Chapter - 90: Coffee
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When Masashi received a phone call, he was a little surprised.

Arriving at the agreed place, going inside he looked around and saw Naoko-sensei with a rather handsome young man sitting at a coffee table having a conversation with her.

Masashi had seen this young man once in the past, he was Aiko’s schoolmate’s, the boy named Yusuke’s cousin, Hinatsu Junichiro.

Although Naoko-sensei was talking with Junichiro, her eyes were actually looking at the coffee shop door, intentionally or not. So, when Masashi came inside, she immediately noticed him.

“I’m sorry. Hinatsu-san, the person who I’ve invited, has already come, I’ll go first.” She then picked up her bag immediately running up to Masashi.

Seeing Naoko leave together with a youth that seemed a little familiar, Hinatsu choked a little with rage.

In addition to this time, he didn’t know how many times this woman had rejected him.

In the eyes of outsiders, Hinatsu Junichiro was young, handsome and rich, he was an outstanding man in the eyes of most female, in this point, he himself couldn’t deny it.

Regarding his grandiose appearance, it was quite different from the second generation born people, he gave people the impression that he was always so polite and prudent, which was also the reason why several women have a very good first impression of him.

Just a year ago, by chance, he met this woman named Naoko.

After seeing her for the first time, he was immediately attracted to her beautiful appearance causing his kidney to go online ascending ever wildly; he truly was attracted to this devil’s figure.

Just like the sons of all rich men, he also liked beautiful woman very much. By this condition, he was unable to count how many woman he had already played with.

However, he has actually never seen any woman that made men impulsive like her.

Knowing that she went to Nagoya, he thought that it was all right to drive frequently looking for her. But even with his passionate way of pursuit, this woman actually didn’t budge.

At first, he thought that she was doing it intentionally and constraining herself, but after being repeatedly rejected, he discovered that this woman didn’t actually have any interest in him.

For love killers like him, this was an absolute humiliation.

He began to think that she already had a boyfriend, so he even had asked people to investigate her. But the finding only left him frustrated.

Was she a lesbian? But he soon overthrew this conclusion because the results of the investigation didn’t mention whether she was associated with a male or female.

And seeing the boy just now, it now became more impossible.

On the other hand, the harder it was to get the woman, the more interested he became in them. That’s why he had continued pursuing her for nearly a year. For him, this was an unprecedented event.

Looking at the wonderful bodied woman wearing a swaying white skirt, gradually disappear, Junichiro unconsciously swallowed his saliva. Looking around, he found that inside the restaurant, many men were watching Naoko leave.

Anyway, he had to make sure to get this woman. Junichiro clenched his fists.

“Good riddance that guy.” Going outside, Naoko-sensei stuck out her tongue at Masashi.

“You won’t be able to get rid of your suitors without calling me to come, right?” Masashi said with a little headache.

“I had nothing to do with him, it just simply happened like that, so don’t misunderstand.” She looked very nervous.

“You can see, that my job is now done, what do you want to do, go home?” Masashi looked at the time on his phone showing that it was only 3 pm.

“Of course not. It’s a rare Sunday. Moreover, the weather is good, let’s go around.”

Looking at her face filled with hope, Masashi nodded.

“Then let’s go quickly, I was in the Harajuku department store and saw a fancy dress, let’s go there now.” Then, Naoko-sensei couldn’t wait and pulled Masashi’s hand, walking at the front.

“Hey, could it be you want to walk there?” Masashi was almost like a pet being pulled away.

“Of course not, silly.” He didn’t know whether it was because the weather was hot, but Naoko-sensei’s face was bright red.

In the Shibuya district not far from the women’s clothing department store in the VIVRE Shopping Mall, the youth sat on the guest chair in the store while yawning non-stop.

Wasn’t that fellow already settled? Why come here and after choosing for quite a while only to choose two items? At first, he walked around with her, but after half an hour, he couldn’t hold on, and quickly found a place to sit down.

“Masashi, I’ve changed. Come and help me take a look.” The youth was sitting down bored when a Naoko-sensei wearing a short lavender dress walked out of the changing room in front of him.

