Chapter - 94: Again?
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“What, School festival? Didn’t we just have one not long ago?” On the roof, the eating Masashi looked up and asked.

“In two days, just like our school festival, we’ll also be together in theirs Pang Mu private high school anniversary of the founding of their school. You always skip class, so you certainly don’t know.” Kazumi stared coldly at him.

Seeing the nearby Rumi’s happy expression, Masashi asked: “Rumi, it seems like you’re very happy, do you like school festival that much?”

“Um, because I haven’t participated in the previous school festival, I can make up for it this time,” Rumi said with joy.

“In my opinion, this so-called school festival, besides being slightly for not needing to attend class, I really don’t see what fun the place is.”

“No, senior must accompany me to participate in the school festival,” Rumi said very firmly.


“Because….” Rumi looked at Kazumi seeking for help.

“Because in this school festival, Rumi’s attending the baseball game. You’re her senior, so, of course, you have to be present and cheer for her.” Kazumi said with a nice timing.

“What baseball, don’t you have kendo club? How are they linked to the baseball game?” Masashi was a bit puzzled.

“You don’t know, but although Rumi’s a member of the Kendo Club, but is also in the baseball club, so she’ll be participating in the game,” Kazumi explains.

“Hey, kid, taking part in both clubs, can you handle it?” Masashi said to Rumi.

The kendo girl a little bashfully said: “I actually didn’t want to participate, but when I was playing baseball with a few students, the baseball club’s coach saw me, and said that I throw well, and that he would like to invite me to join the baseball club. I told him I’m already in the Kendo Club, but he said it was fine, and finally I had promised him that after Kendo practice ends, and have time, to take part in practice.”

“No matter what, if you get too tired, don’t go, don’t force yourself too much, alright?”

“I know, senior.” Seeing Masashi’s concern for her, Rumi felt very happy in her heart.

“If so, then I’ll just go cheer for you as well. Do I also have to tie a white sash on my forehead with the word ‘struggle’ on it?” Masashi jokingly said with a smile.

“I hate you, senior.” Rumi was charmingly angry.

On the side, Kazumi smiled.

“Naoko, what a coincidence, fancy seeing you here.” When Naoko-sensei walked out from the magazine company, a male voice stopped her.

“Mr. Junichiro, hello.” Naoko-sensei nodded to him to say hello.

“By the way, why’d you come here?” Junichiro asked with a smile on his face.

“The editor-in-chief of the magazine company was my classmate in high school, and she asked me to help translate some materials. I came here to give back the translated material to her.”

“Turned out to be so, but fortunately, I had some business around here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met you. If you’re free now, do want to go have a cup of coffee?”

Looking at her, she was dressed in an OL dress, with a faint yellow coat and white shirt. On the lower part of her body, she wore a knee-length skirt and black high heels, giving off a full intellectually beauty stature but also an extremely hot high-class beauty, Junichiro found that a certain section of his body began to stir.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jinichiro, I have an appointment, I would like to go back.” Thinking that the boy might be waiting for her at the apartment door, she couldn’t wait but rush home.

“Naoko, you’re always so distant. I’m so sad.” Junichiro said in a joking tone.

“Mr. Junichiro, you’re joking. Based on your criteria, I believe that a lot of beautiful ladies are willing to accept your invitation. I really have something to do, if you’ll excuse me.” Naoko-sensei slightly bowed her head, and walked towards her car.

Junichiro with a slightly stiff smile looked at her leave, a mixture of desire and rage caused his face to gradually twist up.

Bitch, if a day you fall on my hand, I’ll certainly play with you.

He imagined that one day he would wantonly ravage her, Junichiro almost erupted from excitement.

He knew that she would appear here today, meeting her was no accident.

In order to understand her habits in Tokyo, he hired a private detective to follow her again.

In the results, he discovered most of her daily life habits, and it also mentioned about the youth named Gennai Masashi.

For this boy, Junichiro was a bit impressed and seemed to remember that the youth was Naoko’s former student.

But there’s one thing that’s very strange, in the last period of time, this youth called Gennai Masashi were often seen together with Naoko. With this discovery, he couldn’t help but be wary of him.

