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Start of a Match

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The coin was tossed, and the result, the first to attack is the Pang Mu high school.

The first to go on the field was a medium built boy wearing beige colored uniform from the Pang Mu baseball club. He took the bat and went to the side of the home plate.

The Asakura publich High School didn’t put in Rumi yet, but another lanky boy.

Waiting for the opposing team to prepare, and then the pitcher immediately threw a straight ball.

“Pow!” The ball was hit up the sky.

The Pang Mu hitter immediately dropped the bat and ran to the first base.

When the ball was caught by the second baseman, the hitter had already run past the second base.

Fortunately, in the end, the person on the third base received the ball before the opposition had the chance to run there.

“Second base hit!” The Umpire announced loudly.

“Just now was a ball, right away swinging the bat boldly.” The female manager of the Asakura baseball club wiped of her sweat.

The second batter of the Pang Mu school suddenly made a sacrifice bunt, making the Asakura baseman unable to react which allowed the Pang Mu runner to safely reach the base.

“It doesn’t matter; we have a chance.” The bearded coach of the Asakura school at the side was obviously annoyed.

“Nobody out, and a person on the third base…” The female manager recorded and sighed in her heart, it’s only just been a few minutes and we’re already in trouble.

“Really in trouble, we should have just participated in the Koshien tournmanet training, why should we accompany such a bad team?” A player on the lounge of the Pang Mu school complained somewhat dissatisfied.

“We don’t have a choice, it’s because our high school principal was university students with the Asakura school principal.” A fat player in their team said with his eyes closed.

“The old guy really doesn’t know how to think, this garbage team is simply not our opponents, so there’s really no meaning to this.” Another member rested his chin on his hand and said.

“In short, let’s quickly get rid of them, ah I still have to go see the Miss Pang Mu school election.”

“That’s right, if we have a 20 point lead in before the 3rd inning, they can only obediently leave.”

Several other members loudly declared.

“A group of pesky flies.” Kazumi said coldly.

Because Masashi and Kazumi was sitting not very far from their seating area, Kazumi could also hear their voices.

The game continues, when the lanky guy pitched again, and the ball was hit.

When the Pang Mu player was rushing to the first base,

“out!” The referre suddenly announced loudly. The Asakura school’s shortstop was able to react quickly and sent the ball back to first base.

“It seems that Asakura school’s second baseman is good.” A Pang Mu player wearing a shirt and a hat that was standing on the sidelines said quietly.

“Masato, will you enter the game?” Beside him, a pretty girl holding a scoreboard asked.

“Even if there’s good players, if his teammates are no good, then he’ll be useless.” The boy didn’t answer, but said something to himself.

“WHACK!” Another ball was hit.

Fortunately, the ball hasn’t landed, and a Asakura player caught the ball.

“Another out, a person on third base, zero points, it seems that our team isn’t performing well today.” At the east side of the stadium, a black suited Pang Mu principal proudly said.

“Pang Mu brother, your school’s baseball team’s strength is quite famous in Tokyo, I envy you to have such a good team.” The Asakura principal flatteringly said.

“Your school also has several good members Ha Ha Ha.” The Pang Mu principal happily listened.

When the two teams swapped between offence and defense, the Pang Mu school sent out a very strong pitcher.

This was clearly a power-type pitcher, the ball he throws was both quick and accurate, and immediately striking out two hitter from the Asakura team.

The fourth player was the center fielder of the team. At this point, the situation was, two out, and a person on second base making quite a bad scenario for the Asakura team.

“WHACK!” Contrary to the people’s expection, the bat actually hit the ball.

A Pang Mu baseman was busy following the ball allowing a player of the opposing team to quickly ran back to home base.

“How’d we allow them to get one point ahead of us!” A Pang Mu player angrily cursed.

“Fool, this is the result of underestimating the opponent.” Masato whispered to the boy who cursed.

The second inning, it was finally Rumi’s turn to play. Because she was wearing a pitcher hat slightly larger for her, except for a few people, many people didn’t know that she was a girl.

After looking for a bit at the position where Masashi was sitting, she began to pitch towards the Pang Mu batter.

With respect to just the pitcher, Rumi’s throw was significantly lighter and much faster, although it doesn’t make a hard sound when it hits the glove, but it still wasn’t a ball that the Pang Mu players can hit.

Nevertheless, the Asakura coach didn’t feel particularly happy. Pang Mu school’s strength is far more than this, and the reason why Rumi’s pitch couldn’ be hit, was simply because their players still haven’t gotten used to her pitch just yet. But then again after a few inning it’s hard to say what would happen. He still wasn’t supposed to put in Rumi until the next inning. Originally he had intended for the pitcher to last till the third inning, but seeing that their ball was always getting hit, there was no way under it, and he had no choice but to put in Rumi in advance.

Soon, the first half of the third inning ended, it was now Asakura’s turn to attack. At this time both sides were no longer able to get any points.

For this result, the Pang Mu coach was very angry, cursing at them on the sidelines.


“Hit! It was hit, very good!”

“Arikawa, swing form above at the narrow strike zone, and hit the ball out of here! Don’t put your hand up too high.”

“I know, coach.”

The Asakura coach loudly guided the player at the side.

The game continued, both sides were playing more and more intensely.

“What’s going on? That fellow again. When hitting, it wouldn’t connect at all with the ball and would be received by the catcher.” In the lounge area, a player furiously threw his hat on the floor.

“So far, the ball has been grounded out, for the most part we have a person on the second base. Moreover, the pitcher’s quite good, and hasn’t been sent over yet.” Masato at back of the seating area looked at the scoreboard manager and said.

“OUT!” A loud voice called out, another player was out.

It can be seen from the scoreboard that it was now the second half of the 5thinning.

“It seems like the strength that the Asakura high school was a lot stronger than we’ve imagined. I wonder why we haven’t heard any previous news of them?” Masato looked at the manager and said.

“According to the information in my hand, the Asakura baseball club was only set up last year, because they didn’t conduct any practice session with other schools, I haven’t noted of this team. I’ve abandoned my duty, please forgive me.” Then, the manager bowed towards the players and admitted her mistake.

“Actually, it wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes, please don’t mind, we won’t blame you.”

“You’re too polite.”

Seeing such a beautiful girl apologizing, these high school players felt very embarrassed.

Great! The principal of Asakura was elated. I can’t believe that the coach I invited casually without even caring, was able to train the team so well, after I go back I must praise him well. Looking at the Pang Mu principal, his complexion became more and more ugly, it was totally dark.

“You go call coach Tanimori.” The Pang Mu principal said to the secretary standing next to him.

“I would like to ask what’s happening? Are we really becoming a weaker team?” When the coach arrived in front of the principal, the principal asked.