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Until they went to the crowded place the boys who followed her slowly dispersed themselves.

The Kendo girl finally sighed with relieved.

“Looks like our little Rumi starts to have some fans,” Masashi grinningly said.

“Fool, the male fans of Rumi are like flies in this school, you think they are only here?” Kazumi rolled her eyes.

“Actually, it is not like that, senior don’t listen to Kazumi’s nonsense.” The young Kendo girl shyly said.

“It is a good thing that someone shows interest in you, it shows our little girl has grown up. We have walked this far, let us get some drinks.” Masashi proposed.

The two girls nodded their heads and then walked toward the classroom building.

“Kazumi, what time is it now?” Halfway through their destination, Rumi suddenly asked Kazumi.

“It’s 10 past 10. Is there something wrong?” Kazumi looked at her watch and asked.

“Oh no, I almost forgot. I promised the coach to go to the Baseball field at 10 o’clock. I am doomed, he’s going to scold me this time.” Rumi wrinkled her beautiful face and said.

“If you go there now it should be fine, you want me to go with you?” Kazumi held her hand and comforted her.

“No, I can go there myself. Senior, enjoy your drink with Kazumi, don’t wait for me. I have to go now.” With that, she ran in the direction of Baseball field in a hurry.

“What a cheeky little devil, just said she has now grown up, turns out she is still the same.” Masashi looked at her back and said.

“But this Rumi is cute. Don’t you think?” Kazumi said.

“Always promoting other people, if you would smile more often, you are also very cute,” Masashi smiled as he twisted her cheek.

Kazumi slapped his hand away and scolded with a smile: “Indecent guy. Please, don’t use the word ‘cute’ to describe me. That will only lower other people’s appetite.”

“You are mistaken. Boys will only lose their appetite if they are pregnant. Actually, all girls are cute, the only difference is people will not appreciate them. In my eyes, you are a cute girl, and no less than Rumi.” Masashi said as he looked her in the eyes.

“Fool, let’s go. Didn’t you say you wanted something to drink?” Kazumi lowered her head to grasp his arm and said.

“Em.” Masashi was pulled by her and continued to move forward.

‘Hateful guy, always saying things that make me cry,’ Kazumi scolded him in her heart.

When the two people went to the front of the school building they suddenly saw the magnificently decorated wooden stage in front of it. On top, several boys and girls were performing a live theater. Below the stage, there was a crowd of students watching.

“Yes, I remember on the last school festival you said you attended a live theater as one of the performers. Although in the end you did not participate, what role were you supposed to play?”

“How could you still remember such a trivial thing,” Kazumi said.

“I have no other choice, my memory is that good.”

“I am not going to tell you.” Kazumi rolled her eyes at him and said with a smile.

Masashi smiled but did not pursue the matter anymore. He liked this lively and spirited Kazumi.

When they were looking for a place to sit and have a drink, they found a decorated ice cream parlor on the second floor and went inside the classroom.

“Welcome.” To see someone came in, several cute girls wearing maid uniform showed their bright smile and bowed to them.

“What would you like to drink?” When they sat down, another girl came over and asked.

“Kazumi, what do you want?” Masashi ask.

“A glass of ice water.”

“Two glasses of ice water please,” Masashi said to the girl.

“Please wait a moment.” That female student registered their order and walked away.

“When will Rumi’s Baseball game begin?” Masashi asked.

“2 o’clock in the afternoon. When we go there, we’ll buy her a lunch box.

Masashi nodded his head, “Although the Baseball coach should prepare the lunch for her, just in case, it’s better if we bring her one.”


At two in the afternoon, the Baseball match will begin.

The two schools chosen members added up to more than 50 students arrived together at the Baseball field.

In Tokyo, the price of land is more expensive than other cities. To have a standard Baseball field not only indicated that Pang Mu private High School have the money, but it also showed that the school put much of their attention on this Baseball sports.

One must know, many schools, including the public High School that Masashi attended to, rarely have the standard Baseball field.

Many Baseball clubs can only train on the School playground. When the playground is occupied, they are forced to play on the roof.

Baseball is a National sports in Japan. Many boys started to play Baseball since their childhood. The majority of parents are also very supportive for their kids to play Baseball.

After entering High School, the Baseball match increased a lot. Japan National Sports Festival, The Meiji Shrine Big Competition are the nationwide competition.

The reason why Japanese people are so concerned about High School Baseball is that a lot of professional players were excavated from the High School Baseball players.

As for the High School Baseball Number One Tournament, it is called “Koshien” League (Japanese High School Baseball League Tournament).

This is the national competition that all high school students are excited for. During the game, a total of 4102 teams will attend each year in spring and summer seasons. The winners of these game are hard to estimate.

Although there are so many teams participating in “Koshien” League, it will not be so easy for a team to participate. A team had to beat all high school Baseball clubs in their respective region before they can obtain the admission ticket.

In addition, all the “Koshien” stadiums can accommodate the seat for 70000 spectators. When it reaches the final stage, the audience literally reaches a hundred of thousands and more. Meanwhile, the Japanese National Television and National Radio will broadcast the entire match. With this degree of national attention, all of the high school students take it as their highest honor to be able to participate in this “Koshien” League.

Compared with Masashi’s school, the Pang Mu High School Baseball Club was very famous. In the last “Koshien” League the school has won the third place, which was a very proud achievement.

Because the Pang Mu High School will have a Baseball match for every commemoration day, it attracts a lot of students spectator from the other school besides the two original schools. The lawn outside the Baseball field was packed full of people.

Every commemoration day, Pang Mu high school Baseball club will invite other high rankings high school Baseball club to a match, but Masashi’s school Baseball club did not have the qualification for this. The reason they can compete this time was probably that the Pang Mu high school looked at the face of the school’s Principal, and made an exception for them.

Seeing Rumi’s official pitcher costume and obviously more petite figure compared to her other teammates, Masashi, who stood just outside the barbed wire, burst out laughing, “The pitcher’s uniform doesn’t fit on her.”

“Winning or losing doesn’t matter, as long as she’s not hurt,” Kazumi said with a bit of worry.