Seeing that the girl had changed into a new clothing, Masashi at present couldn’t help but reveal a surprised look and have a breathtaking feeling.

Masashi sighed at the potential of a woman, so long as they changed clothes or hairstyle, it would produce results that make it seem like they’re a different person.

Usually dressed in a bit of a gentle and elegant office clothes, but the current Naoko-sensei was different, like this she could make most men she meets to indulge in fantasy.

Silk veil skirt attached to her clothes in a roundabout way making one’s heart beat, and in the light, it would give a kind of slightly transparent but hazy feeling. Her pair of smooth jade-like slender legs can be seen under her short skirt. It was a pair of delicate white, making people unable to bear and want to touch it with their hands appreciatively.

This woman really was a stunner, even with Lei Yin’s extensive training, he still found that his heart was beating unexpectedly fast jumping up several times.

He has rarely seen a woman with such a perfect body, if she walked around dressed like this, it would be hard to imagine how many men would turn into a wolf.

“Masashi, does this dress look good?” Naoko-sensei blushed and asked him.

The youth watched her quietly, and suddenly walked up touching her hair. Immediately, her long supple hair draped behind her back, and out of thin air added some obsequiousness.

Seeing the teenager near, she suddenly felt stiff not daring to move, it seems like she was subconsciously looking forward to what happens next. But discovering that he only untied her hair lace, she suddenly felt a kind of sense of loss.

“This is even more beautiful.” The youth said with a smile.

“Thanks!” Naoko-sensei lowered her head, and with a barely audible voice, said something softly.

Unknowingly, it seems that between the two was filled with an ambiguous, charming, but exotic atmosphere.

Looking at the flowery and glamorous woman together with the unusual youth, the people around also had a face dyed in red.

Coming out of the department store, Naoko-sensei suggested to go sit down at a café, to this proposal Masashi lifted his foot in approval.

Walking not far, they arrived at a quite westernized coffee shop.

Because it was in the afternoon, the guests inside were not many. Masashi wanted to look for a spot near the window, but Naoko-sensei actually pulled him to a quite lonesome and quiet corner.

“Masashi, what do you want to drink? Don’t tell me that you want cola.” Naoko-sensei said with a smile.

“A cup of Cappuccino.”

“Oh, it seems that you also understand much.” Naoko-sensei was a bit surprised.

“This is nothing, remember I told you about the song Love Me Tender that my friend like? She very much liked coffee, I also knew her after drinking, but before that, I only drank tea.” Masashi said dismissively.

Naoko-sensei noticed that he said ‘she’ instead of ‘he’, but didn’t pursue the matter.

“I’ll trouble you with two cups of cappuccino,” Naoko-sensei said to the waiter.

“Yes, please wait.” The waiter looked at her, blushing, quickly lowering his head after looking.

Masashi noticed that the waiter walked away in several steps, but also secretly looked back glancing at Naoko-sensei. Masashi smiled slightly.

And soon, he brought the coffee. Naoko-sensei didn’t fill it with sugar but gently stirred the coffee with a spoon.

“Masashi you…what do you think about woman older than you?” After a while, Naoko-sensei suddenly asked making Masashi bewildered.

“Sorry, I couldn’t quite understand what you mean.” Masashi looked up at her.

“I…I meant, you,…would you accept a woman who is older than you in age?” Naoko-sensei lowered her head as she spoke.

“In fact, it doesn’t matter if the girl was a beautiful woman like you, I believe that all men would be happy.” Seeing that she seemed bothered by her feelings, Masashi had a headache, he was most afraid in providing advice on matters such as this.

“Is that true?” Naoko-sensei’s head snapped up.

“Of course, with regards to you, I believe that no one would reject. Don’t worry.” This was already the limit of what Masashi could say.

“Then…you…willing to….accept me?” Naoko-sensei’s face was as red as blood but was also overwhelmingly nervous while she watched him..

“Bang” The coffee cup on Masashi’s hand fell on the table….

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