Chapter - 203:
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The Xue Yue army was silently looking at that row of black guards. They were astonished.


These thirty six black guards were incredibly strong. These black guards and their spears were proud and despised the Xue Yue army. They could kill people with a simple toss of their weapons.


When they heard the invitation of the black guards, the Xue Yue army remained silent.


“Glorious deaths, they deserve respect. Not all the students of the Celestial Academy are cowards who don’t dare fight.” said Duan Tian Lang in a low voice. Then, sounding inspiring, he said: “Amongst the geniuses of the Celestial Academy, who is willing to go and avenge your fellow students?”


“Cowards who don’t dare fight?” Lin Feng obviously understood whom Duan Tian Lang was talking about. Everybody did.


“As you said, we are bound by a common hatred for the enemy. The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and the Celestial Academy are fighting as brothers. I heard that your son, Duan Han, is an outstanding genius. He has also come to the battlefield to acquire practical experience. I would like to invite Duan Han to regain our countries prestige, as our country has just been humiliated.” Said Lin Feng.


“Let Duan Han go and accomplish the heroic deed.” said a person behind Lin Feng extremely loudly.


“Let Duan Han go and become a hero.” shouted a person in the middle of Chi Xie troops. These voices were deafening to Duan Han’s ears.


Duan Han and his father were staring at Lin Feng. How cruel and sly. They had almost forgotten their original evil and malicious intentions.


“You just said, a moment ago, that dying on the battlefield was a glorious death, worthy of respect. Duan Han is not a coward, he is extremely powerful. He would not be scared and turn down a fight. No matter what the result of the battle is, it doesn’t matter, it is glorious and worthy of respect. Therefore, I want to invite, Duan Han to fight for his country.” said Lin Feng firmly.


“Let Duan Han go and fight.” said another voice extremely loudly. Duan Tian Lang was fixedly and coldly staring at Lin Feng. That bastard was putting him in a situation which he could not get himself out of.


“If I want to fight, I can decide myself, what is the point in putting so much pressure on others?” shouted Duan Han to Lin Feng loudly enough so that everybody could hear him clearly.


“Shut up.”


When Duan Han finished talking, Lin Feng shouted even louder: “You and your father are really shameless. I put pressure on you to go and fight? You don’t even dare fight. Since the beginning, you have only sent students of the Celestial Academy to fight because you want them all to die.”


Lin Feng was surprisingly verbally attacking Duan Tian Lang and his son in the presence of all the troops. Everybody was stupefied but the students of the Celestial Academy, who were initially not reacting, narrowed their eyes. They became aware of how malicious and sly Duan Tian Lang was being.


“Lin Feng, do you know to whom you are talking?” said Duan Tian Lang sounding extremely evil. He was the chief commander of all the army and Lin Feng surprisingly dared humiliate him.


“I am not under the authority of the chief commander.” said Lin Feng coldly.


Duan Tian Lang wanted to speak but suddenly a cold voice spread: “Duan Tian Lang, I let you enter the city for you to help us fight against the enemy, not for you to cause trouble here and act childishly.” It was obviously Liu Cang Lan. Immediately after, he looked at Lin Feng and said: “You contradicted Chief Commander Duan Tian Lang and that is an offense. You go fight and atone for your crime with military accomplishments.”


“Roger, General.” nodded Lin Feng solemnly and respectfully. Immediately after, he looked in front of him and started galloping at full speed on the back of his dragon colt horse. He was closely followed by more than thirty fighters wearing blood red armor. A cloud of dust rose around them.


When the black guards saw Lin Feng and the others approach, they threw their spears at terrifying speeds which emitted whistling sounds as they pierced through the air. Powerful Qi was emerging from their spears. The sounds of the spears piercing through the air spread across the battlefield.


“Break!” said Lin Feng at that moment. Immediately after, all the fighters surrounding him took out weapons which diffused a resplendent glow and cut the spears down.


“Psshhh… pshhh.”


The crowd only saw that these spears which were moving towards Lin Feng and all the others at full speed had just been broken and some had been split midair.


“What’s going on?”


Everybody was shocked. How was that possible? Even though Lin Feng and his fighters were stronger than the opponents, it wasn’t possible for them to be able to break those spears so easily.


“What sharp weapons!” The crowd was looking at the weapons Lin Feng and the fighters were holding in their hands, they were extremely sharp.


“Go!” After Lin Feng said that word, they galloped towards the opponents at full speed and in the blink of an eye, blood splashed high into the air and the sound of cutting flesh followed by horses neighing filled the air.


Ba Dao’s blade moved through the air and released tyrannical blade energy. His strength of the sixth Ling Qi layer meant death for all the black guards.


