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After school the next day. Masashi changed his school uniform to casual clothes at home, then took a taxi to Naoko-sensei's house.

A girl he hadn't seen before opened the door. "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"

Wrong address? He checked the house number again. "I am looking for Naoko-sensei."

"Sister? Who are you?"

So this is her younger sister. "My name is Hirota Masashi, a student of your sister."

"Oh, then come on in. She's taking a bath."

A white puppy ran over and stared at him with caution.

The girl picked it up and said. "Shasha, greet nii-san." The puppy actually barked.

Masashi smiled bitterly. When did I become brothers with a dog.

"Ai-chan, was someone on the door?" Naoko-sensei came out in a bathroom before long.

"Hi, Naoko-sensei."

"You're here. Can you wait a bit? I will go get changed." She was pleasantly surprised to see Masashi.

"Take your time."

She returned to a room.

"Your name's Hirota Masashi? Are you close with my sister?"

"Probably, I am her student after all."

"But she had never brought any boys home. You're the first one."

"Oh, is that so." Masashi didn’t know how to reply.

Ai studied him seriously. "But you don't look handsome, and so short. Nee-san wouldn't like people like you. I probably thought too much."

Masashi felt a headache. Why do kids today know so much at an early age.

"Hey, do you play games? I bought a new one today. Come over here." Before Masashi could answer, she dragged him over to the TV and threw him a controller.

Masashi didn't know whether to laugh or cry and started playing with her.

The previous Hirota Masashi was a gamer. Even though he was dead, the memory was still there. It was rare for Ai to find someone that could play so well.

As they were engrossed in the game, Naoko came out. "Masashi, let's go."

He looked at her. Light make up on the face, a light green one piece dress showing her curves, and a pair of stockings on her long legs made them look delicious.

Ai saved the game and yelled. "Nee-san, you're pretty."

Naoko glanced at Masashi and blushed a bit when she noticed he was looking with a sense of appreciation.

"Nee-san, where are you going?"

"Have you forgotten? I told you yesterday that I am having dinner with someone tonight. That's Masashi. I have called sushi for you. It should be here in a bit."

"I don’t want sushi. I want to go with you."


"Why not?"

"Because… just no."

"I want to go." Ai raised her hands in protest.

"Can you please listen?"

"I want to go."

Naoko looked at Masashi in defeat. He spread his hands and said. "I don't mind."

The three of them came to a fancy restaurant. The two beauties attracted everyone's eyeballs and the average looking Masashi was ignored.

"I don’t like these people, keep staring over." Ai was unhappy being stared at.

"You should be happy. They won't even bother to take a look at people like me." Masashi said lazily.

"That's true." Her expression flipped instantly.

"Masashi, I heard you have a sister, right?" Naoko asked.

"Yes. Hirota Kazumi. She doesn't like to talk but her grades are much better than mine."

"You probably feel lonely because your parents are not home often."

Masashi paused. He never thought of this problem. It didn't matter much to him because he was accustomed to being along all these years. But what about Kazumi? She was just a teen. Furthermore, she probably didn’t have many friends to talk to with that quiet personality of hers. Mom was also alone these years, maybe more lonely than them. I should think of a way to reunite the family.

Naoko glanced at Masashi when he was thinking. This mature expression attracted her.

"Hey, why aren't you two talking?"

"Oh, right. Ai, what do you want to eat?" Naoko was shocked.

"Didn’t you just ordered?"

"Ah, sorry. I forgot."

"Sis, you are weird today."

The waiter brought the dishes and Ai immediately started eating.

"Masashi, would you like a glass of wine? The wine here are quite famous."

Masashi smiled at her. "Sensei, are you sure?"

She remembered that he was still a high school student. How could she had suggested her student to drink alcohol?

Masashi said to the waiter. "Please bring us two glasses of your house wine."

"I also want one." Ai said.

"Not for children."

"What are you talking about? I am in high school just like you." She was angry.

"What? Aren't you a middle schooler?" Masashi acted shocked.

"You… are terrible." Ai gritted her teeth.

Naoko didn’t say anything. She looked at Masashi with complex feelings as she realized she was treating him like a man her age or even more mature. That young face made her feel frightened.

"Ai, it's you." A boy walked over as they were eating.

"Oh, it's Yousuke. You're here also." Ai said with surprise.

"Yeah, what a coincidence. I thought I got the wrong person. When did you come here?" He looked quite excited.

"Not for long."

"I came here with my cousin. These two are?" He looked at Naoko and Masashi.

"She's my sister and this is her student, a not likeable person." Ai was still holding a grudge.

"Ai, that's impolite of you. Hi, Yousuke, I am Ai's sister, Hasebe Naoko. He's Hirota Masashi, my student. Thank you for taking care of Ai." Naoko said with a smile.

"That's too polite of you." Yousuke blushed when he looked at Naoko.

"Yousuke, care to introduce these two beautiful ladies?" A slender and rather handsome man walked over.

"This is Hasabe Ai, my classmate. This is her sister, Naoko-san. And this is Naoko-san's student. Hirota Ma... Ma…"

"Hirota Masashi." Masashi said with a smile.

"Right, hirota Masashi." Yousuke looked at him gratefully.

"Hello, I am Yousuke's cousin, Hinatsu Junichiro. Glad to meet you." He said with politeness but his eyes were fixed on Naoko.

He had been paying attention to this woman ever since she walked into the restaurant. He originally wanted to find a chance to meet her but his cousin actually knew them. He thought that the gods were on his side.

"Hi, Hinatsu-san." Naoko said.

"Please call me Junichiro. That's what my friends call me." He smiled. He was rather confident with his charm.

However, Naoko didn't have any reaction.

"Would you be interested to come sit with us? Yousuke would be very glad."

"Hinatsu-san, my student is still here, so I won't bother you."

"Is that so? Then I hope to see you again."

After they left, Ai said. "Nee-san, why didn’t you go over? Yousuke's cousin looks pretty good. And he seems interested in you. I would go if I were you."

"I won't stop you from going over. You classmate is there also."

"But he's inviting you."

"Ai-chan, you can't just look at the surface of a person."

"You're preaching again." Ai buried herself in food.

"Masashi, would you like anything else? Don't hold back."

Masashi shook his head. "No, I am almost full."

Naoko drove Masashi back to his house then returned home with Ai.

When Masashi walked pass Kazumi's room, she was still studying.