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Strange Person

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“I’m sorry, I’ve underestimated the enemy too much.” The coach lowered his head towards the principal.

“This isn’t a joke, they’re now a point ahead, and it’s already the end of the fifth inning.”

“Please be assured principal, we’ve now gradually become gradually clear of the opponent’s strength, and their most important defense is the second baseman and their center fielder, it’s just that their pitching is faster than what we’ve expected. With these data, we can go out and display our strength.” The coach said.

“I hope you don’t disappoint me.” The principal coughed as he said that.

After returning to the lounge, the coach Tanimori looked at Masato, said: “You should prepare, after this inning, you’ll go on the field.”

“Many thanks, coach,” Masato smiled.

Looking at the scoreboard, coach Tanimoria felt a little regret. They’ve indeed underestimated their enemy too much, If they had known that the team would have caused them too much trouble, he would have sent out first-team players in the beginning, rather than having a practice session for the players scrimmage. However, they’re sending out their ace pitcher Masato to hold down the line, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Because according to the normal procedure, besides having a member injured, during the inning they can’t casually change players. Therefore just before the fifth inning end, the pitcher who had only pitched five rounds suddenly ‘accidentally’ twisted his legs.

When his replacement Fukuoka Masato wore a pitcher clothes and went on stage, many girls immediately stood up and screamed loudly for him.

“Does this fellow owe them a lot of money?” Masashi smiled while saying so.

“Fool.” Kazumi looked at him with one eye ill-humoredly.

“I didn’t think that even Masato’s going in the field, it looks like this will be a good game.”

“I think this game will begin to be a one-sided game, but that new team did play pretty well too.”

“I feel the same thing.”

Many audiences were having such a conversation.

Although Fukuoka Masato only pitched three times, the inning was over already. After he had finished pitching, Masashi understood why those girls were so excited.

The man is handsome, but also throws the ball pretty well, looking at the strength of the pitch, it seems better than Rumi. This was the difference between men and women inborn ability.

The first half of the Sixth Inning, because Fukuoka Masato went in the game, Pang Mu’s morale seemed to have increased. And two were almost successful in reaching the first base.

This was the real strength of the Pang Mu baseball team, although they have several substitute players, their overall co-ordination with first-team players were not too far behind.

“Strike, batter out!”

After striking out the third batter, Rumi’s arm obviously felt a lot heavier.

The one who was responsible for the fourth batting was Fukuoka Masato, seeing him, Rumi felt a kind of invisible pressure. From their manager’s information of him, they knew that Fukuoka Masato was a versatile player. Not only does he pitch well, but he was also an outstanding batter. Moreover, his running speed was also quite famous.

Preparing to swing the bat. Rumi clenched her teeth and threw the ball on her hand quickly.

“Pow!” The ball was hit out, hitting the barbed wire.

“Foul.” Cried out the umpire.

Rumi was wiping away her sweat and thought in her heart that it was close.

Just like in fencing when she encountered strong rivals, Rumi suddenly wanted to beat this guy.

And without thinking, threw a straight ball towards him….

“Unexpectedly Masato is also unable to hit the ball, it seems like the pitcher is very fierce.” After seeing their team’s ace pitcher striked out, a member that sat beside the female manager said.

“The pitcher’s arm is used up now, pushing him at the moment would be like throwing oneself. I don’t think that the game would last longer.” Another team member said.

As he said, even the female manager could also see that the pitcher’s pitch speed was obviously a lot slower than before.

When the competition was getting intense, no one could have thought that such a matter would suddenly happen.

“Coach, please let me in the field, I am fine.” In the Asakura lounge, the center fielder Yamaguchi looked at the bearded coach and pleaded.

“You sit down, I will absolutely not let you play again.” The coach said loudly.

“Coach, what do we do now? Who can we send out to replace him?” Asked the female manager.

“Let me think about it.” Then, the bearded coach went out of the room.

He didn’t think that things would turn out this way, when Yamaguchi was stealing a base, their team member unexpectedly hit one another. But fortunately he wasn’t hit on the eyes, or he might really be blind. Now the score is 1:2, although their behind Pang Mu by one point, if the game continues, they should be able to catch up. Because half of the other team’s members were only bench warmers.

In his mind, he was more inclined to stop the game. Because after a year of hard training, he could only stick with this members, because several of the third-year players had to deal with tests, and couldn’t participate in this practice session. If not for unexpectedly finding this pitcher Rumi, competing would possibly be a problem.

The remaining players on the bench were mostly not been trained yet. Their strength was only a little bit better than the average person. He really didn’t want to send them up and disgrace them.

But stopping the game because of a player being injured, wouldn’t be passable. All right, let’s continue to play the game. Hopefully, we don’t lose too ugly.

Making up his mind, the coach was about to turn back, when suddenly he saw a man standing behind him quietly.

“Who are you?” The bearded coach was shocked, when did this guy appear behind me?

“It seems like you’re a bit in trouble.” Appearing to him with a mask on, he couldn’t tell whether it was a man or a boy’s voice.

“What do you want?” The bearded coach found it bothersome, as he didn’t have the mood to this fellow’s words.

“I know that your member has been injured, can you let me replace him and enter the field?” The person said without introducing himself.

“I will not let people of unknown origin play.” The coach said, frowning.

“Really?” The man finished, walked over to the shelf holder of the bats, and picked one up.

“What do you want?” The bearded coach quickly stepped back.

The man didn’t say anything and just held the bat with both his hands, exhibiting batting position.

“Whoosh!” The air went towards him as the person swung the bat.

Hearing the sound of his swing, the bearded coach’s heart suddenly skipped a bit.

“Whoosh,” “Whoosh”, “Whoosh”, The person continuously swung the bat.

Afterward, he put the bat back on the shelf and walked away.

“Hey, wait.” The bearded coach immediately ran up to stop him.

“What happened?” This time, it was the man that asked.

“Tell me, how many base hit have you done?” The bearded coach asked eagerly.

“To be honest, I rarely play baseball, but I can tell you this, even if it was a bullet flying over, I could still hit it. As for believing it or not, I’m sorry, that’s your problem.” Then, that person continued to go out.

“Well, I’ll let you play.” The bearded coach decided on the spot.

“Thank you.” The man said dismissively.

“Hey, why are you wearing a mask?” While agreeing to let him play, the bearded coach still thought that this guy’s attire was very suspicious.

“Because I have a cold. Cough….” As if to confirm these words, he coughed several times, continuously.

I hope I won’t regret this decision, looking at how suspicious this guy was, the bearded coach thought so, a little worried.