Злой монарх - глава 114:
Crazy Decision

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Dugu Wudi panted as he sat down, conveniently grabbing a cup and threw it back, swallowing the wine in one gulp. His tiger-like eyes suddenly opened wide as he involuntarily exclaimed. “Exceptional wine! A wine of this quality has truly never been seen nor heard of before!”

“That is wine that had finished blending.” Jun Mo Xie smiled slyly. “May I ask Great General if you still think it is worth ten thousand taels of silver?”

Licking his lips, Dugu Wudi blurted out without thinking. “Worth it! Extremely…” His gaze suddenly turned into a glare. “…Extremely…not worth it. Not worth a fart! Selling a jar of wine for ten thousand taels of silver, why don’t you start robbing instead?!”

“If I say it’s ten thousand taels then it’s ten thousand taels; that’s the final price! If the Great General can lie with your eyes wide open, then there’s no helping it.” Jun Mo Xie gave a contemptuous look, swiftly retrieving a cup of foreshot. “This is the foreshot. Does the general want to experience what a ten thousand taels cup of foreshot taste like?! Little nephew will present this cup as a gift out of respect to an elder!”

Dugu Wudi snorted twice and really wanted to reject the offer at first, but couldn’t resist this kind of temptation in the end. He gritted his teeth and said. “This wine is indeed not bad, but it is definitely not worth ten thousand taels a cup no matter how it tastes!” His lips twitched as he snatched the cup and rapidly poured it into his mouth.

“Whoah…” As an ice-cold sensation slid down his throat, Dugu Wudi felt as if a volcano erupted in his heart as fiery blood coursed through his veins. Right when the wine hit his stomach, he had already felt somewhat muddle-headed and did his best to control himself; his eyes turned bloodshot.

“That was incredible! Definitely worthy of being a foreshot!” Dugu Wudi craned his neck, raising the empty cup over his mouth trying to sip the last drop before slamming it down on the table with a bang. “Another cup!”

“Ten thousand taels per cup is not open to discussion.” Jun Mo Xie snorted. “General Dugu, you just drank ten thousand taels of silver! But you still want another cup even though you said the wine is overpriced?! The cup before was a gift from me to you, but even I cannot afford to gift you another if you want more!”

“The wine is certainly of a very high quality, but it’s still not worth such an exorbitant price when all is said and done!” Dugu Wudi’s eyes looked greedily at the jug of wine in the room and thoughts of stealing flashed across his mind, but he was still not willing to admit the truth.

You’ve got to be kidding me! This is a matter of principles! If I admit this cup is worth ten thousand taels of silver, my Dugu Family will go bankrupt here and now…

“Great General Dugu, don’t tell me you plan on not paying this debt?” Jun Mo Xie laughed coldly and said. “The Dugu Family had ransacked my home, insulted me, and even robbed my family’s short supply of this one of a kind type heavenly wine. Should I just let this slight go just because you said so? I’m supposed to drop the subject and pretend that everything is fine? My Jun Family can’t even afford this level of respect? Should we just let your Dugu Family bully and insult us in this way?”

“Those are your words, not mine!” Dugu Wudi jumped up. This accusation was simply too much; even Great General Dugu Wudi will not be able to bear the consequence.

If that’s the case, does that mean that Great General Dugu agrees that your Dugu Family will compensate my Jun Family for this matter?” Jun Mo Xie said patiently and systematically.

“Of course, there will be compensation! Although our Dugu Family…”

“Then we don’t have a problem. Please pay 25 million taels.” Jun Mo Xie interrupted him with a beaming smile.

F***! Son of a b*****! Dugu Wudi was stunned speechless. He turned in place three times and continuously scratching his head, holding back for a long time until he could hold back no more. “This wine of yours hadn’t even been sold before. How are you so certain that it’s worth ten thousand taels of silver? How is this letting my family off lightly? Do I have to accept any outrageous price that you name for your wine? Is this what you call reasonable?!”

“If I understood you correctly, you will agree to any price that I can sell a jar of wine for?” Jun Mo Xie asked?

“Correct! No, it’s not! What I meant is if you can blend the same jug of foreshot into wine and name a price in which everyone is willing to pay for, then my Dugu Family will recognize this debt!” Dugu Wudi smiled proudly. At last, I found a way to get the better of this brat. Your wine is indeed of high quality, but a jug sold at 180 taels in the end, even if it is no small sum, it is still less than 25 million taels of silver!

“Good! That’s settled then! But before that happens, your Dugu Family is prohibited from causing me trouble again!” Jun Mo Xie immediately agreed.

“Good! However, you must do this within three months! If you tease my daughter during this time, make no mistake I’ll still break you to pieces!” Dugu Wudi snorted twice, looked at this debauchee in front of him, and thought of another daring scheme. “If you are not able to reach 25 million taels in sales, you will henceforth be required to supply my Dugu Family with wine free of charge supply! How about it? This stake you dare not dare to accept?”

After bidding his time for so long, Great General Dugu finally revealed his true intentions.

“I have full confidence in my wine. It’s a deal! But you need to watch your own daughter; I’m not responsible for what’s going to happen if she comes on to me again!” Jun Mo Xie snorted twice in his heart. Just wait until your Dugu Family have to carry this mountain of a debt on your back! I’ll make you all vomit blood! What about ten thousand taels for a jug? I can sell it for even more and it wouldn’t be difficult. You will rue the day you made this deal!

