halfway through the session, Chang’an, with his usual patience, casually listened to the manager’s current performance report. Suddenly, his cell-phone vibrated.

Looking at the caller-id, Chan’an said to the man: “Sorry, I have something to do. You can continue the meeting. Miss Guan, I will wait for you to put the meeting’s content on my table.” He turned his head to the side toward his secretary, who was responsible for the meeting’s record.

“I know, Mr. Shen.” The female secretary nodded.

“Everybody, excuse me.” With that, he walked out of the meeting room.

The other people can’t help but look at each other. This was the first time their boss left in the middle of a meeting.

Some people began to speculate about the identity of the caller, who unexpectedly received such a considerable attention from their boss.

After returning to his office, Chang’an answered the phone.

“Little Rei, what happened?” He knew if something important hadn’t happened, Reili wouldn’t call him at this time.

“Chan’an, those guys attacked our men again.” Reili’s tone seemed a bit weird on the phone.

“At what time?” Chang’an softly gasped.

“Today around four o’clock in the morning, they attacked our bases which were previously had been attacked by them, the casualties are even more greater than the last time.” Reili’s voice was as cold as ice.

Chang’an knew why he would be so angry like this.

To openly attack the same place twice, which was a blatant provocation, indicated the opposite party did not put them in their eyes.

“Did you inform the master?”

“Not yet.”

“You wait for me at the old place. I’ll be right there.”


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