Chapter - 99: Twisting
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“Hey, kid, why are you start crying, haven’t I called you just a couple of days ago?”

“I know, after a period of time, I will visit you in Switzerland, if you cry again, careful I’ll spank your ass.”

“Why, the little puppy pee in your bed? What hateful fellow, then have you teach him a lesson?”

“You mean, in two months you will attend the school? Great, at that time, I want Alice Lynn take a picture of you in school uniform and email it to me.”

“Hehe, is it? What do you want then?”

Watching the youth spoke a fluent English on the telephone, teacher Naoko’s eyes exposed an obsessed look.

The more she spend time together with this youth, the more she discovered he’s unfathomably deep.

He was actually proficient in Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, and other languages. Almost as if he has lived in those countries for many years. His vast knowledge on the other things made her speechless.

What kind of boy did she fall in love to?

After hanging up the phone, the youth turned to her and discovered that her look was different, and can’t help but curiously asked: “What’s the matter, feeling uncomfortable?”

Shaking her head gently, teacher Naoko smiled and asked him: “The one who spoke with you on the telephone is the little girl from Switzerland that you told me about?”

“Yes. That kid is very clingy, but she’s quite good, unlike the other annoying little rascal.” Thinking of how quiet and well-behaved Amy is, the corner of the youth’s mouth revealed a warm smile.

Seeing Masashi’s smiling face, teacher Naoko suddenly filled with a sour, very uncomfortable feeling.

A strange impulse drove her to closely hug the youth’s neck.

“Lei, I’ll be well-behaved.”

Teacher Naoko bent down near his ear and gently said these words.

After saying that, the skin on her neck turned pink. She almost shrunk all her body in the youth’s arms, did not dare to raise her head again. Moreover, her whole body gently shivered.

Suddenly, the youth’s nasal cavity can smell the indescribable fragrance of a mature woman’s scent.

Almost forcibly, the youth lifted her head with his hand, and then his lips tightly pressed against her as tender and as beautiful red peach blossom lips.

From the almost rough beginning, the youth gradually became very gentle in his plunder.

Careful and gentle like tasting the most delicious thing, he savored the beautiful woman’s delicate lips.

Their tongues were constantly and incessantly tangled up inside their mouth, like a pair of tightly wound, writhing little snakes.

When teacher Naoko felt she was going to melt, the youth suddenly put his hand inside her clothes, and then slowly moving upward along the smooth and creamy skin. She suddenly felt her heart beating like a drum.

But before she could adapt, the youth’s other hand probed into her skirt…..

“Ah….” This intense stimulation directly caused teacher Naoko to cry out.

Finally, the unceasingly moving upward left hand of the youth arrived at her can’t be grasped, well-rounded and firm abundant and climbed there. Just like when he tasted her luscious lips, he carefully played with it.

Teacher Naoko felt like she was going crazy, the pleasure kept on expanding like tides until she unconsciously moaned. Even worse, through the thin cotton fabric, the youth’s seemingly charged hand, constantly caressed playing with her most intimate private part.

“Ehm…uh,” The entire room echoed the impossible to be made homemade charming chirp of teacher Naoko.

When the youth’s hand crossed that thin layer of last defense, teacher Naoko’s whole body suddenly became rigid as she instinctively clamped her two thighs.

After a while, under the youth’s gentle caress, she gradually relaxed. Slowly, she opened her clamped legs, letting the youth’s hand reached in.

“Ah!” Under the youth’s wanton ministration, teacher Naoko uncontrollably cried out again, and simultaneously her two hands tightly clutched his back.

When the youth transferred his hand to her right abundance, he felt the rapid heartbeat from his partner. Suddenly, his whole body shook, and he stopped his double action.

Feeling the youth evacuated his hands from her, the blushing teacher Naoko held down his hands, “Lei….as long as it’s you, I really don’t mind….” Before she even finished, she has not dared to look at the youth’s face.

“It does not matter, there is still plenty of time, after a while when your body is ready, we’ll do it again.” The youth adjusted his slightly rapid breathing, then gently put the strand of hair on her forehead behind the ear.

Because their bodies were pressed together, teacher Naoko clearly knew what the youth wanted to do at that moment, while at the same time, it became increasingly clear to her how the youth took pity on her.

“Fool, why do you cry?” The youth lowered his head to kiss away the tears in her eyes.

Teacher Naoko shook her head, “Lei, I…am afraid, truly afraid to die like this. I don’t want to leave you. I want to cook for you. I want every day at home waiting for you to come back. I want to serve you well. I’m really afraid….” She covered her face and wept.

The youth put his right hand to pry her hand away from her face and pulled her face up, “I told you, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

With teary eyes, teacher Naoko looked at his calm as water eyes, and suddenly unable to bear, clinging to him.

After a long time, the youth lowered his head and said to her: “Today the weather is good, let us go outside for a walk.”

Teacher Naoko nodded her head and reluctantly parted with the youth’s holding hands.

Suddenly feeling the youth’s scorching gaze, she looked at herself and found out her dress was a mess, but also revealed a large portion of her white skin. Suddenly, a burst of shame welled up on her face and she hastily tidied up her clothes.

Sometimes, when a mature woman shy, her demeanor was more exciting to look at than a girl, let alone a stunner like her. Looking at her back, the youth’s desire intermittently rose up again.


The next morning, when the three people arrived at the school gate, they saw several cars parked at the front.

“I seem to recall a scene similar to this,” Masashi said.

“It is a bit familiar.” Kazumi nodded her head.

Back to the classroom, he saw the inside was a mess, and only a few students sat there. The majority of the people was nowhere to be seen.

“Good morning, Masashi.” A student greeted him.

“Good morning.” Masashi nodded.

Since the truth about him being falsely accused spread out, perhaps out of a little guilt, his classmates seemed to warm up to him a lot. Regarding this phenomenon, he himself is not accustomed to it.

“What happened today, where are the other people?” Masashi asked that student.

“Don’t you know?”

“Know what?” Cut the crap, if I knew, why would I need to ask you.

“It turns out our school has a very powerful hitter.” That student very excitedly said as if he was referring to himself.

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