Jun Mo Xie sent for a cart while Dugu Wudi shouted out orders; guards carried the seven brothers who were like dead pigs and threw them onto the cart. Great General Dugu turned to look back repeatedly at every step and really hated to part with the heavenly wine. This brat is too stingy, just now what small amount give one cup.

Jun Mo Xie watched him leave before turning around with a smile and returned to the room. He did not take this matter to heart but stroked his chin in contemplation nonetheless. The Jun Family is currently too weak. Although he used medicine to promote Third Uncle’s Xuan Qi to the Sky Xuan realm, he had still only just barely broken into the Sky Xuan realm. By his estimate, their current strength is still far from equal to the Magnificent Jewel Hall…

Perhaps he ought to promote his grandpa’s strength as well. Does he not have a ninth level Xuan Core in his possession? If he was able to bring out the full potential of this treasured cultivation item, he should be able to promote his grandpa’s strength halfway into the Supreme Divine Xuan realm! But the problem is that he had no idea how to actually use this item.

Thinking about exactly how to solve the problem had given Jun Mo Xie a headache. He had previously wanted to leak this information out to attract powerhouses from around the continent, but he still had not made up his mind.

A ninth level Xuan Core’s appeal is more than enough to even attract the attention of Supreme Divine Xuan expert. It may be more accurate to say that it would be difficult for any individual with sufficient power to not be tempted!

But this would be playing with fire, and the Jun Family currently cannot afford to take this risk.

Even if the Jun Family currently had two Sky Xuan experts, they still cannot afford to take unnecessary risks!

Reality is cruel. While it’s true that a Sky Xuan expert is already approaching the peak of this world’s strength, they are still powerless when confronting even stronger level of existences!

Tianxiang Kingdom’s territorial area could not be considered small; there are only eleven nation states of comparable size across the entire continent. Even so, it could be said that the number of crouching tigers, hidden dragons are as numerous as the clouds! Although the number of powerhouses that had revealed themselves in the open is not many, Jun Mo Xie knows that much of their numbers remained hidden among the common people, up in the mountains and deep within the forests! Even if Grandpa and Third Uncle are not weak, their strength is not sufficient to rely on!

He was convinced that if the right catalyst is introduced, these hidden experts will all come out of the woodwork!

And the ninth level Xuan Core in his hand would be the best such catalyst!

Regardless of whether one was at the Earth Xuan, Sky Xuan or Supreme Divine Xuan, there will not be anyone who did not want to obtain this item. If this information was leaked, every powerhouse will undoubtedly gather here.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that the slightest carelessness would send not only the Jun Family but all of Tianxiang Kingdom to its destruction!

But how am I supposed to obtain the best methods and conditions for cultivating a Xuan Core if we don’t draw these people in? How am I going to increase Jun Family’s overall power? Does he really have no choice but to hold onto the treasure that’s all but useless? This is really frustrating!

Jun Mo Xie frowned as he pondered about this for a while. He had a hard decision to make; should he put his own safety above all else or take a risk?! Looking up at the sky, he couldn’t help but recall his previous life; a solitary figure traveling around the world, laughing fearlessly all across the land! Why have his hands become tied once he transmigrated to this world?

At this point in his thinking, a surge of domineering air suddenly burst forth from his heart; he couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he instantly made up his mind!

Isn’t this what people call nothing ventured, nothing gained?!

Even if my decision today attracts the unwanted attention of Divine Xuan experts, why should I be afraid?!

This isn’t even a matter of Xuan Qi; all I really needed to do was to pick everyone’s brains!

Who would Jun Xie be afraid of when he still had his scheming?

I still have a few tricks up my sleeves for dealing with these Divine Xuan experts even if they are as numerous as the clouds.

Jun Mo Xie made up his mind and finally smiled in relief, unconsciously rubbing his chin with his right hand.

If his fellow apprentices from his previous life can see his current facial expression and this telltale chin rub, everyone would immediately run away as far as possible. That is because Jun Xie had already come up with an extremely brazen…no, one should say a completely insane idea. More importantly, whether his idea succeeds or not, it will still end up shocking the world!”

Looking out of the window, the sun had already begun to set.

Little Ki came in extremely quiet and made a report. “Young Master, the Old Master had asked you for dinner.”

Jun Mo Xie cried out in alarm.

“Why is Grandpa in such a cheerful mood today? Is there some sort of special occasion?” Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but ask after seeing Jun Zhan Tian’s delighted expression of schadenfreude.

“I almost laughed to death. I don’t know where that old bastard Li Shang got the prescription from but it says the Jade Sea Coral can restore his shattered dantian so his grandson bought it at 5 million taels. After a few days of preparations, they were unable to wait any longer and started cultivating with the Jade Sea Coral. Guess what happened?” Grandpa Jun smiled as his eyes formed crescent moons, twitching all over from impatience.

“What happened? Don’t tell me it didn’t work? Did they end up buying a dud?” Jun Mo Xie followed along with his grandpa’s charade. His grandpa currently needed someone to play the foil for the big reveal, and his Third Uncle deliberately remained silent.

“WA HA HA HA…” Grandpa Jun slapped one hand on the table and the other on his thigh, laughing until his tears were basically flowing out. “It wasn’t just rubbish! And it’s not that it didn’t work, but that it worked too well! It was too effective! HA HA…in the end, in the end, I can’t breathe…I’m dying here.” The old man drank a mouthful of water, choking and coughing for a while before speaking again. “I have heard that just at the most crucial moment, the Jade Sea Coral unexpectedly self-detonated! It really was too effective! WA HA HA HA…”