I don’t believe that there’s a woman I can’t get! Junichiro threw a cigarette in his mouth, entering the car, and started to drive.

“Ba, Ba….” It was the same as fart (Lei Yin’s idea), a few fireworks resounded, representing that the school festival of Pang Hu private high school has finally begun.

Compared with their public high school, the Pang Mu private high school was really nice and wide.

Gorgeous school buildings, standard track, covered with expensive soccer field, an ideal baseball field, a wide school ground, indoor basketball and so on. These innumerable perfect facilities made them remember their public school, and compared to this, theirs was like a prison.

Looking at it, the tuition for this privately established high school should be quite considerable. Although the Pang Mu private high school couldn’t be compared to Aiko’s school, it still shouldn’t be that far of a difference.

Moreover, there was a little difference with the public highschool; this private school also has a middle school. But it was separated with the high school.

“I’ve always wanted to know, why is our high school and Pang Mu private high school together? What’s the relationship between our principal with Pang Mu High School’s principal?” Masashi badly wanted to know it and said with a smiling face.

“Really have a petty idea.” Kazumi pinched his arm out.

“Then you tell me how it was,” Masashi said with a shrug.

“We’ve heard that the high school principal and Pang Mu’s principal was former college classmates. If the rumors are ture, it’s no wonder the two highschools are together.” Kazumi said.

“How do you know that?” He didn’t believe in such a person like Kazumi resembling that of a meddling woman, which was the same as asking other people about this matter.

“Curiosity about this news was around our class. Sitting near them, I wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear.” Kazumi a little reluctantly said.

“Isn’t that good? It could broaden your horizons, and also drive away mosquitos.”

“Nonsense guy.” Said the ill-humored Kazumi.

Rumi next to them was interestingly listening, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Although the school environment and facilities were quite different compared with the public schools, the school festival was helped in very much the same way.

That is, there are a number of students that established stalls that sold snacks or games, coffee shops in some classes were also found, it was like a museum filled with picnic items for kids.

Like the last school festival, Kazumi and Masahi had no interest in the food stalls, nor the shooting, fishing for goldfish games, they didn’t even bother to look at them.

The difference in the both of them was that Rumi had become enthusiastic, and wanted to try them.

Seeing her so happy, Masashi didn’t want to rain on her parade and had to play with her, while Kazumi was watching them at the side.

It was rare to see such a beautiful and lovely girl visit the stall of men and made everyone forget including themselves. Many school boys at first wanted to finish buying for their preparation who had stopped moving motionless. Some of the more outgoing boys were constantly looking for opportunities to talk with Rumi. There was also two boys trying to ask for her phone number.

Suddenly, Rumi was overwhelmed by the boys’ enthusiasm, quickly hiding behind Masashi. Seeing her delicate and charming look made the guys blood boil, and wished that they could hug her and be pitied on. For a moment, a very few people spread out and acted as if they were enveloped in the flames of war.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s all right.” Masashi said with a smile. Although it was a bit funny, he couldn’t help but admire this cheeky little imp.

Seeing Masashi smile, Rumi settled down. And a bit disturbingly said: “Senior, let’s get out of here.”

“Don’t you like the dolls? I’ll help you win back one before going.” Masashi patter her hand.

“Thank you, senior,” Rumi smiled sweetly at him. Somehow, she seemed to no longer be afraid.

Seeing such an innocent girl being so gentle and obedient to this ugly boy, all the boys couldn’t’ wait to rush up and kick him.

“Well, can I start?” Masashi went to the small stall and called out to the young boss.

“Oh….you can begin.”

After three minutes, the male student who set upped the stall soon cried….

“Senior, I don’t actually need these many, can I give it back to him?” The kendo girl was hugging a big pile of dolls and asked Masashi.

“Rumi is a really good kid; you can do as you like,” Masashi said with a smile.

Rumi was happy and laughed, then picked two of her favorites from the pile of dolls, and then gave it back to the boy.

“This…is your prize, I won’t take it back.” The male student’s face reddened all over and said.

“I don’t want that many. Thank You.” Rumi smiled at him, then drew back towards Masashi and walked away.

Looking at her slender back gradually getting farther and farther away, the male student for a long time couldn’t utter a single word.

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