Lin Feng’s long sword was dazzling as he attacked the leader of the black guards, who was at the seventh Qi layer.


His sword twinkled and immediately pierced through the atmosphere releasing an insane amount of deadly energy.


In the blink of an eye, half of the black guards were dead and many of them were injured.


“Block!” the leader of the black guards blocked Lin Feng’s sword while his face turned deathly pale. Since when were there such strong cultivators recruited into the Chi Xie troops?




In the middle of the fight, the black guards suddenly started turning around and insanely urging their horses to retreat. The whole Xue Yue army was dumbstruck.


“Kill!” said Lin Feng. Everybody understood clearly, they all readied their weapons as they caught up with the black guards and gave them a bloody, violent death.


Lin Feng on his dragon colt horse and the others on their Chi Xie armored horses continued chasing the remaining black guards who were still trying to escape.


At that moment, a strong and robust silhouette jumped from his Chi Xie armored horse, roared loudly and stamped onto the ground. A huge crater appeared in the earth under the black guards making them all collapse into the crater, unable to escape.




The leader of the black guards grabbed his second spear and thrust it into the wall of the crater. A loud rumble filled the air, the ground was shaking. A hole had appeared in the wall where the spear landed. The chief of the black guards wanted to escape through that hole.


“Stay there!”

Immediately, vines appeared and wrapped around the black guards constricting their bodies and making them unable to move.


“Tyrannical blade.”


In the air appeared an illusionary blade which immediately cut downwards. Many of the black guards were struck.


“In the blink of an eye, only one of the black guard remained: their leader at the seventh Ling Qi layer.


Since the beginning of the fight, only the time of one deep breath had elapsed.


“Arghhh…” shouted the leader of the black guards. His spear seemed incredibly powerful. He jumped off his horse and his body flew into the air.


Lin Feng looked calm and solemn. He actually gave his own helmet to Duan Xin Ye, so he hadn’t been wearing one himself. His handsome face was visible and his long air was fluttered with the wind.


His body slightly urged his horse on. Immediately after, he jumped into the air. At that moment, an incredible amount of battle energy was burning all around his body. In the sky, an illusionary black sword appeared, a deadly yet divine sword.


“You attacked my comrades which is a crime, I must kill you.” said Lin Feng in a solemn and calm tone. His body was still in the air. He took a deep breath and his deadly black sword fell from the sky.




The black sword illusion fell down from the sky and cut the body of the black guard leader down the middle and his body split into two pieces. He didn’t even have the time to let out a horrible shriek, he was just silently cut into two.


“Boom boom boom boom boom….” That attack had been so incredible that everybody’s heart was pounding loudly in their chests.


An illusionary sword in the air had cut the black guard’s leader into two.


How powerful.


Besides, the one who had launched that attack was still a young man. At that moment, that handsome young man jumped back onto his horse and calmly returned to the army. The entire army was looking at him and were franticly trying to get a better look, they wanted to see that young man more clearly.


“Wooow.” the sky was shaking. The Chi Xie troops’ hearts were filled with burning enthusiasm.


It had been a long time since they had had that feeling. They hadn’t thought that such a young man could awake such feelings in their hearts.


Jiu Chi Xie smiled indifferently. He calmly looked at Liu Cang Lan and said: “General, I see your image in him.”


Liu Cang Lan turned his head and smiled back at Jiu Chi Xie.


“I haven’t seen you smile in a long time.” said Liu Cang Lan and then turned around. The Mo Yue army was surprisingly turning around and retreating. They had come for power and prestige but had to move back because of Lin Feng.


“I am not as gifted as him.” said Liu Cang Lan discreetly to Jiu Chi Xie which made him shiver. Immediately after, he smiled again. Lin Feng’s spirit was stronger and he had a higher natural talent as well.


Lin Feng calmly returned to Duan Xin Ye’s side as she took off her helmet. Her long and delicate fingers moved her hair aside and looked at Lin Feng with a huge smile on her face. Lin Feng was bewitched, her smile was truly enchanting.


Only Duan Tian Lang and his son had hideous expressions on their faces, especially Duan Han. Back in the days, he used to think that he was better than Lin Feng. At that moment though, he was weaker than Lin Feng and far from being able to catch up with his level of strength.


“Lin Feng.” said Liu Cang Lan in a loud voice.


“General.” replied Lin Feng.


“You are now a Lieutenant. You are now in charge of your own Chi Xie unit called The Celestial Sword and you are directly under Jiu Chi Xie.”


With the military merits of slaughtering the black guards and forcing the enemy army to retreat, Liu Cang Lan obviously had enough to grant Lin Feng a Lieutenant position. Lin Feng had just displayed how great his power was. Nobody was going to have any objections.


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